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  1. Hello chingu! Its been a while. Today i read news about LJS and Kwon Nara are in relationship. I hope it just a rumor...my jongjoo heart can't take it, if it is true Their agency denied it ( so fast). Thank god!
  2. Sure. i read it in this link below. https://exiledrebelsscanlations.com/grandmaster-of-demonic-cultivation/
  3. Haii..can i join? I finished the novel when i first watch 1 episode and i was awe- struck how LZ in really perfect in the drama. Wow..and WY just so adorable and has a pretty dazzling smile. I stop watched in ep 5, because i really can't handle the angst and sadness before they aired the present time. But soo many teaser and spoiler clips on internet. Lol. So far just 28 ep have english translate. And 6 more episode to the present time.
  4. So they sell the same as broadcast in TV ?? Not the " uncut" one. Why?? . I probably will buy if it is the uncut version.
  5. @Carmarie i agree with you. Last 2 episodes are not satisfying to solve the conflicts that build wonderfully throughout 14 episodes and wrap it fast and hurry for the end...but at least it happy ending for all cast. Imho that more important to the viewers. Many dramas are like this...they built conflicts beautifully and flat at the ending.
  6. I feel the last 2 episodes are too flat and did leave any impression to me. But i'm happy anyway this drama have happy ending, so i can move on to new drama. Thank you for all your thought and discussion along this drama, i enjoy each and every bit of it. This ending could be better but at least it happy ending.
  7. My thought for this episode : somehow i understand JH emotion. He feel crush in his heart after heard hus ex been married. He feel sad for eun-nu because, his ex pretend that eun-nu is not exist and her relationship with JH is nothing in her mind. JH might feel the way his ex abandon his and eun-nu to him is like both of him& eun-nu is worthless for her. And in his mind, maybe he thinks ' do i really worthless as boyfriend, so that you choose to run away and then marry another guy and act like his and Eun-nu not exist?' and because of this he feel insecure toward his relationship with JI. His insecure is normal to someone who experience abandon like him. I think in JH mind, his ex not only abandon eun-nu but also he. And JI probably misunderstand that JH still love his ex. finally in get a gist of GS father character. The reason behind his sending photos to GS in the first time is to make him realise, there no way for Her and GS to be together. He want his son to move on. Because he know his character son, by giving prove like photos to GS...he want his son to give up. I get this by seeing looks in his father eyes after receive photos from JI and how he admitted that he was the sender, it show how he want to protected his son. To protect image and pride of his son. He undoubtly love GS. In other side JI father, is egoistic person, he care less of her daughter happiness. The way that he act is prove how much he care about people opinion and his image in society than her daughters. and GS..what a scumb**. I never thought in the beginning that he will low his self like this. By saying that JI date him because of money, its final for JI...the look of JI in front of GS father is on point. The disbelieve how he-who-she dated for 4 years have thought that she dated him for money. Thanks god..JI have goodself control if it was me, i slapped him hard in face. So kind of her return the ring politely...if me i will throw it to his face. And GS throw the ring is the most unmature and childish gesture of a ground up men to act. He probably in his 30ties but his mental emotion age probably 15-17 years. a rebel teenage who can not accept a break up. the scene of mothers...touch me so deep. Every mothers want the best for their child. By realising this there is an unseen understanding between mothers. by looking preview for next week. I don't think i will come sad ending. If not happy ending, probably open ending...i prefer like that. It more realistic. JI & JH move their relationship too fast, they need to move slowly there is a child happiness and commitment in there. JI need to prepare herself not only as JH husband but Eun-nu mother too. Her librarian friend is right, do you really ready to become Eun-nu mother. After give the child hope that he will have mother at last, will she break his heart then. Her librarian friend is wise. I like her, she should end up with the banker Thats all for my ranting today. So far, i love this episode too. so sorry i was bad at remembering name especially korean name
  8. I thought in soompi we can not qoute any video or photo because it will make the forum heavier ? Are the rule has change??
