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  1. Ahn Jeongwon's schedule is just as packed as YYS ;;^^ no wonder he still hadn't said a word to that "someone" til Dec 25th..
  2. Another IkSong moment I failed to notice in Eps.01. When Seokhyeong said he wants to form a band. Ikjun looked at Songhwa and teased her with bass playing technique.. They're soo cute.. ^^
  3. If Jeongwon leaving Pink Run marathon foretelling that he would choose doctorhood over priesthood, could Songhwa setting up her tent only to dismantled it later foretelling that she wouldn't be long in Sokcho? During Pink Run, Jeongwon is already prepared to run, but he turn around because he has to save a patient. He also prepared to leave for Italy (he already set departure date and resigned), but he didn't because he wants to keep saving his patients. Songhwa already finished setting up her tent, sit enjoying the view, but only for a while before Dragon called her
  4. Random midnight thoughts after watching that last 13 minutes of Eps 12, or to be exact this scene right here: So.. because I'm curious, I googled about reasons why men cups a woman's face while kissing her, and found these (I only copied a few that matched well with our newbie WG): 1. Romantic The most cause of this act is absolutely because your man is type of romantic person. He wants you only for him self. This is why he cups your face and feel that he can own you fully without anyone can share it with him. Therefore, if you’re both in a relationship, then th
  5. My take on Songhwa's "someone with beautiful hands" is this guy.. Coz we have this.. And this.. Good night to all HP and IkSong fans..
  6. Just noticed Ikjun and Jeongwon eye contact in Eps 3, when Ikjun said he wants to meet Jang Gyeoul. Noticed that Junwan is watching Jeongwon's face closely too. Did he suspect something? Is that why he talked about that affair business out of the blue? And Jeongwon's face afterward.. This reminds me of Seokhyeong face in Eps 9, when he heard Minha will eat tteokbokki with Ikjun ;;^^ Cheering for our Gomgom couple too!
  7. There's something that's still bugging me about Jeongwon.. Why did he still resign from the hospital (Eps 11) after all that talk he had with Ikjun in Eps 10? Why did he let Gyeoul lead pediatric surgery after he said he would resign? And what was the meaning of his sigh before Gyeoul confession in Eps 12? Although perhaps only God and the writer know the answer ;;^^ but here's a piece of thought: 1. As far as Jeongwon know, Gyeoul was seeing someone (Eps 8 and 9), and that someone already proposed to her (Eps 10). He may or may not know the fact that he is her brother, but le
  8. Hi.. I've been a silent reader for quite a while now, but I reallyyyyy love HP, and WG is my fave couple. I know I'm late with the hype.. but recently I've been rewatching all the eps and noticed that Jeongwon had kept Gyeoul phone number, cause in Eps 7 while waiting for the liver, he pick up Gyeoul call immediately without asking who it was. Then in Eps 11 when Gyeoul called him before her solo surgery, he also talk without asking who it was. It's different with when Dr.Bae called him to notify about the little girl with liver laceration (Eps 12). When he pi
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