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  1. Hi guys, I just realised that KJH and Defconn are still following JJY insta acc (whereas many of his celeb friends, Salty Tour members and 2d1n PDs have all unfollowed him). Makes me wonder are they standing by him?you know since they are very close like brothers. Just like if your own family member did a crime, no matter what others say,even though the whole world is against him, you stand with your family member to support him and still believe in him hoping that he will truly repent sincerely. Just wondering though. Anyway I rewatched a couple of old episodes (cos I miss them so badly!) No matter how many times I rewatched I am still able to laugh out loud (even though deep down I'm still sad rgd the recent events)I wonder when will I able to watch 2d1n again?praying that they will not cancel the show...
  2. I started to watch 2d1n cos of JJY and instantly fall in love with the show and all the members. Now this happened, I felt so shocked, disappointed, sad and so on. It sure feels very sucky that this happend again and much more serious. Honestly the show is not complete if 1 member is missing cos I really love their chemistry and brotherhood. Just got a feeling this might be the end of season 3. Really devastated. Really hope JJY repent for good and of course justice needs to be serve. Really sympathize with the staff and members of 2d1n. Sending my virtual hugs to them.! Btw how many years is each season? Is season3 currently the longest?
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