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  1. I'm excited for tomb raiders restart. Hopefully it does come out in December, I'll have loads of time then. I haven't watched My True Friend yet, since its not really my type of show, plus I took a break from all drama and variety shows when some bad stuff came out in south Korea this spring. But since you're saying his character is cool maybe I'll check it out soon. Btw, have any guardian fans here watched the untamed? I binged it the other day and liked it, I've read the book as well (although before it was fully translated, so I haven't read the ending yet), and watched the cartoon. I liked the portrayal of Wei wuxian.
  2. My True Friend is being subbed to English, and probably other languages, on Viki.
  3. @paopaolong Thanks for all the info! I've tried to direct the conversation here so that it stays positive and informative and luckily it doesn't really require much effort. Since most of us don't speak Chinese I think the spread of misinformation would be very easy, and I don't think it's productive or nice to read back on. But an infrequent summary and update post such as yours from someone who understands what's going on and can calmly explain it is very welcome! : ) By the way, your username is very cute! I was also happy with Qi Heng's happy ending. I thought the ending dialogue between him and his wife was perhaps a touch over-written (over-explaining), I personally prefer when everything isn't said out loud (in fiction, not in real life), but they were both so cute! The L'Oreal and KFC ads have been delicious : ) By the way, does anyone know of a site that archives photos of Zhu Yi Long, so I could link to it in the first post? The more comprehensive and organized, the better (except stalker photos).
  4. Mm. He had some scene where he wore a cowboy hat, then one scene where he ran faster than one of the male leads, ruining the take (he's an extra), one scene where he was wearing some army uniform and had to slap someone, and then some party scene at about 35 minutes where he wears a red neckerchief. He's playing a tiny supporting role as an actor who plays an extra here. I don't remember more, I also sped through the film a long time ago, this director's movies are not really my style, sorry. The soldier scene is at the beginning of the movie he's really cute there. His character is silly and funny.
  5. No, he was in more scenes than that. His part is very small but quite funny.
  6. Youtube upload of the new year's basketball show. It's so nice how he got to incorporate things he loves like basketball and jumping around with kids into a stage performance. He looks so happy and comfortable. The other guy also played Wu Xie in a previous adaptation, so it's 2 Wu Xies on stage.
  7. So far only the Time of Flight song is available on Amazon. In terms of series, I've listed their names in Chinese in the first post, you can find them on bilibili, or at least his cuts. Except one which I think is banned in china. They're not subbed. From the subbed stuff, in addition to what others have mentioned the other film from the same director as Yang and his summer is also available with embedded English subs. Although his part in it is extremely small. The story of ming Lan is currently airing, it's very good, I recommend watching it on viki. Deleting videos from quoted content is easy. You can go into the quote and press backspace for the video until it deletes. This is forum rules. Searching with Chinese characters is also easy. You just copy paste. Or you use Pleco or Google translate in mobile to draw the characters and then copy and paste. If you Google you can probably also find handwritten Chinese input for your computer. There's also a guardian specific soompi forum if you want to discuss the drama more at length or read what others have thought as it was airing. I think the link should be in the first post. Also, please bear in mind that basically all subbing and translating is a labor of love from fans. So when you criticize it, please try to consider if you really feel strongly enough about the quality to risk discouraging such fans from subbing or translating. Personally, I'm also happy with the quality and speed of the guardian novel translation and the balance he has struck between these two ideals.
  8. The first post has all the info. It's under variety shows. I can't remember off the top of my head
  9. It's a variety show episode. But Zhu Yi Long only played in some tiny drama bit of it where some girl goes back in time, they fall in love, then she leaves again, he didn't really participate in the variety part of it.
  10. Someone better versed in the korean drama scene, is it known why there will be a new director? And will they be any good, because I loved the first season. And is the cinematographer the same, because that was gorgeous. Although I guess south korea has really good cinematographers overall. This is basically court politics mixed with action thriller and horror, so good. I usually don't even watch horror or zombie stuff. I just can't wait for more people to watch it so I can have an outlet for my emotions, hahaha. I think it will become big like Train to Busan.
  11. Wow! So intense. Gorgeous as well. I'm on episode 3 right now. So the new scholar who was sent for, I guess there must be a resurrection secret that happened 3 years ago. Soup calamity guy's survival instinct is top notch. I feel like I got a caffeine injection or something. I need to take pauses in between, it gets too intense.
  12. I'd add that method actors can also be very annoying for the other members of cast and crew to deal with if they're very inflexible with it, and have a bad reputation because of it. So personally I think it's much better to take elements of it, like keeping a style of talking if you feel that otherwise you can't get into it, but not actually insisting that you are douzi and getting crew members into pyramid schemes or whatnot. Anyway, it's not like we know much about the technical aspects of acting, I think it's for him to experiment and have fun with. Based on his interviews he wants to try different things and evolve. And he wants to have a moment of fully transforming himself into a character without remembering himself (that can mean within the scene, not necessarily that he wants to live on set like that), so I hope he achieves it and enjoys it.
  13. @biskotmeri I think you don't need to worry so much. People do view the characters through a biased lens, but I think it hasn't affected the actors that much. ZYL said something that he thinks Qi Heng doesn't believe that Ming Lan loves Gu Tingye, so that's why he tries to save her from him, since he failed her before. But once he finds out that Ming Lan does love, then he is relieved that his previous actions of failing to marry her didn't lead her to have an unhappy life. He's a great actor, he will surely continue to portray this character well. Also the overall quality of the drama is very good (I only have some minor nags about some plotting), and based on his gushing about the production in various interviews he really enjoyed working with this production team. My review of his Phantacity performance as well as some other comments have been getting more likes since he appeared on this show, so I think he's gaining a lot of new fans, some of whom are digging through the archives to read about him.
  14. @yinchanmyae1621Does the phrase he used mean method acting in chinese? Because from what I understood he just said he used to thoroughly prepare the role and the logic of the role beforehand (that doesn't have to mean method), whereas now he tries to leave more space for the director's vision and doesn't finish role creation on his own, but waits for director input. It helps that he gets to work with better directors now.
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