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  1. I have now thought of something like the situation has developed. I've seen the episodes again. I do not think Gwangjong Hae Soo will give up without fighting. How often Wang has told So to Hae Soo in the past, that she should go out of his eyes. The Wook in the past has owned her hatch makes the situation worse now for him because she has rejected his marriage applications. It's a deal of what Wook did with Yeon Hwa, and he'll remember that Yeon Hwa will not honor her promise to compensate him. Then comes Wooks ambition, which stands in his way. Wook, after noticing that Yeon Hwa can not keep her word, because Wang is not so easy to fool two ways to escape Gwangjong's revenge. Either he confesses his own sins, or he also places Yeon Hwa's crime in the foreground. Then Gwangjong, having been hurt by his Achilles heel (Hae Soo), will be able to come to his senses again and see Hae Soo loves him idolatrously. My hope would be, the Gwangjong who has gone to Hae Soo in the wedding night with her now the Crown Prince begotten. Even if Hae Soo should die and Gwangjong will not see her before her death, it could be Wang Jung who brings Gwangjong the hairpin and his heirs to the palace. It's just a thought, maybe it will not be true either. But that will save me until next week. I would like a nice end. Please, dear dramagod.
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  2. I think the look in his eyes betrays, the wolf dog cleans just his cave of rats. That's why he said he must be a monster for Hae Soo now. But I think this is tactical calculation. Of course Gwangjong Wook will suffer for it. For his inability. I think suffering will be worse than death for Wook. Wook is perhaps now cornered us finally reveals Yeon Hwas lousy play.
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