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  1. Just finished watching the video. Lol! I laughed soo much. This week's episode was short, but as long as we got a kiss, hopefully we get more of ND and DJ together next week.
  2. OMO!!! All the kisses for today! I'll come back once I watch the drama. I am spoiling it for myself, when I don't want to. Lol!
  3. Good point. Good point. Lol! I wish they would do that, but probably not. We'll probably just get the episodes that were supposed to air today.
  4. I woke up early to watch it and I've been waiting and nothing. Just to learn it's cancel! I'm busting this at home, too.
  5. I have not watched the episodes, but OMO! KISS IS COMING!!! OMO! Kim Soo Ro is a cameo! Lol! I love his cussing character in A Gentleman's Dignity. Lol! My favorite scene is still when all four guys went up againist Seo Yi Soo's step brothers and Kim Soo Ro cuss soo much they censor it all. Lol!
  6. I'm sticking to the fact that the King was young and he didn't want a son to become the Crown Prince who will take over his throne. He wanted all the ultimate power to himself. I have a strong feeling that Nokdu is the Crown Prince, but in the end, he's not going to take the throne, he's going to give it away to the other young prince we saw with the puppy. About that palanquin! It is very small and the fact that they were both in there with Dongju stripping Nokdu's clothing off... Let's just say there was a lot of touching. Lol! I am very excited to see next week's episodes and how it will turn out, especially Nokdu running around chasing after Yul Moo. Lol!
  7. Hi everyone! I'm new to this thread. Started watching this drama and I couldn't stop laughing at Nokdu being a woman. Now I'm addicted and very looking forward to how this drama is going to turn out. Hope to enjoy it all with you guys.
  8. Finished episode 3 & 4 last night, but too tired and didn't get a chance to check in here. It's sad that MDC's family doesn't believe that it's him, but at the same time, it's understandable, because he went through this project secretly and only certain people knew about it. I have a feeling that he will bet he one to revealed all the truth and be the one to figure out the chemical to thawing/saving him and GMR. I'm very curious of Hwang Ji Hoon and who is he. Like I'm confused here, because there's many Hwang in this drama. Lol! Professor Hwang, Hwang Bong Shim/Hwang Dong Hyuk and now Hwang Ji Hoon, who's story we don't know, yet.
  9. Thank you for the preview translation. I haven't watched any of the episodes, been a little busy to catch up on weekend dramas. I'm glad the romance will be starting soon for them. Also I'm really looking forward to how they are going to fix their temperature problem.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm new to this thread. Just finished watching the first two episodes and loving that Ji Chang Wook is back. I am very curious of the mystery behind the whole freezing project and at the same time, loving the rom-comedy in this drama already. It's hilarious that Ma Dong Chan is 52 in 2019 and Go Mi Ran is 44. Lol! I hope to enjoy this journey with you all. It's going to be a good drama.
  11. I saw that video this morning and thought it would be interesting if it went this way, Goblin, Devil, Grim Reaper, Jang Man Wol, all of them. Very interesting.
  12. Me, too. Finally finished it. It was a great drama. I really love it and all the consequences they go through. It was good lesson teaching. For the ending, I'm glad they met, again in another life and Kim Soo Hyun, amazing entrance! Lol! I'm soo happy he's back and doing an amazing cameo for this drama and becoming the new owner. Lol! Oh! How we all wish someone would pick up this story and make him the new owner and see his side of the story. Lol! But they won't. This was a great drama and journey with you all. Now, what's next to watch? I honestly enjoy IU's acting. She's very multi-talented. Can't wait to see her next project.
  13. I'll join you, too. They got us all hyped up until now, they can't just give us a lame ending.
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