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  1. hang on my friend @CatchMine_ID, please wake up and mad at me cause I post this


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    2. CatchMine_ID


      I broke in your temporary account too it's so predictable why you didn't remember the pass you fool.. Were you so in hurt that day? :(( usually you are so smart in numbers and formulas..


      And is it a sin to enjoy Dhakra and triplem bickering? I can find some new arguments there to handle my friend that exactly alike and it's frustating+saddening me cause this friend's spirit so hard to be picked up if this friend in slump.

      You talked about me there? My God... I'm sorry I will try to be brighter but still tough as iron like you do, see me, okay?

    3. CatchMine_ID
    4. CatchMine_ID


      5th day. Here your favorite Yoo Ah-in just to remind


      hang on, really.

  2. Oh my. This guy. Yoo Ah-in. 


    Eccentric. Crazy. He is such an moving art form, I mean, art for real. It sick, Hong sick. Brilliantly different in the field.

    His character in current drama Chicago Typewriter somehow feels quite familiar to his actual vibe, when it came to the quirky-ness. Hahaha newbie fans of him here, after diggin', he is just slaying my world.

  3. I read back all your Healer c-strips love it so much and you are such a bright person with schmoozer trait; you are too funny with those strips, keep brighten up the world of kdramalovers!:D

    Same same but different.  My apologies, reposting comic with watermark. Pictures credit owner via DC.  #healer #jichangwook #parkminyoung #changmincouple #changminheaven

    SWDBS too, too hilarious:lol:

    What about you ?? <>Please credit me @ahpheng8 when re-posting. Do not edit / modify/translate into another language /delete watermark from my c-strip <> #StrongWomanDoBongSoon #힘쎈여자도봉순 #ParkBoYoung #박보영 #DoBongSoon #ParkHyungSik #박형식 #AhnMinHyuk #ahpheng8SWDBS

    1. Ahpheng


      Oh my...thanks for spending your time reading thru my Healer strips, glad you loved them ! I had a blast creating them ! 


  4. I don't like these dramas, I LOVE THEM. What's your all time kdramas golden list?



    This basically my top 10 all time favorite kdramas by far. So, what's yours? I'd like to try recommendations! Cause when you are feeling bored and/or the withdrawal feeling just too strong... Then you just keep looking back the golden list and thus, will lead and keep you to stay excited with kdramas while hoping that one day will find another one drama that makes the butterfly in stomach wake up again; they are awesome!

    P. S. And I'm on that stage of 'hoping the butterfly in stomach wake up again' for a good relaxing time~

  5. gotta check your page if you already posted something new about Goblin. Your post is so addictive, I'm kinda waiting every the day it aired (Fri-Sat, weekend to be exactly). I hope you are not feel disturbed by me though:sweatingbullets: I miss you:)

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    2. packmule3


      The blurry vision? Oh! Was it already answered? How? 

      @CatchMine_ID. I'm not schizophrenic (lol) but I'm trained to think both ways, or triple, quadruple...multiple ways to defend a client. I have made a gangster look like a choirboy. So don't fall in love with me.

      If you knew how much I initially ranted about KES for her cruddy finale, you'd cry tears, too. @nearsea and @phikyl knew because we were originally PM'ing each other. But I had to revise my thoughts so other posters would have their satisfactory "happy-ever-after" closure. :)

    3. packmule3


      hahaha. Don't  call the ambulance yet. First, check if it's really me or somebody else pretending to be me. THEN call the ambulance. No sense in wasting the paramedics' time for an impostor. :D

    4. CatchMine_ID


      this is so late and I'm embarrassed by fact that I can't provide you a proper reply; I can't find the words to describe it how, I forgot here and there, but I already hinted on fate-and-destiny thing, and the answer still in that concept too. My state is on mess right now for those thingy, like this.



      Hahaha no I wouldn't call the ambulance cause I don't mind dark stories and harsh words (for those things, not real life)~

      Hope you are doing well, thanks for always tagging me in Goblin's thread.

  6. woooow... Really? Thank you for following me @Mayrita nice to know you!:D

    1. Mayrita


      Aww You are so Nice, I followed you Because I saw your videos en youtube and I Love them!:wub: I posted some messages for you on them ( My id on youtube is Pijicita) and also We share the love for Gong Yoo:rolleyes:, Nice to meet you too! Thanks for your Message. Have a nice day or Night!

      Pd: Sorry if my english is not good because is no my first language. 

    2. CatchMine_ID


      You are the nice one! I know you are in Gong Yoo thread and I really don't expect that you will.. So, ahhhhh you are Pijicita!!! Thank you so much dear for the love:wub: things like this makes me so happy, to know that we share the same addiction, bond because excited in the same things:D have a wonderful day too, chingu. Will wait for you to spaze all along!

      No sorry cause we both in the same ship of struggling in english-not-my-first-language lol. Just keep learning:lol:

  7. how can I get over you...



  8. thirst for Gong Yoo after his comeback in that memorable Goblin... Like a vampire find blood. Help me

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