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  1. Dear fellow "Prisoners", We've got our stay of execution granted and are getting out of prison -- today! Some things are predicted (MYR & LJI taking charge), some are not. As with most K-dramas I've watched, the endings can be dubious. For me: the most thrilling part is the process of following the development of the story -- each episode ending with a cliffhanger that leaves you craving and excited. The downside is ... I hate the wait -- week after week ! Thank you Doctor Prisoner for filling the void -- I've been waiting for a captivating thriller since Mr Sunshine and Doctor Prisoner did not disappoint. After also retro-watching NGM in Chief Kim (some scenes leaving me with tears and tummy-ache from laughing too hard, and the bromance with Lee Junho was the BEST, plus ... Lee Junho actually performed better in that show). I am oh so looking forward to NGM's next role. And perhaps I'll see you there too Cheerios!
  2. The answer can be long but I'll keep it short: LJH is a just a stupid second-generation chaebol spoil brat — at best you can only nail him for recklessly contributing to the disabled family’s death. Realizing LJH was just a pawn in all this, NYJ wants to keep him in prison to kick his backside — hard. Later on, he wants to get LJH out to attend the board meeting. But Korean show writers will not let LJH's get away with it even with his later repentance --- he will get his own form of retribution in today's episode. Ultimately, NYJ's target is LJJ ... (and maybe Dr Soen too?) ****************** In this show: (1) alliances are made … and unmade … depending on changing circumstances; (2) the characters associate themselves with acquaintances, friends AND enemies alike … to achieve whatever purpose(s) they have; (3) conscience is bonus, but not absolutely necessary, as it might actually be a hindrance. So whether it's NYJ, Dr Soen, LJJ or MYR & her children, their flip-flopping stance is confusing but not surprising. It mirrors the real-world -- that's actually how crazy rich families fight for power and money. Though it sounds dramatic, the twists and turns makes for an exciting nail-biter!!! (Otherwise I might as well be watching rom-com ) GROWL!!! I'm scratching my eyes out for next week's finale already!
  3. Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me ! In a description I saw about the show — NYJ was a kind and dedicated doctor … until an event changes him … and he has become rather ruthless in pursuit of revenge. Point is, I have faith that NYJ has prepared himself against any subterfuge by Dr Soen, LJJ as well as Mo Yi-ra and her kids — he knows how devious these people can be when protecting their own interests. AND that they are using him as much as he is using them — sometimes you have to strike a deal or work with the devil. ************************** I’d like to expand on the part about Dr Soen keeps getting away with offences: He got away with the drug trafficking because his older brother decided to cease the profitable business with the medical care facility as well as make some unlucky soul the scapegoat — which is what they do best, isn’t it? Evidence linking Haen Hospital and Dr Soen to the drug trafficking is weak coz they only capture on video the prison guard moving medication to a pharmacy and most importantly, he did not rat Dr Soen out. Last but not least, as Dr Soen would then realize, NYJ’s purpose is to keep him confined so as to break into the safe for the hard-drive. NYJ’s last chance to do so as once he is officially recognized as the new CMO, Dr Soen will clear his stuff out. In episode 3, it had bugged me why NYJ handed the stethoscope to Kim Sang-Choon (the gangster boss) before he started performing surgery on LJH. After rewatching … Voila! It was to listen to the clicks and break into the safe. ************************** I’ve seen both KBC and CWY portraying good and bad guys, even though I don’t watch as much K-dramas nowadays. Both are so deliciously good when they are rotten bad!!! I watch Nangoong Min’s acting very closely — particularly the little nuances he injects into his character, whether it’s scratching his chin, grabbing his ear or that subtle evil twitch of his mouth. His cool, controlled demeanor belies a cold, calculative mind. I've also heard rave reviews about Nangoong Min's bad boy role in a past drama. Two episodes into Chief Kim, he also has comical gene in him I guess it shows his versatility and hopes he will get to try out more types of characters in future years to come -- good, bad or funny. Afterall, an artiste's worst nightmare is to be stereotyped and keeps playing the same type over and over again. I will sure be watching out for them -- if the genre suits my taste. Men in Black: The BADder -- The Better !!!
  4. So happy for Lee Byung-Hun !!! Not unexpected because it was such a compelling performance but still ... HIP HIP HOOORAY! Still a bit miffed about the ending though ...
  5. I'm not sure that there's any so call special programming. All other competing dramas were broadcasted as scheduled. Perhaps the other networks wish to end them soon so that can start the new shows since their ratings can't match "Doctor Prisoner". Such delay tactics happens sometimes for various reasons ~ precisely why I only started watching it this penultimate week to avoid waiting till my neck is as long as a giraffe !!! Another 2 more weeks till finale ... AAAAAAARGH - I feel cheated !!! I am now wondering if they might actually add episodes 33 & 34? ************************ Of course LJJ will be dealt with ... it's a question of whether he dies or end up in the prison that NYJ will perhaps remain as CMO. Either way it's always enjoyable to watch Choi Won-Young ~ his portrayal of LJJ's menacing delirium is oh so good! ************************ I've heard of Namgoong Min back in 2017 due to "Chief Kim" -- especially about the bromance -- but never watched his performance until now. I AM CHARMED. His charisma as the doctor is unbelievable! ************************ I'm not the writers of the show but ... I refuse to believe that Mo Yi-Ra and her daughter will not try to double-cross NYJ, though maybe not the son LJH. But I also believe that the much-wiser NYJ will not be fooled. I love that the show focused on the suspense and intrigue. It also underscores corruption that is rampant in the South Korean society (and in fact in EVERY society), hence depriving those who are gifted but without important connections of their optimal success -- much like our male lead. Honestly, I'm kinda sick of seeing the typical showering scene showcasing the (half-) naked torsos with perfectly-built abdominal 6 packs of the male casts. Pot bellies or at best a flat stomach is actually more realistic -- as demonstrated when the clothes of some (male) actors were opened up for medical treatment in the show Not much interesting shows around town so this one is definitely a GEM! Maybe "Chief Kim" can fill the void in the meantime ...
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