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  1. Yes we are nowhere near ready to say goodbye to this drama yet. Even JTBC, 'cause they still release some new still cuts today I believe. @Jillia I really love those opening scenes of this drama. So cute, romantic and creative. It is good that JTBC makes a compilation of those scenes. Sure I'll rewatch this clip again and again as with other scenes and BTS . OK, now I realize that for each episode, under the title they also put a cutie graphic icon which refers to an item related to our OTP and featured in that certain episode. Like in the opening scene of episode 9, we got that chocolate pack, for episode 10, the famous bunny slipper pair, episode 12, the polar bear in the aquarium, episode 13, the ramen bowl. And I really can't with the episode 16, that moon with our OTP doing their cleaning together. @mushforbrains I just hope whatever he means by regrets, it is not about those negative comments/ bodyshaming thing that unfortunately happened to him . I personally regret some holes in the plot towards the end of the drama but overall it's still fine. Hopefully it's just because KS is so demanding of himself in terms of acting that he talks about 'regrets'. I just want to let him know that he has been doing so well, just like the whole team, and he can be proud of himself . @nubianlegalmind there is some weakness in the plot, we can all see that. It happens to many dramas I guess. And you got it very right about the role of Choi Goon. Either the scriptwriter did not find a way to really accommodate him in the story or they changed the script and dropped his character when they got into real filming.
  2. @faithinme lara I love his new hairstyle too. looks so casual, fluffy and warm . Guess that is why it is his daily hairstyle in real life. (OS looks fabulous with that new hairstyle but personally I prefer her hair before, younger and more carefree ). @anniev1102 I'm happy that this drama brought me to know YKS. It is indeed a journey from where you feel uninterested by him to where you really adore him and his acting. Just the same journey OS & SK have gone together. I first came as a YJ fan but I'll sure hear out for KS's future projects. And yes, we are always curious for whatever might come out of their friendship, either now or in 10-15 years, who knows . (But if there is really anything between you guys, please be fast YJ & KS ah, 'cause in 10 or 15 years, I'll already become an old ahjumma ). @moonqueen19 could not agree more with you about everything. We international fans could not unfortunately help anything with the ratings. And personally I believe we do not care that much about ratings either. It is good that the crew find the journey they had with the drama a happy, joyful one and especially YJ & KS had the chance to prove their acting skills (it is YJ's first adult role and KS's first rom-com drama). Even if later, people will still say that the drama did fail (ok, it surely did not!) because of low ratings and things, it will remain a beautiful memory for the cast, crew and all of us . And yes, I also wish that they gave SK a bit more plot time to adjust him to his new life back in Korea and to decide that he still wants to reunite with OS. Everything was a bit too fast, too smooth for him during final episode . About anti-fans, I think we all agree that there is no other good thing we can do but to ignore them. Both leads will soon have their new projects, those anti-fans will find new things to criticize and life will just move on . But I sincerely believe that there is nothing pretentious in YJ's treatment of KS off-cam. As YJ's loyals fans have always say, she is an independent-minded lady who chooses to do what she believe is right, no matter what other people thinks. Her chemistry and comfort being with KS is undeniable and surprised all of us . @Jillia Thanks Jilllia for opening this thread, leading it all the ways as a moderator, and for all what you have said so rightfully above . CWPFN is not a perfect drama but the couples are just perfect and so 'real'. As I have said, for me MDBC is more or less a perfect drama with everything so on-point (the story, the character development, the cinematography, the OST, etc.) but as for the couple, their love story and chemistry, I'm definitely rooting for OS-SK more than anything else. . I guess it's time to say goodbye to all of you in this thread. I think I'll come back as soon as YJ has another project. For now, I will borrow this line from our beloved SK. All the moments I spent with you (in this thread) are miraculous. It will be remembered that way, forever. Love you all, my chingus!
