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  1. The episode was fun and this is a honest review that is not even based on being a hyo fan. It was nice to see her in all her glory. She was smiling, making jokes and being competitive and it was just beautiful. She and Seunggi’s relationship is just *chef kiss*. The way they bicker and then care for each other was really a delight to watch. I’m glad we got Seunggi for this appearance because he spilled some tea about Hyo we probably couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. Prior to the episode airing, one of her videos got popular on naver and started a series of harsh comments t
  2. Yesssss. Where did all the people that said the ratings were gonna go down more because of her go???? Is it ghosts that watched the show and sent the ratings up haha. Actually it’s sad that the show’s airing time is working against them as it’s at 11 pm on Sunday when people are sleeping and tired because work starts the next day. I say it’s pretty amazing that she managed to shoot those numbers up!
  3. Girl’s only competitor so far has been a typhoon on the trend list. The clips so far are fun and seunggi is really not holding back when it comes to teasing her lol. It’s nice and heartwarming. Can’t wait for the subs.
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