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  1. and just add up a bit as someone who has married for 14 years, love is not enough in marriage you need compasion, patience and understanding. everything that looks so good when you were dating can reveal its true colour after marriage. Trust is needed on top of everything, and for sure you need to understand you are not walking alone in marriage but together. if divorce was chosen by this couple, maybe they have gone through many difficult times, they both tired and need to move on. It easy for all of to say, they should communicate it again, go to a marriage counselling session, or etc. But trust me their marriage colour is very dim, not bright. I have gone through difficult times last year with my husband and trust me if I don't have kids, I might decide to file for divorce. If you want your marriage to last forever I guessed one need to understand the other need, plan, etc and for sure listen to one another. I am not critize any of them even I can see clearly why and how the divorce come and knocked on their door. THEY ARE JUST HUMAN, not GOD. One may make some mistakes and one may tired of uneasy feeling. One may wanted to do A and the other may think let me do this first before I do A (although it end up become more than one thing to do before A being done or maybe not being done absolutely). ,....,....,......., etc. I know when you look at them both you can admire how good they are looking together but to run a marrriage you need more than good looking. You need to do a non-stop understanding toward one another. I guessed one of them choose to play Justin Bieber Song LOVE YOURSELF...(listen to te song and you will understand). But the bottom line is that their have chosen their own pathways for their good. Good night from the island of BALI
  2. if everyone can just pray for both of them it will help them go through this difficult time. Both of them are human, although they are famous they are still human who can make mistake once or twice or many times.
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