  3. Ok, after watching the final episode, I think the main thing I'll complain about (and as most fans do, as can be seen in their comments under the Youtube video) is that there is just 1 kissing scene . Our couple actually have less than 10 minutes at the very end for reunion and reconciliation. We are dying for more of their dovey fluffy romantic scenes and (predictably) the scriptwriter did not give in that demand of thirsty fans. Anyway, that final kiss is beautiful in its every way, I'll not complain about it though . Another thing I'll complain if I can is the drama pacing. Despite these few weaknesses, I think the drama was ended just nicely. Our OTP are happy together (the most important thing), the Cleaning Fairies are back as a team, other family issues are cleared. The good mode and positive vibes stay on. (I like the thing that his grandpa donates all his family wealth and SK starts his business again from scratch. I'm so fed up with the chaebol stuff in K dramas, to be honest. SK have better to be a normal guy, on a equal foot with OS, lives a decent but happy life with OS. That is all what I can ask for ). @turtlegirl They actually addressed all those side stories in this episode, though very briefly, in a style of open ending and maybe in a way too simple for me. In a similar vein, my biggest concern is, like you, how SK i s all out of the blue, cured of his OCD after 2 years in USA and then, come back so confidently to look for OS? OK, I think I'll stop asking questions. Better accept the explanation that maybe SK got the motivation big enough that he is determined to get treated and despite all, he was really positive about getting reunited with OS . @mushforbrains you are right. After SK's return, it is him who actively pursues for OS while OS continues to decline him due to fear of her family's disapproval. I understand how much we wish that she could have stand up for her love, but this is the most realistic scenario if something similar happens in real life. And to compensate for that, we got the final kiss, when she gets the nod from her father, she just runs for him and pulls him into the kiss. At least this time, OS took the move first (again and purposefully) for their kiss . Sorry guys for this long post. And Happy Lunar New Year too from my country !
  4. Ok, it seems that everyone is now saying goodbye to CWPFN . I have a sudden panic attack 'cause I realize that I'm so so unready for this to end . Less than 4 hours as of now! @cantbreathe yes it soothes my heart knowing that the time gap is originally featured in the webtoon. Hope that they will give us a meaningful story with that 2 year gap . @Jillia For me it is a whole diverse range of emotions. Each time I come back to view that legendary 3 minutes, it is a different emotions that subsumes me. Either ecstatic happiness, or pure youthful vibes, or curiosity and admiration for their acting skills. I either laugh crazily or giggles or just watch in silent awe . @emily00 so it seems that he asks the kids to help with passing the card back to OS ?`
  5. Oh guys, I love it when we are all here, micro-analyzing little details in our favorite drama that we did not recognize before . @faithinme lara maybe he give it back to her along with the necklace? I did not even remember that dolphin card from the chocolate box . But yes, it is great that the drama just gives so much attentions to all those little details. All those cutie hints that they silently lay around for our fans to explore again and again. @Jillia thanks so much for the gifs . I don't know how to make gifs and this time I don't get as many gifs as I used to for MDBC. So I kind of crave for little precious moments of our couples. Love all of those you made. But maybe their second kiss when SK tests out his holding hand of OS, that one is so special to me . I think that is the first time it came to my mind: oh my god, now I really love this couple. And that Cosmos song play a huge part in that also. Oh and I'm very much with you and @labski about OS. There is no black/white, right/wrong here. We can't blame either of them, the scriptwriter just shows us how life can be hard in its every way. @cantbreathe you have said it all what I love about SK & KS. Like at first, I think: ok I can't get myself to like this mysophobic character, I will not be able to stand such a person in real life. And I am unimpressed about KS's acting at the same time. But as the journey gets us to see the character in a better light, I love SK's personality more as much as I appreciate KS's acting even more. Though I've never met an OCD person in real life, I like how KS portrays and makes SK so real to me. To be honest, I never fall for the ideal male lead prototype in Korean drama (CEO, rich, handsome, 6 packs, super cool ). SK is a CEO but I like him for exactly all his weaknesses and softness. Oh, in the next episode, he'll be cured finally but I'll continue to love him as part of my dearest SolKyul couple . @anniev1102 I know this is not the ideal type of job OS is looking for but I always think why she does not opt to become a running trainer (maybe a teacher at elementary school?). It is running that she has a gift for and that she unfortunately gave up after her mother's incident. It'll be great if she can get back to it not just as a hobby but as a real wage-earning job. Just my random thoughts . And now I see that in the original webtoon, SK also leaves for abroad for 1 year. I wonder if anyone already read the webtoon and knows the reason why, as in the webtoon there is nothing with the family angst. And is he ok cured of OCD during that 1 year gap? Will look forward to the cute moments between our OTP anyway . In the mean time, I'll continue to support that 3-min kiss scene. It's close to 2 million views now. People must get crazy over that kissing scene, just like me I guess .
