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  1. @ohnoitscindy Not gonna lie, I think we won't be getting any new casting news soon(although heaven knows am hoping to be 100% wrong on this) in her most recent interview, she said she's looking for historical work with social significance and not melos. Don't know if there's gonna be any work she will like soon. Fingers crossed. And yes I thinks she's back to korea full time now.
  2. Personally am just glad to see that tweet with that much support for her. We are used to reading so many negative comments about her from back home that we forget she actually has supporters hiding in the corners. Am just waiting for treadstone to air cause am very interested in the project as a whole now and i’ve been dreaming of that photoshoot and interview since forever. Will like to know how she feels about this gig and her future plans. This isnt related but i just want to hail han ji min here for always liking hyojoo’s treadstone post faster than anyone haha. She’s such a supportive noona People have already dragged d news guy on twitter. Such an annoying dude. Anyone remember bhboss promising during her last fan meeting 2 years ago that she will do another one in two years. Wondering if that might still hold..although I bet it won’t. Just thinking out loud lol
  3. Lol that’s funny. I don't even know if she and MDS have kept in touch since then but i hope he delivers the message. Even Koreans are surprised at the lack of coverage. After that korean tweet blew and now has over 12k retweets some people are now knowing what she’s been up to all this while. Like @frozentundra said, some just thought she was taking a long richard simmons break or whatever. My guess is something might come next week. Also one news(?) guy just tweeted about about it saying he wonders if hyojoo will be able to do the scenes because she looks fragile and i realized that might reflect the kind of BS we are gonna see when they start giving it any media attention.
  4. Oh yeah definitely. I have been concerned a lil bit about that too but I've decided to not worry too much about it. If she's gonna shine, regardless of the publicity they give her, she WILL shine. That Twitter post is proof of that. Even among the tweets, some knetz are asking why the media is quiet about it... Some are saying if it was a guy it would have been all over the news..... Am just glad to see them supporting her. It warms my heart. Now that it seems like she's back in Korea. I hope she reaps the fruit of her labor and rests of course--after the photoshoot and interview I have been waiting for lol.
  5. Hyojoo's action scene tweet blew up on south korea's twitter https://twitter.com/f7t7hh/status/1172168243869413376?s=19
  6. Don't know what got into her today but she went on a following spree on ig. Finally treadstone teaser is out. Now i hope everything follows quickly. I also like that she’s at the forefront of the promo or so it seems
  7. lol i’ve given up on tracking the treadstone filming. I don’t know if it’s even happening. Hyo looks like she’s been traveling but idk if she’s also been filming too. The break is definitely too long (if they are still on a break) Personally, am beginning to accept the fact that we might not see her in anything this year.
  8. Am side eyeing BH because I’ve been having problems with them for a while now haha but i think they can start suing all those defamatory articles that are even connecting her to JJY. I don’t know how I feel about the drug test. I definitely see that it would put down d rumors but having to go that far just to satisfy people is pretty cruel. Its not like they have any proof. They are basically dragging all the actresses because they are models to a particular brand. Mind i add that if this was a guy, things would have been different. They would have been flocks of fans protesting. Anyway if a drug test is what’s required to deal with the problem then so be it but if there’s another easier and less-degrading way, I would gladly chose that option.
  9. Am sitting down here regretting a lot of things. I regret that she’s a model for JM solutions. I also regret that she ever guested on 2N1D even tho it was one of my favorite videos to watch until this very moment. I regret that she seemed close to JJY during and after d show. I regret that he sang d ost for W and even uploaded a pic of them together on his ig. He’s also mentioned once or twice his desire to work with her again. BUT ABOVE ALL, I REGRET THAT BH Hasn’t done more to refute these claims. Yes they released a statement but that doesn’t feel enough. A lot of guilty pple have released d same statement before throughout the course of the controversies that has swept k-ent this year. Some even did press conferences and were still guilty. BH can do better imo.
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