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  1. @triplem @stroppyse I'm sorry can't greet you all properly >.< also

    @kokodus @staygold @Dhakra @USAFarmgirl (did I miss someone?:')

    miss you guys. Can just like hide and seek, for now, it's been so long since I opened Soompi again. @abnoch is still in the remote area, he just said today that he will go to the city for short time then on the job again 'till new year eve.


    Thank you so much for all the prayers as always. I hope these draining moments can end soon as the year-end.

    Stay strong and happy weekend:heart:

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  2. On 9/28/2017 at 7:20 PM, Noor90 said:

    @CatchMine_ID @staygold please , do u know good program to make mv , i want to do MVs:D

    hiiiii! Just back from surgery aiiiih.. I use Corel VideoStudio and Adobe Premiere most of the time, to be exactly when it's time for I want it really customizable and detailed. I use Filmora too if need not-so-customizable one, cause it's really simple^_^edit: miss you so much @Noor90 I hope you come back soon:cookie:


    Epigram is sure golddd with him:w00t:


    :heart: for everyone here

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  3. @jeijei it's in customize like we use photo editing app too but now it's sync with time. I use Corel VideoStudio and Adobe Premiere for what I consider pro-time, if too lazy to customize, I use software like Filmora too. For starters you can use Filmora (really simple but not that customizable), I recommend Adobe Premiere cause there is a lot of tutorials out there on YouTube and it already has layers etc (if you want customizable and more detailed one).


    9 minutes ago, Dhakra said:

    @CatchMine_IDBoth location and dp wasn't my idea. I lost a bet and it is all @stroppysedoing. I just wait for the day where I can finally remove it.

    I know it already, oppa. Hahahahaha you are still my oppa even your location and dp is like that. Lols, fighting!


    @stroppyse aaah thanks:heart: and omG he is in WYWS thread with that dp? Ahahahahahaha so entertaining oooppss



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  4. @bedifferent hugs!~ Heheheh feel bad to scared them, add they are so busy these days


    just realize @Dhakra display picture and his location ahahahahahahaha:lol: well I take that location as me thinking of you oppa:w00t: 


    cause Lee Jong-suk is not on my list kekekekekekeke:tongue:


    @Dhakra oooh I smell bunch of over-protective mens hereee~ lol


    @jeijei beautiful cinematography is all thanks to the drama itself:D if you want a really customizable one, learn Sony Vegas. Then if you can nail it, please teach me then:tongue:



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  5. @jeijei aaah thanks.. I'm literally learning myself again:lol: what you are interested to make MV project? Is it K-pop band, artist or K-drama?


    @Dhakra all right now, yesterday I moved from ICU room:D haven't met him yet again but he needs to control himself to not come too often (was that last Saturday/Sunday?) too far. Lol. Thank God I'm not easily defeated by anaesthetic, chingu-deul!



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  6. @stroppyse baaaack:D I'm okay, just a little hurts in my stomach area. And need to bed restfully for this week + the weather is really great to do that these days. Rainy every day! Kekekeke:tongue: I woke up since Monday night and now already in normal room:) 


    hi, hello all!:blush:



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  7. 10 hours ago, triplem said:

    LUTYN aired eps 13 tonight. 3 more to go. Full of sweet OTP scenes. 

    I just finished my recaps for SDM finale...sob....the show ends on a sweet and beautiful note. I'm gonna miss the OTP and my mr dimples!!!! Spoiler pic

    here to finish SDM first then catch up LUTYN:D


    10 hours ago, abnoch said:

    I fell to the ground to hug the roads. Really know how to make me speechless, lady? Thanks!:crazy:

    darn, naive move of me to post that. Morning attacked. This whole thing makes me itchy so much. Two junkies. Can't stop laughing


    @bedifferent omo! Are you a doctor? Ohh trust me you will not hope for a patient like me, they get confused and worried a lot because they think I'm crying my condition away but truthfully, it's because K-drama:ph34r:


    @stroppyse thaaaanks:lol: but seriously why most of will think I'm signaling by gave my Soompi password. I feel so heartless to not think any cent like that:huh:



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  8. 24 minutes ago, TRaNz said:

    @CatchMine_ID ahhh so you have some minor puffiness still?

    aaah my eyes here so easy to puff. Lack of sleep or too much they will puff. Ms. Puff-_- 


    that cooking simulator game:lol: I always want to play Planet Coaster and have it on my computer, anyone?:D


    23 minutes ago, Dhakra said:

    Lu is disappointed. After all he did yesterday. :D 

    what phikyl asked is favorite animal not pet:tongue: of course you know the answer if she asked pet~ love Lu:wub:



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  9. @phikyl out of control:lol: I hope it's good~


    @staygold whoaaaaa just know you live in US so long. Hahahahaha koalas:lol: they are so helpless and comfy at same time when sitting between two branches. Deeersss! Second favorite. They are so elegant(?)


    @triplem ooooh I like this question so much

    15 minutes ago, triplem said:

    where's @abnoch ? Is he too shy to face us now ?

    HAHAHAHAHA:lol: Idk tho, haven't seen him yet. Wish you have q-time with sister, @abnoch


    omG @USAFarmgirl attacks me in other thread:o:o



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  10. @phikyl koalas need to be protected and cherished:lol: want to give my blanket to them lol


    @Lmangla my fangirling mode already known by cinematography members.. They just don't know I invest more time in here cause I make this anonym lol. The one who really exactly I know will not care at all is abnoch. So he is part of my strategy, I don't feel any fear of embarrassment cause I believe he wouldn't dig this up. But yeah, what happened sure really out of my calculation 


    @TRaNz that's how you know well about those eye creams!:lol: I'm with Dhakra in 'eyeglasses' condition hahaha used to really care about eye bags cause before I used contact lenses but the minus and cylindrical keeps adding like a train while I use them:unsure:



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  11. @TRaNz THAT'S IT!!!! Passive mode when it's so bright and hot outside:lol: night/cloudy times are the best for our skin hyahahahahaha


    answering @phikyl drunk question: don't know how it will react if I touch it or hug it, but I like koala so much. They are moving in a really absurd way and their voice is... Idk I feel so entertained by it:lol:



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