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About Me

here for K dramas and actors actresses. I love HQ dramas in its meaning and production (oh really? hahaha honestly with all the respect, I don't watch many dramas there because I don't want to waste my time; cause K-drama series took yours min. 16 hours right?), but one thing for sure that if I love it, I loyal to it. 


=  =  =

=               R. I. P                =

==  Friday, January 19th 2018  ==



All time favorites :

1. Coffee Prince (my first love that brings me to Kdramaland!) and,

Healer (just... Feels so right, left me at full feelings in each of it's episode?) that these two shows are so rewatch-able.

2. Misaeng

3. Circle : Two Worlds Connected

4. Signal

5. Chicago Typewriter

6. My Girlfriend is A Gumiho

7. Goblin, Guardian : The Lonely and Great God

8. Kill Me, Heal Me

9. Secret Love Affair

10. Reply 1988


I would love if you recommend me must watch drama with my preference above, please.

Check K-drama all time favorites in visual moving perspective (FMVs, clips) on my YouTube channel CatchMine_ID


feel free to contact/know more me at

Tumblr : catchmine

Twitter : @CatchMine_ID

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