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  1. This drama has been simple and heart warming, I wish there were more dramas like this. No over the top conflicts, no villian, just the life of ordinary people with difficulties and happiness. The only thing I am still disappointed about is the fact that they only "came out" at the very end. It started being weird when they were going to fire the female lead, if they were all such good friends, why have such unnecessary secrets? It's not like they were in a relationship where they didn't want their colleagues to know anything about them. Anyway, it was a good drama.
  2. I don't understand why the male lead didn't just stand up for her, he is even still hiding the fact that they've known each other for 20 years and that he literally owes his life to her. Normally I'm oppsed to nepotism, but she really is an extremely valuable, able and hard working employee, and they fired her on a technicality??? If I were him I would have threatened with resigning, like really, he is one of the founding members of the company, he is very well known, it's not like he would have problems finding a new job. He doesn't have to stay in that company, he wouldn't starve, he's staying out of loyalty, but loyalty goes both ways. If they wouldn't even do him a favour which would also benefit the company, then what's the point? I am so disappointed in him! Edit this was my rant after binging 14 episodes XD
  3. Did they have to make that fake death storyline though? That was my thought in the last few minutes of the last episode. But all in all I have to say the drama was pretty solid, and while I feel like the first half was significantly better, more interesting, humorous and more suspenseful, the second half wasn't bad either. Especially the last episode, even though I disagree with the fake death, so stereotypical... Also was I the only one that for one moment thought "which one is this?" when Jingoo appeared? Since both the king and the clown who became king were believed (with a good reason) to be "dead" at that point. What a twist it would have been! But I guess the writers weren't that cruel. Imagine if it was a redeemed and much changed LH! lol
  4. I agree with your comment and what @nidcha202 said. I feel sorry for the queen. While the two of them are really cute together she is still under the impression that it's her husband who has become a good person again as he was in the past and I think that made her very happy. Can she be deceived forever? I don't think so. And will she just brush it off that another person came near her pretending to be her husband and her real husband has been murdered? I shudder to think of her shock and sadness when she finds out. She won't be able to forgive them or herself unless there is a miracle. I also don't know how HS will deal with it, he will have problems with the fact that minister Lee murdered the real king anyway, and he will have no means to justify himself in front of the Queen, he will feel like it's his own fault because he's such a good person. I think he'll still try to get through to her but it's hers to forgive and asking for forgiveness does not always mean being forgiven. Oh my...
  5. It might be, but we don't know. The assumption that he would have been murdered anyway does not absolve minister Lee of his sins of having murdered his king whom he had sworn eternal allegiance to. I get why he did what he did, it might even have been the best option, but it doesn't make what he did good. Nope, minister Lee still carried out the murder, he will forever be guilty of that even though he wasn't the only responsible party. OMG I just realized when reading your comment: didn't minister Lee promise to bring LH back to the guard who was already heart broken? I can see the break up of allegiances already... How is he ever supposed to get over this? @Jillia
  6. I agree with this. Personally I didn't really dare dream that big. To have killed the first heir in line and the king himself is something that not many or maybe even none in history would have dared to do if they weren't planning on ascending the throne themselves. And Minister Lee seems like a reasonably ruthless person, meaning that he might be cruel and cross many lines, but he has integrity and knows what he wants and that's a stronger and better Joseon. To him, the end definitely justifies the means, but he will keep focused on that end that he values above all. I also think that HS will not agree with him once he realizes what he will have to do in order to work with Minster Lee. I think it's super interesting that they'd actually killed LH now, and also still have a tiny slice of doubt whether he's really dead, because it would be dramatic if he came back eventually and completely unexpected because he was saved from his grave by Da Rae or something like that. Otherwise it would be nice to actually dive into politics and make this a multi layered fight between HS, Minister Lee, the queen dowager and Minister the other evil one. I'm only afraid the ending will be rushed because it seems to happen often with kdrama, that they time the storyline off somehow and depite being really promising up until the second half the last few episodes just rush through some makeshift plot. So far I'm really loving the plot. So many things happen, there are so many parties involved in all this, so many layers of story (politics, love, family, mystery, HS and LH's respective relationships with Minister Lee and so on), and despite the premise being ridiculously improbable, so far nobody has done anything yet that screams "I'm stupid and have to do this to further the plot", it's really great and I don't think you get to see this often in kdramas frankly. Excuse this person YJG's acting was this