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  1. poor seungri, he really is a wreck without his brothers.
  2. that's right! i missed and forgot so many things about our precious ji, he looked so lovely with his silver nails ❤️❤️
  3. My experience meeting Les Twins below (this is a very long post so if you want to quit in the middle of spoilers I won't hold it against you, in fact there's lots I took out of the story because it just was so long. Or if you want to split this up in days, hey you do what you want. Anyway, onward - ). HOW I GOT THE TICKETS (not really important): THE EVENT - WAITING AND PICTURES (kinda important) THE WORKSHOP THE AFTERPARTY/MEETING LARRY(!!!!!) My final words are that the pictures and video that are taken of them do not do them an ounce of justice. Not only do they dance better they look a million times better. Looking at their faces you would think they have strong facial features but IRL they have extremely small faces, very delicate despite their high cheekbones. Laurent I would say surprised me the most. He has the stronger jaw of the two but he still has effeminate features, you can't stop staring. Their backs are SO SLIM and their hips are SO SMALL TOO....so strange for 6'4 people, especially men. The workshop was obviously rushed, which was really unfortunate but there was nothing that could have been helped, it was Larry's fault They must have been really late, it didn't need to be said that the workshop would have lasted much longer if they were on time, everyone knows how their workshops go. Sometimes the fans leave before they do because they just keep hanging around! But the good side is because of that they were really lenient with the fans and didn't have a problem with them, only the MC did. But in the end, I'm dang glad I came through it all. Anyway that's all I guess..If there's more I'll be sure to add. Also of course pics and videos coming soon!
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