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  1. Hello everyone! How's everybody doing? I keep on checking from time to time if there's new pages added on this ship...but still the same where I left off. I'm thinking maybe the quietness is because of LSG's upcoming TV series. I'm thinking they both need to stay still for awhile to protect each other not to make any news about something that which might cause a negative effect on the outcome of the show. I really hope that's the case. Anyway, I'm hoping to hear from our beloved OYS and LSG soon. And also from all of you. Have a great day everyone! Take care and God bless. Fighting!!!
  2. HELLO!!! How's everybody doing? Why is it so quiet here? It's been ages since I read a new post....what is going on? What are you guys up to? Is everyone went on vacation? I know I did. It is very unlikely that our beloved 503 couple ship is very quiet for this long. wake up! We need to make some noise and keep this ship alive again the way it should be. Anyway I hope everybody's doing fine and also hope to see all of you to come back and become active again. Have a great day. Take care and God bless everyone.
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