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  1. @Yongzura - YOU ARE AMAZING! Scrolling through these pages is like getting hit with infinite smiles
  2. @Yongzura You are AMAZING! Single-handedly archiving BTS history on Soompi!
  3. We've only seen the movie once on ScreenX and that was a perfect way to view it. We're hoping to see them in concert this year but apparently, tickets are hard to get so I'm crossing my fingers. So far, everything I've seen from BTS has been so DIFFERENT from my early impressions of kpop and I GET why they have such mass appeal. With Big Hit's out-of-the-typical-kpop-box (and refreshing) way of handling BTS as actual artists and partners and just the talented genuine nature of the members themselves, they are creating a really fun world for fans to experience the music and members. Armypedia is so out there, so amazing that they even thought of doing a project like this. After reading some of the songs' lyrics, I'm actually not surprised. We are on board for this ride. I want to learn about BTS' 2080 days with their fans.
  4. I'm still in the "discover BTS" process and I don't see the bottom of this meaningful well. Their online content bring so much laughter to my family. LOL! It's such a joy to discover wholesome heartfelt music and the passionate people behind it. BTS history is a rollercoaster which makes me more committed to seeing them through this journey. Your posts enrich my (and all the silent lurkers') experience but I think you know that. THANK YOU AGAIN! Have you been to their concerts?
  5. @Yonzura You are on FIRE! Look at you go with all the posts. THANK YOU for this massive collection of BTS info. The Soompi help page must be assuming I'm posting images from the web or something. Well, thanks again. I'm sure you're a walking BTS encyclopedia by now. LOL
  6. @yonzura Thank you for keeping this page going. We newbies are reading your updates. I have BTS coffee for you but can't figure out how to insert my picture (Where are "Insert Existing Attachment" coming from?)
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