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  1. She did mentioned that the script is always the first priority whether she’ll accept the offer or not. She did loves the script a lot. Last year, she also mentioned that she wanna act with a younger actor this time. meanwhile, jhi got a lot of attention since the drama ‘while u were sleeping’. so here comes the fate. During the filming period, no doubt all there reactions were like in love. but.....now... I’m sad.....no news at all
  2. I also want them to be a real couple, but at the same time, I also think whatever acted, it’s all about acting. He knew it’s gonna be an important drama to him. Many times he emphasised that’s he acted with his sincerity, does it also means it’s for work purely? i cant figure out whether he has gf or not at present, but based on what SYJ asked him about having a serious relationship before, she doesn’t know anything, that also means he may or may not have gf. I don’t like the way he unclearely answered at first until SYJ asked him directly. I do do believe that they were in love purely in the drama, that’s there work, they wanna let it go or leave it, it’s all about what they want. but it’s difficult for them to go further in all circumstances. Timing not right. I wonder this short term but precious can make a break through. If it happens, Many people will bless them for sure.
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