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  1. In regards to Dt story, lack of world championship, etc.... perhaps this blog post will help clarify some things that the MBFB intended for the series..scroll down a bit past the cast announcements....https://hui3r.wordpress.com/2018/03/19/go-go-squid-cast-announcement-for-dt-solo-and-xiao-mi/ From what I read it looks like originally MBFB intended the story to be two parts... first will be GGS and second Sealed Chamber. IMO the second part might not happen because they censored the whole counterstrike/ first person shooting game and that's what tempest chamber was all about. I feel bad for MBFB cuz I think having all those elements banned really ruined the flow of the series, especially the last few episodes. So I doubt she would want to do that again honestly. In regards to Gun and TN relationship...I like the drama depiction more.... in the drama, I feel that Gun is more human and realistic than the novel. I also like that he tells TN how he feels and not just think in his head all those thoughts. One of the things I didn't like about the novel is how clueless TN seems of Guns feelings and how much her world only revolves around him...I love that in the drama, Gun is the one who told her that he's learning to be a better person and that she had to have get own thoughts, etc. The relationship in the drama, I think, is a lot more balanced than in the book. Maybe I'm the only one who doesn't care about TN clothes at all. Lol. The clothes, pink, etc never bothered me and I think it's kinda cute. And I don't mind that they didn't go with the novel about the whole sexier clothes, mini skirts, etc...cuz firstly they'll never make it through censor if it's too obvious and secondly I never get the feeling that the reason Gun is into her is cuz of TN figure, like in the book. Reads well as a book, but showing onscreen may not be as appropriate. I think the evolution of Guns feelings for TN is much better depicted in the drama than compared to the book, which I really appreciate. All in all, I love this drama adaptation and I think it's one of the better ones. Even Love 020 I loved the book more. This one I can say that I like the drama more, except for the fact that they had the gaming censored. If they were able to keep all those parts, it would definitely be an A+ but now due to weird editing and WAY too many flashbacks at the end it's a very high B++ for me. And will definitely be a drama I'll binge watch all the time! Also I love Li Xian and can't wait for his other projects coming up!
  2. @skibbies @chloevstkawaii I just watched episode 37 and yes very disappointed that the gaming got cut. That was the match I was looking most forward to I think though that the reason for the many flashbacks in that portion may be due to the cut scenes...they had to make up for it. If the scenes were there I don't think they'll need to insert the flashbacks again...like his speech. I mean it was a great speech but it was flashbacks SO many times. Lol
  3. I always wondered about that too. Lol Although I do think that they did A LOT more just not to the final point of consummating in the book. Especially the part in the bathroom right before they met with Solo towards the end.....personally I think Gun taught TN The book definitely is more R rated than the drama lol
  4. @40somethingahjumma The disjointed editing is, I think, a result of the cut scenes...which is a whole 3 episodes worth. All of these scenes were game related (supposed to be Counterstrike scenes) that they filmed already. Remember the part when Gun games with TN and taught her how to climb those steps? Basically the extra scenes were similar to that...in that the actors were "in the game". On Twitter the are pics of those scenes (Li Xian posing with a rifle, etc). So when these scenes did not pass censorship and were cut, the end result is this mess at the end. The resolution of this story depended solely on the gaming competition so when they cut the scenes nothing made sense. It's really too bad. Maybe some day someone will leak the original material that it's meant to be.
  5. That's like an extra scene they did for promotion so it's not part of the drama but it's sooooo cute! Here's a tweet that shows the full clip.
  6. I'm honestly so bummed now that there were so many parts of the story that were cut due to censorship and all. Granted I still LOVE the drama but it could have been even better. It's seriously one of the only book adapted dramas that I'm enjoying more than the book. I feel so bad for everyone involved who worked so hard for this drama too. Well at least this drama is very popular and well received so that makes up for it. I just hate for the ending to fall flat due to the cuts. Hopefully it's not as bad as everyone is alluding to, as I'm waiting for the last episodes.
  7. 3 episodes worth of esports and competition got cut so that's supposedly why it's so disjointed at the end. I'm hoping so hard that they will release uncut version but I doubt it since it seems they censored all related to counter strike. More info in tweet...
  8. This weekend's episodes are just so depressing and honestly I've only been watching teaser clips and skimmed through the beginning of today's episode. The cat bit with HSY was really cute if you watch like the first 5 minutes. I'm still debating with myself on whether or not to skip tomorrow and wait for Monday. Or watch the end of ep 23 to see if there's any hint of reconciliation. On a happier note, Li Xian is definitely being recognized...before the drama aired, he had 4.2M followers on Weibo and currently he has close to 10M! That's so crazy!