  6. OK, that BTS. They definitely wants to kill us with that film making . How adorable and lovely they are. I die with all their skinship . But I don't expect any photos of YJ & KS during wrap-up party, to be honest. Somehow I think they will avoid taking photos together to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding . (Is that the same for other drama leads?). Not to mention... @anniev1102 my dear, please be assured that I am absolutely with you in this . Back in 2016 I also decided to join this forum just for MDBC. I have never imagine myself being so rooted in such a drama. I used to believe that nothing could get over MDBC, over Ra On - Lee Young for me. But I'm happy now that I followed YJ to this project of hers. No comparison is adequate but I will cherish this drama and our SolKyul couple as much as I have always for MDBC. (Ok, to be honest, I am a bit more satisfied with this drama because I can see our beautiful YJ in gorgeous outfits and she can run around freely the city ). Surely both YJ & KS will have new projects in the future. We will follow them and continue to support them, so that their future dramas will bring us other fond memories, no matter which partner they will work with. I also enjoy a lot my time being here with all you guys, adorable fans of our OTP . And (read below) @cantbreathe I just wish for the 1st scenario as you say. It will be also the best scenario. (Sorry I have to rule out the 2nd scenario because we can't deny that 2 year gap, sadly ). But I have bad feeling that it will be just another cliche scene (she arrived but he left kinda 1 minute before ). And yes, I think there is some weakness in the plot for Dr. Choi's role. He actually did nothing all around, apart from confirming information with Sect. Kwon, silently witnessing things happen as it goes, and comforting OS. Ok, he actually tried to threaten grandpa once but in vain???? What he did is good enough but I think they should have invested in a stronger plot with more active role for CG. @mushforbrains haha I think you are right about that. We are humans and stupid things keep happen. Like that I hear so many fans crying out because of stupid drama endings which ruin everything (because of flop scriptwriting). And despite all my unresolved questions over the next episode, I still firmly believe that it will be a happy ending, even if it is not that good as we expected.
  7. Thanks for your translation, @Jillia. Ok now I have bad feelings about this part. In which way did SK change? How did the change come? Does it imply that his OCD is cured? Does that change help in anyway with their relation? Why is it him who changes and what about OS? This drama first emphasizes on the miraculous change OS brings to SK's life and now suddenly we have him change a lot while living abroad without OS. Does this plot line make any sense guys? I am not sure about anything anymore .
  8. We all root for SK because even if both of them are suffering, it is SK who suffers more. OS still has her family with her while SK has to live alone abroad (and he must feel even more lonely now as he lived through happy days with OS before ). His relationship with grandpa and mom are never redeemed. OS might have lost the love of her life but for SK, it is both his business, his career, his self-confidence and his trust with people around that are lost for good. The scar on his hands is the symbol of that, the damage that is forever done to his life and his soul . The only good thing is that he does not live in Korea anymore, to be reminded of the past whenever they happen to come across the places where they had fond memories together. I just wish as you that when they meet again, OS must definitely hold his hands and touch his scar to feel it and heal it. This scene though Anyway, I love KS's acting in the last episode so much. He really shined in it . Hope people tell KS how superb his acting is.
  9. @turtlegirl I'm so with you on this point. That is why rationally I think only an open ending is the most plausible. The 2 year helps with nothing apart from their individual maturity. In real life, if a couple could have stood 2 year without the other, it just means that it's the end. They should go on with their new life, new love and that's it! But ok, let's hope that the PD-nim will show us in a sensible way how SolKyul can resume their love after all that hardening. I am sure that a HE is waiting for us but still can't swallow this . I don't blame OS with what happened in Ep. 15 (let's blame the scriptwriter instead ) but if in Ep. 16, they let her go seeking for SK just as he left already, I will be so frustrated. If OS decides that she actually wants SK back, why the hell she did nothing during that 2 year to find him/ let him know what she thinks? But yep, let's see how they play that out in Ep. 16 . And thank you, I'm not a fan of K-drama indeed. I just watch this because of YJ. And this CWPFN has taken up so much time of me. I will just wait for Ep. 16 and direct my energy back to my daily life burden then. Haha after all, we can't let all this drama stuff eat out our energy and joy . Have a good day, my friend! P/S: on a side note, the plot seems to be a bit weak about the role of Choi Goon. He is the only person who is aware of everything right from the beginning and yet he did almost nothing, apart from comforting OS whenever she is sad. It will be better if they show us how he could have teamed up with SK to fight back some of grandpa's dark plots. At least not to let everything become so bad as it is now, when everyone is hurt, broken, shattered .
