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  1. Can you guys share with me the link to order the OST album? I see that there will be a photo booklet coming with the CD and would love to order one.
  2. DH's mom says YJ is so caring and then DH shouts 'What shoud I do? Come back with her? Is that what you want?'. (From the preview with sub in my language). So I guess YJ gives DH's mom gifts or do something to win over her heart. But it seems that DH's mom does not know yet about DH-SB dating. Wonder how she reacts to that when she is aware of is.
  3. From the text preview, could we expect that this time DH will make the ultimate choice to come back to run the convenience store with SB? It'll be great if that confirms his wish to be a convenience store owner rather a HQ business man. Especially because in the first place he opened the store more because he was kicked out of the office against his own wish.
  4. Hi guys! Just drop in to say that finally I can reach the thread! I've not been able to view the last episodes so cannot really comment here. But good to see that the feedback from everyone is very positive. I feel like a century has past since last time I visited the forum. Like something dear to my life suddenly disappear and I feel so lost. Now have to catch up with our Tom & Jerry couple soon.
  5. @Ale _ida so that Daily Guru is not PPL? so surprising . Generally one of what makes me enjoy more my experience of watching BR is no too obvious PPL. I guess they still do some which simply do not come through to international viewers like me. Still, I like that nothing sticks out or seems so unnatural. @cherkell good to know that, though for me, the Koreans are already too tech-savvy . But the fact that they resort frequently to fortune-telling service, not to mention apps like the Daily Guru, makes a really strange balance.
  6. I like almost all parodies in BR, except for those from TFP cause I am not familiar with that drama. It requires a lot of intelligence for the parodies to work, be understandable for people and to be funny. This is definitely something from this drama that will stick out in my memory in long time.
  7. @Yuui or DH will say something stupid and get hit by SB again . I'm very afraid that the drama will just fool us once more with these kinds of very rare supposed-to-be romantic scenes. I guess there is no way I can try to watch the episode 10 right now. So better go to sleep and wake up hopefully with a good news on the ratings. Anyway, happy to see that the mood of this thread is back to optimistic and lively again. Can't believe how bad we all felt last week after episode 8 .
  8. On the positive side, can I expect that the ratings might be pulled up a bit higher than normal because Iqiyi blocks people from streaming it online? How can they do that without a single word of warning in advance?
  9. Ok, I did not expect that DH will go back to office job. For what reasons? Then the store is left to SB alone? Ok, at least we are going to get the real SB convenience store as the drama title . One thing for sure, this drama is surely unpredictable.
  10. So the crisis in next episode will be with the false complaints about expired food? Really wonder if and how much time will be spent on DH's past? I really hope that it is just enough to help us understand DH's own stories without too much on YJ. SBS should rather fool us with the new stills of DH & YJ . Otherwise, I could not even imagine...
  11. @stroppyse I don't know what the original webtoon offers but I also believe that the writer don't know how to get through the 16 episodes without over-dramatizing the love triangle . We all expected much more focusing on the convenience store. Hope that SB will come back soon and at least realize her ideas of new food menu for the store .
  12. @coolstarlet I am trying to convince myself that there are good things from this situation. Either the production team will listen to the fans' comments or at least the drama gets a bit more attention as it drives people nearly crazy and cliff-hanged over the ending (as long as they do give up watching) .
  13. @Yuui can we also ask SB to do some high-kicks on our behalf? I'll join the riot then. Ok, it might be just misleading PR that they did not mention the role of YJ in the love triangle. But all the Tom & Jerry couple things will be nonsense if they don't end up together. Besides, I don't think things between DH - YJ can work out, we have all seen that. Can we end up in a situation where all of them stay single in the end ? I hope that the text preview is just purposefully misleading. They did not mention a word about SB, if she catches the criminal broker or finds EB. Then what
  14. @coolstarlet I don't have instagram account so it blocks me from viewing the link. And yes, you're right, I have seen comments elsewhere comparing this with IC in terms of romance story. @Ale _ida when I started this drama I also did not expect much. But now I really love the story, love SB and especially the chemistry between our two leads, that I also feel so frustrated. This could have been done in a better way, so much more satisfying for everyone and the ratings then might go well even higher. I still keep some hope that PD-nim will give us some nice surprises , but for now,..
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