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  1. Does anybody knows when will Twelve Legend have its episode on youtube with english subs???
  2. That explains why this Thai actor Bie Hsu from My Girlfriend is an Alien works in the Chinese Entertainment scene too since he speaks Mandarin i think....and so many HongKongers and Taiwanese actors now are more active in Cdramas than in their native countries....thanks for this info!
  3. That is a good sign though... since the scriptwriter mentioned the plan for season 2...would love to see Xiao Zhan, Wi Xuan Yi and the rest of the gang on their nezt adventure...im a bit sad it has come towards the finale.... i will surely miss my daily grind with the shrek seven devils group.
  4. Wow! So there will be season 2???? Is it confirm?? I hope the same group will be all there for the 2nd season...the anime is too long for me to start with so i might as well wait for the 2nd season.
  5. @pad-hari thank you soooooooo much for the anime link! Hopefully it will still be a happy ending for Tang San and Xiao Wu... btw i am on episode 26 and 27....cant wait to watch xiao wu trying to kiss tang san but missed the chance bec of ma ho jun!
  6. Hello! I just want to ask what you mean when you mentioned that Xiao Wu ultimately sacrificed herself??? What will happen to Xiao Wu in the finals where her real identity as a spirit beast was revealed?? Thanks in advance!
  7. @ducan Oh so the guy wearing black hoodie ( i forgot his name ) is lying to Tang San when he Tang Hao is responsible for the mutation and burning of the village of Ma Hong Jun...i have not seen the Fox Lady yet... i have to look out for her and Bibi Dong....its good to know Xiao Wu will be with Tang San to discover his father’s secret... Btw, why is He Lei Na does not want to join and help the gang?? And why is she interested to know Dai Mu Bai’ secret????
  8. @ducan @pad-hari wow!!!! Thank you soooo much for these spoilers! That explains the reason why Xiao Wu probably chose to be with Tang San...For she knew that he will be eventually as strong as his father Tang Hao (with the same level of Xiao Wu’s soul power before) and could protect her in her weak martial form of being a Rabbit...in episode 17, i understand Tang San is going to investigate his father’s activities....will he and Xiao Wu be separated for a long time or will she follow him eventually in discovering Tang San’s father illegal deeds???? Many thanks for sharing the spoilers with...
  9. On episode 15, Xiao Wu mentioned to Tang San that if ever she will be run after and caught by a million soul beasts, she wants Tang San to pretend that he does not know her...Why would she say this out of the blue to Tang San???? I feel that Xiao Wu is in a much more deeper problem that she is trying to avoid....And ofcourse Tang San on that scene refused and said even if he dies he will still protect Xiao Wu.
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