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  1. https://www.buzzfeed.com/noirtessia/10-reasons-to-watch-mr-sunshine-a-korean-period-d-3l5pq?utm_source=dynamic&utm_campaign=bfsharetwitter&utm_term=.wr9Y9E7jK#.duKvmK2kr
  2. Hey Dong-ji deul, I want to apologize early if I may spoil some fun for you guys but here are some of my confused twitter rants I think I am sure now that is Joseph. but I am still hoping I was wrong. I think the fact that they decided to include that awkward scene between chief of police and KHS might be sign how he could help DM out of police bureau. Idk it's just my thought. I want to correct myself. He's not a monk. Eun san and Jang posu talking abt musin society not being their enemy after finding out they discovered one of their comrades. I am pretty sure that guy was listening to everything because camera zoomed out at the end showing little part of the door. Incense sticks were freshly burned so that means he was there to meet them as well. Someone here have mentioned earlier abt AS's mother's origin. Her name apparently is Kim Hui jin. So I don't think she is a commoner or slave. But since the show mentioned slave getting their surname from their first owner, I might be wrong. Let me know what you guys think. Any kind of opinions are welcome.
  3. @rubie Thank you for loving and sharing my Twitter post chingu. I would love to post my views on this forum but I would always mess up when it comes to attachments. I can't express how much I love this drama and it's characters and their dynamics. I am having a ride of my kdrama life. Btw I am curious if there is any fan fiction going around. I think I might need it if things go south with our couple. *God forbid* Winter Is coming, KES is ruthless. And I need things to stack up as backup for my emotions.
  4. @rubie thank you so much for the links chingu. Yes I have watched I saw a devil. Old boy and I saw a devil was one of the first Korean movies that I have watched. My friend recommended to me. I was so scared of choi min sik character that I haven't been able to rewatch those two movies. I used to watch just Korean dramas and movies like classic but I was shooked seeing the difference. I loved IRIS but died at the end. I really wanted to watch once in a summer and keys to the heart. Thank you for the link again.
  5. @rubie Thank you for the warm welcome dear. I have been a silent lurker here. I will be honest that LBH was not the first reason I started watching Mr Sunshine but now he is the one I am rooting for the most. I just can't get enough of his acting skills and how HOT he looks. I have watched almost all his movies and love it. Masquerade, Master, inside men and Joint Security area being my favorites. I have been looking to watch his once in summer and keys to heart but I guess they are not available online. If you have a link, I would appreciate it very much. And Thank you once again.
  6. Has anyone here been so traumatised by MLSHR that Mr Sunshine just keep reminding them of it??? The journey we took watching drama on air and evaluating each and every moment here in soompi to be only shattered on the end. I remember everything so vividly abt not being able to move on. This drama gives me the same feel and I cannot stop myself. It's like déjà vu. History is repeating itself and like EC, I am worried for myself.
  7. Can someone elaborate the conversation EC and AS were having please? All these double meanings and references. When EC said he was the one doing all the rowing, does that mean all his subtle hints of confessions towards Ae sin? Thank you in advance.
  8. The incident being reported late might cause problems in future for EC. These paperworks if not done in time cause too much hassle. I am having bad feeling abt this. Btw they have thought too much abt the details of EC. His room is right in the middle of two hallways. Just random thoughts.
  9. Did anyone notice they made clips of Mr. Sunshine not available in YouTube ? I used to watch it daily from tvNdrama but since yesterday I couldn't find any. I checked from my lists of liked videos but they say it is made unavailable by the owner. I wonder what all this is about???
  10. This speaks to me like the tragic fate of Ae-sin and DM. I have this feeling that she is going to acknowledge him only at the last moment of his life.
  11. If ageing is in question then we saw the only change in Eun-san after 30 years was is the color of his hair. That old man is still fit as a horse. I am tryna connect the dots watching the episodes once again but it's still confusing.
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