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  1. wow! so nice to hear that you're SUPER haha.. you're still the ever cheerful @maria1983 i know hi @Jalhanda glad you are still here, how are you? of course i miss them if there only was a time machine to take me back hahaha
  2. hi @jaded0214 nice to meet you here..i don't know if @maria1983 and i should feel embarrassed about your statement haha can you describe it to refresh my memory? it is nearly 2 yrs now hahaha hello @maria1983i miss you so!! i was just taken aback by @jaded0214 's comment regarding S line and didn't expect someone could still read them...now good old memories came rushing back i am very happy to find you here with some new company.. this thread will always be home for us krw fans haha damn that S Line.. i think it was yeppen who invented that S line something you scared of police? i am glad you said so exactly like this.. waiting for rock and tiny hint of life from krw becomes bearable
  3. Hello! Miss those days too @maria1983 when we almost did not sleep because of our different timezones how are you? i think almost everyone still active either in ig or twitter
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