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  1. I was looking for reviews yesterday and stumbled on their podcast. They REALLY liked her--definitely their favorite character. They loved her acting, loved her storyline (they are just a warm, loving family, despite North Korea, despite her being a cicada), and loved her action. Glad to see them still cheering her on.
  2. Thanks for the review roundup, Cindy. I've been reading them as well, and of the ones that mention actors by name, they seem to go out of their way to praise HJ. But I think you are also right in that the biggest hurdle to this succeeding is if they can convince people to watch Jason Bourne without Jason Bourne in it. It's hard to get people to change loyalties. But there are plenty of people who have never watched the original films who might be drawn in without that inherent bias. We'll see. What I want most to come from this, however the show ultimately does, is for people to recognize HJ's acting and for some of that respect to come to her from home as well. Altruistically, I want her to be able to do whatever she wants to do in her future. Selfishly, I hope there's a drama in Korea in her future sometime as well.
  3. I ended up liking ep 4 more than the others. There was a bit more weight to it and it helped balance out the over the top silly. I like her family. I like him. I don't like his family. (Sorry.) And I don't like the two weirdoes running the station right now. (Again, sorry. But it's just overkill on the weirdness.) However, I think it's starting to head into more interesting territory, with the mystery about the professor starting to come out, and the story of why the gf kept quiet instead of looking for JCW, and the promise of WJA and JCW ending up on the same team, so to speak. So I'm cautiously hopeful that it will get better. I do think that the slapstick thing is purely a matter of personal taste. I know soooo many people who adored SWDBS, for example, and I just couldn't handle it. Doesn't mean that something like this is objectively bad. It just means that we're all different individuals with different life experiences and different tastes, so the same thing will appeal to us differently. My feelings over excessive (to me) slapstick should in no wise be taken as a warning to someone else not to try it out. You may love it! (And I may love it by the time it's done, too. I'm still watching, after all. )
  4. I'm still on the fence on this one. Will keep watching, but there are things that get on my nerves a bit. (Ie the over the top slapstick. I strongly disliked that about SWDBS as well, so it is what it is. It's just hard for me to find it humorous or take it too seriously when EVERY character is like this. I feel like it would have more impact if it was toned down a bit.) That said, there were several moments in ep 3 where I found myself tearing up, especially with the girl's family. The moment when she reunites with her brother was the strongest for me. But I like her whole family. (I also like the mother-daughter casting; both of those actresses have lovely low voices and they match. ) I also found the 20 year gap between JCW and his past (now older) gf quite poignant. I really like JCW and WJA so I'm still watching, despite the slapstick. Ep 3 was the best of the lot so far. (Haven't seen today's ep yet.) I'm looking forward to more interaction between JCW and WJA, as they are the only ones who really understand the shock. They share a world now, which should make things interesting.
  5. I remember that, but I don't remember why JS didn't take it. He chose a drama? He had looming military possibilities? I'm rewatching RIABB right now, and it keeps making me smile. Go Nam Soon, Park Soo Ha, and Kang Chul grew up well. (Your high school literature teachers are proud of you, Nam Soon...)
  6. JShine did a few. And IG user toguri has done some into Japanese. I have done a few NTJ poems into English as well. (He is one of my favorite poets.) But for copyright reasons you cannot simply translate the entire book and throw it up online.
  7. I watched As One shortly after finishing W. Oh my. I laughed and laughed at how freaked out his character was by that girl who liked him. Choi Kyung Sub is NOT Kang Chul. Lolol. I hope he has a long future in the acting industry, too. He's good. @ladylia257 No, Na Tae Joo has not been translated into English. If you speak Chinese, there is a Chinese version of the collaboration with JS. But they did not choose to do an English one.
  8. I'm enjoying it and was laughing a lot in ep 2, but at the same time...I hope it's not this slapstick all the way through. It's hard to really take root if it's JUST slapstick. JCW has a wide range in his acting abilities, and WJA blew me away in the very serious Just Between Lovers. So I know they have it in them, if the script allows for it. Will keep watching.
  9. Joining the thread. Vagabond is awesome so far! And now I remember why I shouldn't watch currently-airing dramas, sigh. Six more days... I really like how they invested time in CDG's backstory as a stuntman. It made the chase scenes possible and believable. Little Hoon was so cute. I like Suzy better in this than the last thing I watched her in. I can't believe the plane terrorist is the same guy as the other roles shown above (from Arthdal, etc.) !! And LSG is really, really doing a fine job in this role. I love the setting and the production quality is HIGH. I also am loving the OST.
  10. I waited as long as I could stand it to start a rewatch. I blew through W and am over 3/4 through School 2013. I think I'll watch RIABB next (even though it's fairly recent) because his character was rather sad in School 2013, and I think it would be satisfying to watch him whole and happy in his latest one. The boy who failed continually at school, doing worse on tests when he tried than when he filled in random bubbles without reading the questions, to the superstar editor, lol. (Yet...both of them love Na Tae Joo's poems!) Have you watched High Kick 3/Revenge of the Short Legged? That's a sitcom, many very short episodes. It's like eating potato chips. You think you'll only try one...and suddenly you've watched 15 episodes. Lol. I watched that and thought, oh, Ahn Jong Suk, you feel lame and uncool now...but cheer up, someday you'll be cool Kang Chul! Lol. Anyway, if you are under stress and desperately need laughs with a warm heart underneath, High Kick is great for that.
  11. @ladylia257 Welcome! You touched on two of the things that stand out so well for me, too, and what makes him my favorite actor. That ability to really get inside a character and make you feel so much for him, and also his unusual ability to freely acknowledge weakness and work on it. The side effect of that is that he is rather kind to the people around him (since he isn't trying to boost himself up over them somehow by hiding imperfections). I admire many people for their acting, but I wouldn't say I'm a true FAN of very many at all. But he's one of the few.
  12. Well, I get a fair amount of hits on IG from Korean accounts, liking my posts about her. Maybe they aren't screaming on Korean portals, but all those those supporters come from SOMEWHERE.
  13. That's very cool, Cindy! As for the guy who doesn't know if fragile HJ can do the scenes...let's see what he says once it airs. Pfft. I do think she will have some media coverage (photoshoot/interview), but I'm still waiting on just regular news stories? I am just amazed that when you do a search on her name in naver, you see photos from her IG from February. Mentions of her because one of her old movies is showing on TV (like Masquerade...which is HOW old by now?). And yet, nothing on Treadstone. Do they do this to all actresses? Or just her? Surely Korea noticed that Claudia Kim was in the Harry Potter franchise, right? Did they cover her at all? Just curious. The Jason Bourne franchise is um, not small. As evidenced by the interest people have taken in it on twitter.
  14. As maristellla813 says, they managed to summon Jong Suk from the manhwa on his birthday... This clip was part of I Live Alone ep 311, aired just now. Lee Si Eon (Soo Bong) says in his past life, he was in a department store (as a chaebol?) Then it cuts to this scene of Kang Chul buying a $3000 dress for Yeon Joo in a department store. But then it cuts back to LSU. "Yeah, in my past life I was in a department store--as a shopping bag." Lol. Also, a very happy birthday to Lee Jong Suk today! (You know what? I am thirty one today. And you, Yeon Joo ah, are only 30. So you should call me oppa...) Happy 31st, JS!
  15. Same. It's coming! I feel like it's been sooooo long since she's done an interview. Please do a good one!
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