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  1. in my point of view you watch TBI to critizice the lead actor, every one has it own opinion but i don't think lmk is bad actor in TBI. Just like you i'm not fan of lmk, thanks to seo hyun jin and TBI now i know who is lmk, i think lmk delivered his acting in TBI with flying colors and beside the director of this drama know who is best suited to take the role/performed it, lmk give justice to his role as a lead actor in TBI any way thanks for watching TBI spending your precious time
  2. you said the 1couples and 2couples are not "crowd pulling" type, you make a big mistake acting wise their excellent and done the drama with flying colors,let's go back to the TBI lmk and shj are match and the 2nd couple are great too, that's why TBI become hits not only in their country SK also to the international fans, and beside we are happy when their is picture of shj and lmk together , about lmk in my own opinion if he had someone or his dating lmk will not stuck to shj, he will give space and boundaries so that no one will hurt but if you see lmk the way treated shj is very special he laugh loud, smile open and he too caring to hyun jin. All of us we don't know what will happened, if lmk and shj are only friend or more than friends it's their choice. If you are true fans of hyun jin be happy and pls it's unethical to say and compare lee min ki, seo hyun jin and the 2nd couple to other actor and actress. it's my own opinion
  3. in my POV it may also in the script the kiss should be that way more reserved but had tremendous impact to the viewers i prepare TBI kisses than OHY, the important is they delivered the drama with flying colors to the viewers, if lmk and shj is just freinds it's okay i love them both.
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