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  1. https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5MDc5NTA2Mw==&mid=2651656709&idx=2&sn=d3f68df94500f481f60173d3245bae40 InStyle interview, QX talking about working with XWZ on My Girlfriend. Here's the translation (well I will put this in spoiler ) Idk why I find her answers are funny Some sweet scene before going to bed
  2. Thank you. First dxr and now cx.... my otp have so much bad luck in their lives
  3. Where did you read the novel??? Is it English? I think you can, just put the spoiler tag.
  4. There's no airing date yet. Still waiting..... Sharing some cute pics with you all the visual Cr. Beginning
  5. If you can read Chinese, here is it https://www.hongyeshuzhai.com/shuzhai/37532/ I am so looking forward to this series!
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