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  1. it's getting 3 Pm in my time zone now, a bit hot.

    I am looking at other couple that people might think they have something (IU andLJK)- silly just to check... I seen nothing, just a normal friendship. sometimes K-entertainment use rumours to help popularity when nothing happens and let people dreaming about it.. so sad. well some artist did it in my own country too and it's pathetic to know about it.

    just like seeing Song-Song Couple, your GOBLIN couple has it's own characteristic. this week has been a pleasant week to read a vision about them. I like the spirit in this thread, keep it positive, your GOBLIN couple  need it. Just like what Budha said " Be Patient, Everything comes to you in the right moment"

    @JaneyBae thanks for creating this thread!!!!!


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  2. Monday morning, My year 13 has their MOCKS exam and I am enjoying my morning relax period listening to "Beautiful" CRUSH, I loveeeee ths song.

    Your GOBLIN Couple are enjoying their days on their own activities happily (colourful colour seen everywhere)

    then I say a KEY!!!!!! waaaaaa

    a KEY can means a looot 

    it's getting better each days for your GOBLIN couple!!!!


    happy Monday!!!!!!!!


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  3. I don't understand with K-fans, why would they judge who supposed with who for their idol... well the fans in my country also like that but not as crazy as in Korea.

    they won't admit if they are dating, they are trying to connect closer to each other. it's not easy as it look though, their relationship not as free as Songsong couple (both of them single when they were met). it's a bit complicated....

    Waa, Monday soooo sunny here from my Window classroom. I hope both of them have a sunny day also this week.


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  4. it is warm and sunny the view from my window today.... 

    thinking about death, love and birth in our believe there's abit similarity with the part of death angel chasing the missing soul in the world. In our religion, some miising soul will be found out after the death angel did  birth checking, if the souls isn't there to be reborn than it means they are stealing time to be reborn early and become a missing soul.

    opening tis thread today, looking at GY and KGE photo, GY- blue sky with some clouds - obviously he has something in his mind not a thing it just he has something playing in his mind randomly... 

    KGE- dolls, flower, empty room - she is happy, entertain by her friends, but she is a bit lonely too.... hmmmm 

    have a nice Tuesday

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  5. hello again. waaah, have watched Goblin, it's an epic drama although I don't really like fantasy story. My niece is a crazy fan og GY and started to ask me whether he has something going on with KGE. I don't know much K-celebrity world. I didn't even know GY or even KGE, sorry for this. when my niece also crazy with DOTS I said the same thing and write the same thing about SongSong couple. I don't know them I like their drama and as a psychic, cannot denied if I saw something between them.

    GY and KGE, they have something. I saw two candles, sakura flowers, sun and spiky road. so you can figure out yourself. Poor for the haters, but people will soon accept the situation. hate and love always come side by side, they cannot be separated. 


    have a nice Wednesday....

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  6. Hii, I am really new to say something about this couple. just like SongSong couple, they are meant to meet and fall in love and have a happy ending.....

    people may like it, people also may hate it, so what... if they are meant to be together they will be together.

    I am not a fortune teller but at the moment this couple has just started their relationship, they are start to know each other more... GY maturity has helped a lot KGE to face the difficult situation.


    Hope the best 4 them.

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