good since he was 13 or so I remember watching him in Giant when he was still a little boy and that scene where his characters little sister practically went begging because his family was starving to death and he yelled at her because he was embarrassed, and then she yelled back telling him their mother is sick and also didn't even have milk to feed the new born baby anymore, and the camera turned back on him and his eyes were suddenly brimming with tears. It was amazing, he wasn't scrunching up his eyes like child actors often do when they have to cry and his tears weren't even falling, his eyes were just like pools of water and the tears filled them but did not fall, genius I say. Well @guinearoyal said that HS and Minister Lee might finally have a fall out because of how different their characters are and I agree. HS is hot headed and naive, brave and good, yes, but not ready to kill and harm those who do not deserve death to achieve his goals, on which the whole country depends. He will eventually dissagree with Minister Lee over the course of their actions. They could have a huge fall out and the drama could end somewhat historically accurate - Kwanghae was forcefully abdicated and soon afterwards the country was overrun by Japanese troops and henceforth fell onder Japanese rule. HS could run with SW and just live in some remote area thinking back on the old days and the things they couldn't change despite them having tried their hardest, the end. That would be a good end imo. Yes! I was going to commend HS on this but really it's just YJG acting the role of YJG Help I still want to praise HS for his superb acting skills XD Yeah right? I thought the same thing. Why make such a promise if you cannot keep it? LH's death scene was really well made, we could see him switching from utterly instable and mad to seeing glimpses of this loving, love starved, idealistic young man who wanted only the best for his country, the man he used to be, who would call Minister Lee by his name and tell him he wished he was his father. Back then I can imagine LH was almost always like this and drew people like Minister Lee and the queen towards him with, and basically both of them had sworn their loyalty to him until the end, but withdrawn it when LH lost his way. So why make such a promise again? Which human being can promise to never change? And if you cannot accept the fact that people will change and stay by them nonetheless, do not swear eternal allegiance to them because it's worth nothing. Also may I say one more thing about this drama that really makes me happy? They have finally given up putting so much makeup on YJG's face you can barely see him!!!!! In some of the latest dramas he'd starred in, they put SO much make up on him you cou barely see how he would look without! Especially his eyebrows looked constantly really weird and imo not attractive. Now you can see him just as he is and the make up is barely noticeable, which is exactly how it should be applied, not like a mask! So thank the make up artists for this. ==== I can't stop adding to this comment Or2 will this be the longest comment in Soompi history? I wonder... Anyways I wanted to add that Minister Lee did the wrong thing for the right reasons. I still think he deserves some kind of severe punishment karma verse. He definitely had his reasons and I don't know which better option he could have chosen either, but he'd snuffed out this young man's chance forever at finding back to himself. And when LH looked at the sea, suddenly younger and healthier looking, and spoke of the wonders that Minister Lee used to bring back from the other side of the mysterious ocean, I really wanted to cry, because I'd already guessed that the wine would not be celebratory...... What if there had been any way LH could have gone back to this person who is full of wonder and passion? We will never know now... And despite everything, Minister Lee must have known that LH loved him.
  7. I know what you mean! His acting is just so very layered. I don't know if it's also the director or the writing, but often characters are portrayed as being rather one-dimensional, e, g. the good guy is always kind and generous and the bad guy is always self-centered and has no positive human feelings. YJG's acting gives both of them a great variety of emotions, especially LH, which is reason why I still feel for him. You can just see that beneath all the rage and madness lies endless fear and pain. Speaking of it, I suddenly realized why I missed this in episode 7. LH here is not acting out of fear and depair, he is acting out of jealousy. He is lashing out at those he loves most because he saw or feared that they would love HS more than him. I just realized that this is the first time he had actively acted against either Minister Lee or the queen, and it's not because he fears they would harm him, but that they would leave him. Alas he might have lost them forever now through his actions.
  8. Watched today's episode, it was as good as the ones before. I'm only sad that I'd allowed myself to hope for a redemption arc for LH, but of course he did not get one. His return to the palace did not change things for the better, instead it was a final break from those who had loved him, and those whom he had once loved. He will now slowly lose all that were really on his side, and who he had won (I suppose) in the earlier days, when he was still kind and full of idealism and hope. It seems that that LH has finally left the stage with no chance to return. I have also watched the preview for tomorrow's episode, and it shocks me but shouldn't be really surprising that HS asks to become the real king. I wonder how the story is going to develop from here? Will they really work together to put HS on the crown and get rid of LH?