  10. Yes, exactly what I hate about this plot development. As @turtlegirl said before, it is a very dangerous path the scriptwriter has chosen to build up the angsty tension of the drama. By picking up that cliche family hatred plot, the scriptwriter has doomed our OTP relationship right from the beginning. They just deceived all of our fans by showering us with all those melting sweet and cute moments of SolKyul couple and then dropped us from way up heaven to the ground with this ! Their separation after all what happened seems so inevitable, which makes it even more heart-breaking for me . To be honest, an open ending seems most logical for me in view of the plot development. I've lowered all my expectations now that I don't even think about hot kiss or wedding or whatsoever. (but please PD-nim, don't let his OCD miraculously cured. That will be the most ridiculous thing. What is the point of OS & Choi doctor then if SK can still be cured without them?) I hope the scriptwriter will put good stuff in the Episode 16 for us 'cause I also have big trouble with the question: what will the 2 year gap help with repairing their relationship? With OD being cleared of charge, with the grandpa's official apology, SolKyul are still breaking up. What could be the thing that mend their broken soul and damaged relationship after those 2 years? I just want there is a way out for their love, but in a meaningful and persuasive plot development. And it seems that the drama even play with that cliche scene 'missing each other in 1 second' when OS is finally seeking for SK but he has just left already. What is the point of this, if not just to ache our fan hearts more, thinking that they could have been reunited way earlier without the 2 year gap? Haha and you are right about how funny that 2 year thing is just mentioned there in the caption and we are all ignorant of that. Now we can't even blame JTBC for playing with our weak hearts. @faithinme lara @Jillia haha, I saw a fan comment that the new hairstyle of SK & OS is the only good thing in the preview . It seems that the hairstyle that KS actually wears in his real life though. I still find it good, maybe because the way he smiles in the preview is so swooning, though so sad .
  11. @faithinme lara you are right about SK's sufferings. OS's breakup only worsens his phobia conditions but it is really the truth about his company and Sec. Kwon that broke him down to knee. He has been living the whole time believing that he was able to lead a life on his own, a lonely life but still far away from his grandpa's involvement. And suddenly it came clear to him that he has always been a puppet directed by his grandpa. Even everything related to his beloved OS was related to his grandpa in some way. He must feel like a prey unconsciously trapped in the predator's web. And you are also right about his leaving. Finally he should be able to live a life truly independently from his family troubles, take a bit of rest after all this turbulent time. I don't expect his OCD to be suddenly all cured (the scriptwriter should not put it that way) but at least he still manages to go on even without OS . Like you know, no matter how much you love one person, you should never be 100% dependent on that person. You are, after all, still the person responsible for your own existence in this world . I hope that for OS also. As @Jillia has put it, OS also needs to find a way out with her own life, with or without SK. Towards the end, we have all forgotten her original dream about a good job that she is happy with, and as she always says she wants to find out which kind of job she likes. I don't know more. But that is also the only way I can think of for now, about how the 2 year gap can play an useful role here . For both of them to become more mature (they are certainly much more hardened by what happened), to settle down a bit their own life and to reflect on what they truly want. Otherwise, that 2 year gap is useless and does not help with explaining their ultimate reunion . I really hate time jump being recklessly used by scriptwriters as miraculous silver bullets whenever they have no idea how to resolve the conflict in their drama plot. So please make the time jump meaningful for us, PD-nim! (Ok, I know, I am confident that we will have a happy ending. Just that I want the plot to be well-developed, not oversimplified nor overcomplicated. The journey till the final happiness for SolKyul should be well played out. Am I asking for too much? ). It seems to be scene where they meet again, in a cafe or so.
  12. OK, I urgently need someone to translate the caption on JTBC's youtube channel. I tried with Google translate and it seems that they say there will be time jump of 2 years. I can't stand it. 2 years of separation!!!! How can it be? I'm crying a river now! I understand the logic of the story and I am trying to buy into it, the reason why they have to separate. But still...I just want it to be a short temporary break-up, not that 2 year long!!!! "부제 : 일단 뜨겁게 사랑하라!!> 이별 후 선결(윤균상)과 오솔(김유정)은 서로를 잊으려 노력하지만 여전히 두 사람은 서로를 지우기 힘들고, 선결은 무언가 결심한듯 큰 결정을 내리는데.. 2년 뒤, 오솔 앞에 다시 나타난 선결! 오솔이 알고 있던 선결과는 사뭇 다른 분위기인데... 과연 선결과 오솔은 서로의 상처를 치료하고 다시 행복해질 수 있을까?:" Edit: Confirmed: 2 years of separation. I'm so done for now .
