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  1. There are two Chinese sayings meaning a good person got married or together with a terrible person, one is "a beautiful flower got stuck on a pile of dung" and the other is "all the good cabbages have been dug up by pigs", obviously wwx wouldn't refer to himself as a pile of dung so pig it is XD But on weibo they say "whether you believe it or not in this case the cabbage dug up the pig" lol Also I really disagree with WWX being responsible for the death of JC's parents or for Jiang Yanli. He did annoy Wen Chao which probably hastened the conflict of the Wen and the Jiang but it's not like he did anything to especially provoke them, Wen Chao just hated him for being stronger than and not afraid of him. When Wang Lingjiao went to the Lotus pier demanding WWX being punished Madam Yu was not really against it, what angered her most was Wang's attitude and the info that they wanted to use Lotus pier for their own purposes, disrespecting her and her family. Her having her temperament just exploded on Wang Lingjiao and her servants which escalated the fight more than anything WWX had done before. We also have to ask ourselves if somebody wants to hurt somebody else because they are evil and jealous of that person, whose fault is it really? As for Jiang Yanli, she died protecting WWX because she had always loved him as her own brother, she was almost like a mother to him. You can't say it was WWX's fault that she died. If a mother dies saving her child is it the child's fault that she died? I will concede that WWX killed Jin Zixuan, it was an accident but he did it. Jin Ling has all the right in the world to resent him for it, but I don't think he does anymore, because he got to like WWX before he realized who he was and it's not unrealistic to be biased in his favour. He knew that WWX was provoked by uncle Jin Zixun for no good reason and also had other stuff to worry about. I fell sorry for JL because in the end every tragedy in his life seemed to somehow have been caused by his own family and he is only left with JC and WWX as elders to help and guide him. The whole thing must be so confusing for him, his granddad was a terrible person and also his uncle Jin Zixuan was a douchebag, his uncle Jin Guangyao was the mastermind behind all kinds of evil doings and now his uncle Wei Xuxian who kind of caused the death of both this parents when he was still a baby is living inside the body of his other uncle Mo Xuanyu and his uncle Jiang Cheng is always threatening to break his legs. Poor kid.
  2. This was never mentioned in the novel, we only get tiny hints of what happened when he was dead, like how he knew that he never got any offerings and claimed to be the most peaceful lost soul ever, and that he "was quite well being dead". Since he has such terrible memory and never seems to worry about not remembering things I have the suspicion that he doesn't really remember much at all. He lost control of his vengeful ghosts and zombies and got eaten alive right? After he lost everything and everybody. My theory is that he was like Xiao Xingchen and his soul was weak and half dissipating because he lost the will to exist, but after a while recovered somewhat, maybe not long before he was summoned by Mo Xuanyu, which is why he barely remembers anything.
  3. This drama has been simple and heart warming, I wish there were more dramas like this. No over the top conflicts, no villian, just the life of ordinary people with difficulties and happiness. The only thing I am still disappointed about is the fact that they only "came out" at the very end. It started being weird when they were going to fire the female lead, if they were all such good friends, why have such unnecessary secrets? It's not like they were in a relationship where they didn't want their colleagues to know anything about them. Anyway, it was a good drama.
  4. I don't understand why the male lead didn't just stand up for her, he is even still hiding the fact that they've known each other for 20 years and that he literally owes his life to her. Normally I'm oppsed to nepotism, but she really is an extremely valuable, able and hard working employee, and they fired her on a technicality??? If I were him I would have threatened with resigning, like really, he is one of the founding members of the company, he is very well known, it's not like he would have problems finding a new job. He doesn't have to stay in that company, he wouldn't starve, he's staying out of loyalty, but loyalty goes both ways. If they wouldn't even do him a favour which would also benefit the company, then what's the point? I am so disappointed in him! Edit this was my rant after binging 14 episodes XD
  5. Did they have to make that fake death storyline though? That was my thought in the last few minutes of the last episode. But all in all I have to say the drama was pretty solid, and while I feel like the first half was significantly better, more interesting, humorous and more suspenseful, the second half wasn't bad either. Especially the last episode, even though I disagree with the fake death, so stereotypical... Also was I the only one that for one moment thought "which one is this?" when Jingoo appeared? Since both the king and the clown who became king were believed (with a good reason) to be "dead" at that point. What a twist it would have been! But I guess the writers weren't that cruel. Imagine if it was a redeemed and much changed LH! lol
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