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  1. YASS!! KNG has new drama soon! I didn't know that before. Going to watch it surely... c.u soon guys. Let's have fun together.. guessing the next scene as we usually do just like in another thread hahaha
  2. I just finished marathon 18eps in span 2 days! Wow... this drama tho. Beyond my expectation.. no wonder successfully gain the higest rating even beat Reply 1988. At first, I thought this is makjang type with ahjumma cat fight.. yes they are cat fight indeed but.. but.. but... in more complicated & deep context. The morale of this story.. *applause*
  3. Better be there is Season 2. If not... this is the weirdest & jarring drama in history. Cuz lesson learned that I've got is: "You can be irresponsible as much as Se Ju does by simply do nothing after all chaos u created even didn't go to psychiatrist to heal ur PTSD.. heck SeJu not even considerate his family, his sister feeling..... yet you will rewarded with a big company!" Horayyyy!!! What a lyfe. So much shits happen in our life... and we gotta clean it ourselves.. but no one here got rewarded with a big company, eh?
  4. WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!?!?!? I guess..... this drama purpose is for heavy PPL that writernim can proved the world that she can do a massive PPL in single drama without doubt, and creaing chaos.. being most talked with this kind controversies. CONGRATULATION!!!!!
  5. Moreover.... did I just heard SeJu hidding in Indonesia? in India? all those year? with the same cloth and hair length?? And his return as I'm expected: useless. What a waste of talent. Duh!!! I have a feeling on last epi tomorrow... JW will be in prison due to Prof. Cha death.. and we gonna time jump then JW & HJ will met in Granada only smiling each other like the poster. The end. We didn't get any closure. WORST NIGHTMARE EVER! MLSHR all over again.
  6. richard simmons richard simmons richard simmons richard simmons richard simmons richard simmons richard simmons richard simmons OUR PRECIOUS LAST 2 EPS.. AND I JUST WATCH LIVE STREAMING EP. 15 FILLED WITH FLASHBACK-CEPTION AGAINNNNNNN??????????? AND STILL NO MEETING BETWEEN JW AND HJ NO???? WHYYY??? OH GOD OH GOD.. I'M SO FED UP FOR THIS DIRECTOR STYLE & WRITER-NIM CONCEPT! SUCH A MESS
  7. Hi @vangsweetie637 longgg time no see ever since our last drama LUTYN! Look how my avatar still using Heo Im hahaha.. How are you chingu?
  8. Maybe this drama wants to educate us about "DON'T PLAY VID./AR GAMES TOO LONG! IT WILL GET YOU ADDICTED AND LOSE YOUR SANITY". Also in this case.. it applicable on how we are addicted to k-drama. LOL. Look how immersed us right now, how devoted us to analyze each scene. In a silver light.. the core purpose of MotA is a social critique wrapped prettily in a bow with HB & PSH smile.
  9. Why do I have feeling.. somewhat the writer-nim has purposed to troll us in each epi thus she always dragging abt SeJu whereabouts. Therefore, EXO-fans will anticipate everyday and watch it.. they are HUGE fanbase around the world... and voila... that was a trick to get higher rating each weekend! Lol. Just random thoughts :p *peace
  10. THIS! My sentiment exactly. I hope PSH wasn't just a mere accessory. Kinda tired watching her having similar The Heirs (cha eun sang?) vibe. Silently I'm hoping she gonna be a pillar.. source of strength for JW. Baddass woman equally hotheaded with JW. Seju oh seju maybe he is not dissapear just having a bust schedule singing & dancing Love Shot w/ his pals in INKIGAYO.
  11. Jeongmal kamshabnida for all tonight recapers So......... that's it for ep. 10?? Half an episode only for JW fighting the zombies??? Whutttt.... after toying with my heart all night long due to tender moment in ep. 9?? They are so cruel.. huft.
  12. Hi all.. been awhile haven't visit this thread while I do still binge watching Mr. Sunshine. It never cease to amaze me how passionate y'all on recaping and yeah being opinionated about it. I found some "real" drama here and there on the few previous page wow.. the heattttt! Lol. I believe we do realize deep down, we love all the characters, the uniqeness, the stuborness, the quirky, etc. KES indeed so briliant making these strong characters alive as if they are our neighbour. Ofc, there is something amusing me.. why do we have to fight among ourself? about who's the most right? and blame the "supposedly" wrong? Hey relaxxx guys... please tune down the agression of being this side or those side. Hell, we never know what KES plan on this drama. Keep the civilization, no rudeness okay? *peace
  13. @rubie Oh well.. I think they're expecting a real life documentary rather than a "mere" drama instead. No wonder there is disclaimer at the begining now. Despite they are having a grudge towards Japan occupation, I think it's not fair to judge/demand KES as their pleases. This is a work of creativity. As such, we may see words, concepts, scenes, actions, behaviors, pictures, implements, and people that may or may not be socially acceptable and/or offensive. I believe KES only exercising her right to exploit, abuse, and mangle the characters to HER discretion in HER story in HER interpretation as a writer.
  14. And oh lets talk about the bar scene!! WOW GENIUS! Mannnn... A fanboyclub what??? Both GDM & EC gave KHS a murderous look but he's still totally clueless! If a look can kill people, well.. KHS already buried somewhere. Yet he still asking whyyy they seems so angry all the time?! IT'S BECAUSE OF YOU DUDE! AS long lost fiancee. LOL. Gold comedic relief there.
  15. Because... we are glutton to punishment dear :"))) We all are well aware that those ship not gonna work whatsoever, yet we still hopping on it. Hmm.. I think its just like MLSHR SoSoo couple all over again. Besides.. for the obvious reason: Dong Mae is so HOT af! He is so complicatedly mysterious.. handsome (thank you Yoo Yeon Seok! for your good gene).. masculine.. badassmofo.. manly man.. testosterone overflowing~~ ommona simjangi >__< I.kennath.take.it. pffth pardon my pervy.
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