  9. I've finally caught up now and well, let's just say I don't think there will be an redemption arch for LH. More's the pity. When he turned around (I wonder why he would react to being called oraboni by a commoner girl? Is it because his brother's voice hadn't changed yet when he died?), he looked so ill and so vulnerable. I don't know if Jingoo intended it but I thought he looked really hopeful for a second when he saw HS, then he saw him holding hands with his wife and his gaze turned murderous... I'm guessing that next episode (also from the preview) he's going to try and kill HS for seducing his wife (what can I say, I can't even blame him for that), be generally his insane self, and HS will return to the palace to fight for survival, the girl, and the throne. It will probably be a fight that'll go for most of the rest of the drama and which HS will win. He'll probably get to live happily ever after, too. And LH will have no redemption arch and will die. Isn't it so weird that YJG is playing both the male lead and the second male lead lol Thank you for saying this, exactly my thoughts. YJG is amazing with his facial expressions. I remember watching the scene in Hwayi where he laughs and weeps and screams and the same time and the realistic raw emotion of it absolutely blew my mind. And he was only 15 at that time I think.
  10. I could only watch half the episode tonight, but it made me sad to think again what a kind person LH used to be. Despite being mortally afraid of insects (must have been before he got too afraid of being assassinated to see straight), he went and caught a cricket for his wife when he saw that she was so nervous she couldn't sleep in the first days of their marriage, because he hoped she would sleep better if she could listen to the calming sounds the cricket made. It shows us that he was not only caring, but also observant, and put the need of others before his own. It makes me sad to think what must have happened to make him lose hope, to lose sight of everything that was once important to him, to so completely fall into despair that he became the person we see now in the drama...
  11. I would really love to see that. I don't know how, but I really want to see that lol At the moment I believe that LH's traumatic life has led him to be unable to trust, which is his main problem. He distrusts those who want to harm him rightfully, but doesn't know what to do about it and becomes paranoid, he also distrusts those who want to help him in his fear. Can a person like that build new relationships with people he considers beneath him "just like that"? It would be extremely improbable. However I've liked the writing very much so far and unexpected things have happened in ways that are very logical. I think they could pull this off if they wanted to. Cross my fingers that they do! XD
  12. Personally I think it would be more realistic if LH did order the killing of his younger brother. I know this drama is not meant to be realistic, but I like it better myself if there are more stakes in the sense of people have to make really hard choices and not everything will turn out well just because of some writer miracle LH lives in a killed or be killed environment, his little brother had not learned it yet but he, too, would have had to learn it had he survived. It doesn't mean that LH likes killing, or has no feelings. On the contrary this environment is driving him out of his mind. If he does what he has to do, the guilt will follow him into and out of his dreams, if he doesn't, he dies. Btw in the scene where HS was almost thrown from the cliff I thought, HS was so brave and did not hesitate in the face of the sword the minister pointed at him, but he showed fear when he was on that precipipe. I think it's not death itself that scares you but the repeated acute threat of it. You can screw yourself up to face death, but when it seems to come close again and again and you never know when it's coming? That's what drives a person mad and terrified. I think that's what happened to LH.
  13. It would be very creepy if they had a romance but I really hope but hardly dare to hope that they will heal each other. LH seems to have long forgotten what it means to be loved, and also what it means to love. DR misses her older brother and is badl traumatized, LH feels guilty over murdering his younger sibling to the point of going mad with it, if DR and her uncle somehow happen upon LH and mistake him for HS or something, or LH starts caring for the kind people against his reservations, they could each heal each other's psychological wounds. But will the writers really give LH the chance to heal and learn to love again? I wish for it but I doubt it. I'm beginning to think that nobody is reading my posts and recaps I said this and no one saw it
  14. @jongski Me too! I feel so sorry for him and cannot believe that his minister is giving up on him just like that! From what he said to the monk the two of them go way back and probably have saved each other's lives multiple times in the past. Now that he's breaking under the pressure, but has access to a brief respite, will he abandon LH just like that and act as if he's dead?
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