  13. OK, so the BTS comes to our rescue finally. Our cute choding couple, I can't with them ! I'll wait for the translation. But it seems that JTBC is determined to not release the BTS of the kitchen kissing, poor us . Can't agree more with you. Episode 15 sure has made up for the previous part's plot development (which is a bit slow and weak at some points). Aigoo, I first believed that my heart was comforted but this morning, after waking up I felt so torn apart again. Wanna cry now . I also hope that the PD-nim has surprised us so many time during this drama. Please, just do it again, just this time for us! @Jillia they finished filiming. I saw someone posted that it was either yesterday or Sunday/ Monday. Just hope that there will be a farewell party and we will get some cute pics from that. @mushforbrains I think each episode is about 70 mins or so. And bcs we are generous fans, I am happy to give them 15 mins to resolve everything and then, boom, happy hugging/ kissing/ wedding/ parenting, whatever !
  14. Ok, so I really can't resist the temptation to rush through the subbed episodes. Surprisingly, after finishing, I feel somehow more comforted than I did expect. Today episode is quite good, to be honest . Yes, it is saddening, heart-breaking, but good and solid, perhaps more than any other episode from beginning till now. The pacing, the plot twist, the characters' actions and reactions, all are quite logical. I'll put it in spoiler here. By the ending scene, SK has changed into his new hair style already. I really wonder about OS's new hairstyle, when it will come. Please PD-nim, no time jump. It will be really unacceptable. I don't know how I could praise enough both YJ & KS's acting. They are both excellent in expressing all range of emotions, from hilarious, lovely, dovey, fluffy moments in previous episodes to the sadness, the shock, the pain, etc. YJ nails it in her crying scene in the hospital. And KS just has the whole episode to him. I love how they plays out all the conflicts, the revealing, the fighting and the acceptance (though sad) in this episode. Will see how next episode will resolve the remaining issues and especially if the PD-nim can manage to swerve the drama atmosphere back to the fluffy light-hearted mode that the whole drama has been up to now. I think most of us just wish for SolKyul to be reunited, no matter what. It is ok if there is no wedding scene or whatsoever . @Jillia that is the reason we need some cute BTS now, especially the last kissing scenes, so that we can survive until next Monday. Oh I don't even know what I am going to do now. Next Monday will be the day before the Lunar New Year and I have tons of things to do by then. And yet I am kept busy thinking about this couple .
  15. Am I watching the right drama tonight? Is it the CWPFN that I know? or PD-nim, are you sure that you did not pick up the wrong version of the script? How can everything suddenly be so serious and heart-breaking? Not a single moment of joy or smile! And their farewell at the end, how hurtful SK is while hiding his scarred hand from OS. As if he (so wrongly) believes how messy, dirty and forever damaged life he has been living, to the point that he can't even say a proper goodbye to OS. Or as if to play noble idiocy, to pretend that he is fine without OS and bury underneath all his sufferings. Poor my baby, you deserve much more than this! I can't stand, I can't accept this . (For OS's rejection, I think it is due to pressure from her family. Haven't watch the subbed version yet but I see some fans comment how much they blame OS's family for the break up). From the preview, it seems that SK really decides to leave his company and his house, maybe to go abroad. And after OD's disciple is resolved, grandpa apologies and Choi doctor gives her the necklace, OS is finally seeking for him but not sure in time or not. With the hairstyle change, a time jump is so likely. And even though both of them are gorgeous, I find it so wrong their sad smile. How much I hate that plot of time jump. Can't imagine how SK can live all that time with his OCD certainly not improving (even getting worse now without OS). And time jump is not the way out if we talk about passionate love, right JTBC? Ok, I know this is just part of the roller-coaster that the PD-nim has prepared for us. The more turbulent the ride is, the happier ending we will enjoy. But even if I believe we will still get a happy ending after all, it is important that our SunKyul get there in the proper way that they both deserve . PS: That is to say that YJ and KS also deserve a well-developed plot to play out their acting skills, PD-nim! Anyway, I think KS has really shined in this episode. Love him even more!
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