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  1. I'm a Joongi fan and I can say that many of Joongi's neutral fans are beginning to have an aversion to the idea of JG-IU together, all because of you and some other joonu shippers. Ok I'll talk about what you said and that is underlined with yellow since @soereey talked about the rest. 1. About the first underlined paragraph, apparently you have selective memory because you forgot those posts where you made fun of SYJ. These are some examples of those posts. 2. About the second underlined sentence, you say you never spoke with contempt of SYJ but nevertheless you show contempt towards her as an actress with these posts. In the first post you make fun of her implying that she's a secondary actress and the second post you even want the death of her character in LL. 3. About the underlined third part, you lie since those people you are talking about are not Bongha shippers, they are neutral Joongi fans that are known by the majority of Joongi fans. I know very well who are you talking about because in one of your posts you talked about the post where this fan said she wanted to kill the shippers, she didn't even say joonu shippers, of course she was joking and in another comment said she was sorry and clarified that it was a joke. And the fan who told Joongi in his post he was drunk and to who you claimed for saying that, she's not Bonga's shipper either, she's a neutral Joongi fan. And about those fans who drew it and according to you they mocked him saying he's a tablet, none of those people is Bonga shippers. 4. About the 4 sentence underlined I guess you mean your posts where you make fun of JG chemistry with SYJ, as for example these posts. 5. And finally, about the 5 underlined sentence. I guess you mean this post: https://post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=16100899&memberNo=1609562 I really don't know what to think about your reasoning ability, seriously you think that namoo would do something as stupid and ridiculous as that, also because they would have to clarify that SYJ isn't his destiny, were there rumors of them? Or do you think they did it for the Bongha's shippers ? They are just a few international fans who do not know hangul and also if that had been the intention of namoo they would not have put that sentence on top of a pic where Joongi is smiling at SYJ. I will explain what Joongi's normal fans (Korean and international fans who know hangul) thought about why nammo put #notyou on top of that pic. This is what Namo put on top of the pic. 주짓수 매니아는 봐주지 않긔! 정성스러운 기술 걸기, 한 폭의 그림 같지요~ #심쿵 #심장아 #너아니야 The translation is this. JiuJitsu mania isn't easy on him/her! Apply sincere technique, it looks like such a beautiful photo~ #heart attack #my heart #notyou Namoo said that to himself, heart attack, my heart, not you. Namoo always does the same thing in the post they shares in Naver, sometimes talks to himself, so don't say nonsense and ridiculous things. You and other shippers (only a few people) are the worst thing that could happen to Joongi's fandom, Joongi's fans had to apologize to SYJ's fans because of your bad attitude, her fans were very upset and they stopped going to Instagram because of you and other shippers who made fun of SYJ, some of them complained through Twitter and Joongi's fans apologized, but that does not matter to you, you even had the shamelessness to tell a fan of IU that claimed you that JG liked your mocking posts. You and Pilar created false accounts and went to the accounts of Joongi's fans to disturb them and you don't deny that we are sure that it's so, we know very well their writing style, way of speaking and the words you two usually use. Another shipper who comments here and is a friend of those two created an account with ID Sharon (you know who you are) and also did the same. And now probably you start harassing SYJ as you did with JHB, to Joongi's ex until recently you attacked her in almost every post she posted, first you did with your hablandodekdramas account but then as a fan of IU told you that don't do it, you started using the @thefirstvillain account to continue attacking her and as some people realized you and thefirstvillain account were the same person and they claimed you, then you stopped attacking her and recently I don't know with what purpose you changed the ID 'thefirstvillain' and you put @seo.yea.ji. I understand you hate JHB because in your perverse mind she was an obstacle for your ship, but why do you hate SYJ? And don't say you dont hate her, SYJ posted a video where she wears rabbit ears and you after that posted a pic of a snake with rabbit ears and the only tag that you put was lawlesslawyer. And it's clear that in your caption you are referring to JHB when you say that those attitudes you saw in another side and in another person, because that pic of the snake with rabbit ears was used before to bash her. But because maliciously you imply that SYJ does the same thing that according to you, used to do JHB? Is't because she posted a video of when she was still shooting LL? That would be too absurd but knowing your disturbed mind you will most likely think that. With the absurd hatred you feel towards SYJ, the only thing you give to understand others is she also seems an obstacle to your ship.
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