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  1. Here you go. Sorry, I was too lazy to double check if they had linked everything. I just found it by googling the title and spcnet if you want to find other wuxia novels in the future.
  2. It's the novel. There are english translations. https://wuxiasociety.com/translations/ If you search for Gu Long, it's his Xiaoli Feidao series. I think they made also a drama about it but I didn't like it (but I only watched bits and pieces, anyway, once you have ZYL in your mind, it's kind of difficult to accept another actor in the role). @paopaolong What has been the reception of book fans on ZYL's performance so far?
  3. Trailer for his upcoming drama Dear myself. Hopefully it's a good one his friend from drama school days is also playing. I have to say I dislike the too sweet music of the trailer, hopefully the show itself is better balanced. This is his first show we're seeing after he became big and had more freedom to choose projects and teams, fingers crossed our suffering with bad scripts is done!
  4. Profile: Chinese name: 朱一龙/ Zhū Yī Lóng English name: Zhu Yi Long Birth Date: April 16, 1988 Birth Place: Wuhan, Hubei, China Education: Wuhan No. 14 Middle School, No. 1 Middle School affiliated to Central China Normal University, Beijing Film Academy (2006-2010) Ethnicity: Han Chinese Nationality: Chinese Height: 180 cm Occupation: Actor Years Active: 2009 - Present Agency: 东方飞云/ Oriental Feiyun Films: 2008 夜郎 / Yelang (Yang Zhong) * 2009 再生缘 / Regeneration (Yuan Ying) ** 抢来的新娘 / Stolen bride (Xiao Ziwei) * 血色深宅 / Blood House (Xue Zimei) ** 血玉咒 / Blood curse (Zhou Yubai) ** (Peng Guan Ying is also in this movie) 2010 鼓乐青春 / Youthful Drums (Lin Feng) ** 宝藏寻踪 / Treasure Hunting (Shangguan Yunfeng) ** 大明嫔妃系列 / Da Ming Ping Fei Series (Zhu Changxun) * 错嫁 / Mismarriage (Shen Fang) ** 胭脂劫 / Terror Eyes (Ye Cang) ** 深闺疑云 / Deep Suspicion (He Tanyu) ** 2011 绝密使命 / Top Secret Mission (Jin Tiexin) ** 灰姑娘 / Cinderella (Luo Huaifeng) * 刺妃 / Ci Fei (Ye Fan) ** 白狐仙 / The White Fox Spirit (Yu Yihong) ** 朵儿的战争 / Duo Er War (Mai He) ** 绅士大盗 / Gentleman Thief (Wu Xundong) * 鬼门关 / The Gates of Hell (Gong Tiexin) ** 大明宫传奇 / Legend of the Daming Palace (General Junshi) ** 猎野人 / The Savage (Ye Ren) ** 2012 战地情天 / Battlefield (Jin Feiyu) ** 偷窥者 / The Sleeper (Jiang Xinbai) ** 杀机四伏 / Murder (Tan Wei) ** 2013 爱情不NG / Love Retake (Yan Jige, directed by Zhu Shimao) * 2016 育婴室3D / The Nursery 3D (Meng Shaohui) ** 2017 胡杨的夏天 / Yang and his Summer (Hu Yang, directed by Zhu Shimao) ** 密战 / Eternal Wave (Cen Zimo) * TV Dramas: 2012 王阳明 / Wang Yang Ming (Zhu Houzhao) * 风雨梵净山 / Fanjingshan Story (Sun Rubo) * 2013 怪医文三块 / Strange Medicine Trinity (Hai Dongshen) * 大明嫔妃 / Daming (Zhu Changxun) * 2014 家宴 / Family Banquet (Feng Douzi) ** 情定三生 / Love for Three Lifetimes (Chi Rui) ** 2015 芈月传 / The Legend of Mi Yue (Ying Ji) * - Soompi thread 2016 新萧十一郎 / The Shaw Eleven Lang (Lian Chengbi) ** 我的爱对你说 / My Love to Tell You (Fan Wei) ** 边城浪子 / Border Town Prodigal (Fu Hongxue) ** - Soompi thread 2017 御姐归来 / The Princess is Back (He Kaixin) ** - Soompi thread 花谢花飞花满天 / As Flowers Fade and Fly Across the Sky (Hua Wuxie) ** - Soompi thread 2018 镇魂 / Guardian (Shen Wei)** - Soompi thread 许你浮生若梦 / Granting You a Dreamlike Life (Luo Fusheng) ** , English subtitles - Soompi thread 知否?知否?应是绿肥红瘦 / The Story of Ming Lan (Qi Heng) ** - Soompi thread 2019 我的真朋友 / My True Friend (Jing Ran) **, English subtitles - Soompi thread Upcoming 盗墓笔记重启 / The Lost Tomb Restart / Grave Robbers' Chronicles Restart (Wu Xie) ** - Soompi thread 夏梦狂诗曲 / The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream (Ke Ze) ** 叛逆者/ The Rebel ** __________________ * Supporting role ** Main cast Variety Shows: 幻乐之城 / Phantacity (2018, September 30) Guest & Performer 快乐大本营 / Happy Camp (2018, June 14th) Guest 鹦鹉厨房 / Parrot Kitchen (2016, November 11th) Guest Chef 全员加速中 / Run for Time (2015, December 4th) Actor 内蒙古卫视 - 我的伊克赛 / Inner Mongolia Satellite TV (2010) Additional Links: Zhu Yi Long's Weibo account
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