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  1. Okay, I won’t take it back if you join me lol. But But- the time to be bored is when there are no new news about her-like right now. lol. But it’s only been a day from her “abs pic” It’s understandable because she would always be our baby, even if she does have abs now. and and- I bet many guys fall for her now.
  2. Yooj x Food is If ever I meet her, she could eat all she wants and I could just look at her all day and never be bored. But- that might look creepy, lol. So I take that back. I can never understand how she can be all cute in one second then beautiful and sexy in the next second. There won’t be a boring day if you’re with her. And yeah- I agree, we must protect her body. I’m so torn with being a protective mom or an admirer. It’s like I don’t want her to expose anything anymore, but then it would be a shame also to not show off her beautiful bod.
  3. oh no! won’t this have complications with SBS collaboration with Lifetime and IQIYI? This news sucks. I mean- in IQIYIs tweet-the caption says “KDrama airing date confirmed! Starts on June 12!”
  4. Yup, it does seem like it. hahaha. But we fans will take everything they give hahaha. I wonder what YJ thought that day when all of her endorsements released a picture of her.
  5. Looks like uri Yoo Jung just availed a private membership service from movement platform. I can’t imagine having to work long hours in taping and then going straight to the gym. But as she said, she exercises so she can eat. Also, how can Yoo Jung have such different vibes in different lengths of hair. She looks really young, cuddly and cute in this picture. Tho, I think this post is more like a throwback picture of her.
  6. This day will always be remembered. HAHA. It’s like they’re competing for our attention. Fans be like-we love you all. But yeah-I think it’s them riding the hype of YJ’s upcoming drama as well. And I’m here for the ride as well.
  7. Yup, I agree chinggu! of course the story would need times wherein the leads would have their vulnerabilities but I hope it’s a well developed plot. anyways for me, the leads could do nonsense things and I would still love them lol. But for the sake of the drama, ofcourse, I’d wish for the best plots ever written so more people would love them. Really excited to gush over them with you guys on June12,Kyaaaaah! Posters-teasers-interviews-behind the scenes-variety shows-presscon first ❤️ if they could provide more, the better for us, hahaha This is a thought that never occurred to me. Can the director make this happen? lol. It’s only Monday, but Im already looking forward to the weekends!
  8. Hi Nevi99! I think everyone thinks of her as cute and baby-ish that’s why we love her. She could do anything she wants and people will still think adorably of her. Hoping also that this thread would be lively, but with all the social media available, people seem to not visit soompi forums anymore
  9. This is so true! I rarely encounter a kdrama with a really strong FL(femme fatale style) Like-okay fine-it’s really heart fluttering to get the ML to “save” the FL, but really, they could do it in other ways. I want to root for powerful girls in Kdrama land as well, and fall for the cuteness of the ML while doing so. Other dramas also have storylines that only makes the ML grow and have the FL be an accesory, but id like them both to gradually change and grow. I really hope it’ll be written so good-with the quality actors they have. In any case, i’ll still support the two actors even if it means ill have to go through shitty storylines (tho I certainly hope not) Anyway for a minute there, i thought BR means bedroom-before i realized it means Backstreet Rookie. Like, what is my brain doing? hahaha. I’ve been secretly wishing for it as well. And since they look like they’re totally hyped in promoting the show, I really hope that someone would do something about that lol! I wonder what’ll they do in RM, hope they can partner together so we can see how they interact with each other. But I doubt they’ll be putting the leads in the same team. If there are KDrama gods, we beg for this to happen. Just a simple photoshoot will do, just so we can see how they’ll be able to project in a mag photoshoot while in character. That’ll be hilarious.
  10. Ugh. The 2nd teaser looks so much fun and exciting and I just- What will we do? we still have 20+ days to go, and looks like we just can’t wait anymore. How can they do this to us?! They shouldn’t show this to us and expect us to wait. Also, I agree with everyone. I love their bickerings-It’s giving us a glimpse of their chemistry. Ugh. June-please come faster.
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