  9. Just watched the latest raws, and although I can't understand the whole thing (my mandarin is almost nonexistent), I really enjoyed it! Kudos to Li Xian's acting! I just can't gush enough LOL. Can't wait for the subs so I can understand all that they're saying. And just to maybe clear some confusion and also let me rave/gush a little more about Gun as a character, this post is rather long and full of spoilers so I'll use spoiler tag. Just as a note, I did read Honey Stewed Squid, and God's Left Hand, and parts of Tempest Chamber (title is too long to type it all, so I'll just refer it to that). There were parts of Tempest Chamber that were a bit boring to me, so I mostly skimmed the book This was about a year ago too, so I apologize in advance if I got the story wrong. Gun was only a side character in Tempest Chamber, but he's so popular (and such an interesting character, IMO) that MBFB wrote Honey Stewed Squid just to give him a happy ending/story. So, all of Honey Stewed Squid overlaps with the timeline for Tempest Chamber. The drama series pretty much depicts all of Honey Stewed Squid and parts of Tempest Chamber, with flashbacks to even before Tempest Chamber started. These flashbacks are EXTREMELY important to Gun's character development, and shows WHY he is the way he is now. I know that people may not enjoy the flashbacks as much, but Gun's past is key to why Tong Nian is the only person who he can ever love. Sorry for the long post. I just love Gun, and how Li Xian is depicting him. I haven't gotten this obsessed with a drama since forever ago. LOL And please be patient with the flashbacks...they show SO MUCH about Gun's background and character development. I also love how the drama is progressing, although there are some parts that I wish is still gaming and not this CTF thing. For example, the gaming part with Dt in episode 10 is soooo exciting in Tempest Chamber. But, I guess I can just use my imagination for that, since all they did was to overlay the screens and overdubbed with CTF. Haha.
  10. Li Xian's next drama is "Sword Dynasty", which looks really awesome. He's lead along with Li YiTong. I love wuxia! Here's the trailer: As for the conflict with Solo, it was discussed by the K&K boys in episode 5 (around 36:30) - not sure if there is anything else besides that, so I'm looking forward to future episodes as well.
  11. @skibbies yeah I know what you mean about Gun's speech/retirement announcement. During my first watch it was very strange and somehow doesn't fit. But after watching it like 10 times (sorry I'm just obsessed with this drama at this point), I got used to it and can start feeling the disappointment and betrayal he felt cuz of Solo. It's like he's given up. @Nina Bina someone followed Li Xian's weibo followers numbers and since the drama aired he already gained like 900k followers. He's definitely getting a lot of buzz for this role.
  12. @chloevstkawaii I'm also looking forward to seeing more of how smart TN is...I agree that it wasn't shown as much in the novel. l loved the presentation at the end of episode 5, where TN really showed off her smarts. You can really tell that she's normally very smart, albeit naïve...but she's just rendered speechless and out of sorts when she encountered her first love So, it's Gun's fault that she became so ditzy (honestly, I'm a bit like that too, when I see my crush) LOL @tenten0227 @Nina Bina I agree with you both that Li Xian is a perfect Gun. And I love how Nina describes Li Xian's acting through his eyes - he is soooo mesmerizing because of it. I noticed too, that Gun/Li Xian uses that more monotoned voice when his patience is running thin - mostly when he's dealing with TN LOL. In the novel, Gun is described as having no patience, except maybe with TN - so I think the acting portrays that very well, in my opinion. And, he does it on purpose to not scare her, because Gun always thinks that TN is terrified of him. It's that gentle, coaxing tone. Right now, he thinks of Tong Nian as a little kid - not his partner. So, it's understandable that he speaks that way to her. And Li Xian's acting is perfect for the Gun right now. Notice how in flashbacks, it's a different type of portrayal - the hot-headed, more impulsive, louder Gun. When he left Team Solo, it looks like part of himself stayed behind, and he's now left with an empty shell. So, his feelings are so repressed to the point that he doesn't even want to feel anything - and the only thing that's driving him right now is K&K. Li Xian is a very talented actor - I'm sure that he has thought of Gun's journey and character development and matched his acting with that. People will always complain about something I guess. It's okay because I sooo enjoy the show, and I'll just go with that
  13. @chloevstkawaii I also don't normally watch shows live either, and definitely not without subs. I read the translated book late last year and when I found it there was a live version, I've been waiting for it since. It's been a LONG time. Now I wonder if the reason it took so long is cuz they had to replace with the whole CTF thing. I watch the trailers all the time too lol. I am also watching raw once it's released by croton. Of course, I'm also waiting on the viki subs as well. So appreciative of all the translators. @Nina Bina Yeah...TN needs a bit of time to get used to.... she's extremely naive and young. And especially in the beginning, she and Gun were on totally different wavelengths. The novel is a light read so I was fine with the characterization, but I'm hopeful that the drama will show her growth. I also noticed that in the Croton YouTube video descriptions for the drama is slightly ddifferent than original plot so I think MBFB is really going to detail out their feelings, relationship, etc. Expand the description section and scroll to the English part. You'll need to open it up on YouTube. https://youtu.be/s4vQfrxlgJE
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