  9. @thistle i think because the season change. First they meet are in the end of winter. That is why the choose of color and that thick cloth materials then after that spring is come. Colorful spring color and more spring-like style i guess. I love how they choose wardrobe for seasonal change and appropriate work style of a librarian in this drama. Some kdramas are so unrealistic wardrobe for FL or others women like wearing mini skirt in the middle of winter and not appropriate for work style clothes.
  10. @Pmyonly on the contrary i love both of them. The way they treated their friends is what a best friend does. They talk with no filter and to the point sometime it seem cruel but what they said is true but they really concern about their friends. Young jae is too polite for me.
  11. @thistle yup. Probably his dad tried to do same thing like what he did to his other son. I hope they insert some story about his brother a little. Maybe that kind be a clue why GS need his father acknowledge so much.
  12. My thought for this episode I know there are sweet things happend to our OTP but my mind for this episode only for SI and Mom. I loveeeee their acting so much! I feel hurt and sad with SI and the reaction mom when on of her daughter being abussed like that and top of that for years...(my guess the abuse start in early of their marriage), she collect many foto of them. The pain is real in mom eyes and her reaction too. Both of them are great actress!! I think this scene is needed, because from this even though mom will probably not agree with JH and JI relationship, she will support JH because JI love him. Because mom will never want what happen to SI will happen to her others daughter. Forcing her daughter to marry someone who her daughter not love will never happen for 2nd time. Coz after incident to SI...i think she will be the main protector from their father. And the condition being a single parent will often soft her heart to accept and understand JH situation. Wow this script is well written, but i hope it will not mess till the end. JI meeting with GS dad ? It unpredictable move. I still in 'grey' area about GS dad want...i still can't guess what he really up to. Is this some kind a therapy to make his unmature child grown up?? Or he sincerely want JI as daughter in law?? So GS has brother? I thought he a sole son?? His characters unfitted to be someone who have brother. But probably he change after his brother married. Probably his father attention only for his brother, that why his self esteem are low like that. And what ever happended in past between his father and brother effect him so much so he become a person like this. Can't wait for tonight episode.
  13. @Mr Horse i think why ZWJ forgive their brothers is because at that time he is their leader,even though they make plan to kill ZM father and they did not tell him, he still have responsibles as their leader. His job as Ming sect leader is to extrude mongol from their land and so that people free for suffer. And for my understanding what makes ZM angry is because her father killed that why not in a battle. If his father died in battle i don't think ZM will angry like that, fell sad of course. But not feel remorse. If i were ZM.. i will never accept WJ forever, the pain for losing a father like that is a trauma and remorse for life time. Despite being said as cruel princess ZM is really a nice one.
  14. My thought for last episode : i think it normal to GS for act angry when she sees JI with JH. He think by JI willing to meet with his dad. She still have feeling for him (and i blame his dad to not telling the truth) well, even though you just break up...like JH said, he need time to realize it. When you meet your ex gf with other man just after she breakup with him, it naturally to him to felt betrayed, because JI first said, lets break up with no reason. That nonsense to break up with no reason in real life. Yes, JI is tired for 4 years long relationship with him..but she still endure it because at that time she don't have JH in frame. But like it or not..the trigger to their breakup is JH. and about him ask getting support from her sister by exposing JH single father is not quite clever move. But i understand why he come to her sister first.. because JI listen and respect to her sister, so he hope her sister will help him amend their relationship. It a childish move of him but it still right think to do. And him blaming his father is also understandable. He never felt that his father proud of him..probably working in bank is one of thing that he do to make his father proud. From my point of view. His father never show him that he love him. Or GS has to have very low self esteem to realise his father love. I feel pity for him in this part. When someone have a very low self esteem, it difficult for them to love them self, if someone love him he will treat them as a possesion not respect them as person--this probably what JI feel from their relationship. Lack of respect and not being priority. on the other hand, i love how JH characters. He really mature at heart. Probably because he experienced a lot before so his understanding about GS is on point. i can't wait to see next episodes. Probably in next episode we will see JI father character on how he handle things. I still have vague feeling to JI father character. Until next week then.
  15. About the kiss scene. I think it done in proper manner. First JH short kiss is like testing a water, will she like it or not, based on her reaction, he kissed her again, this time a little bit deeper. And i still think its in proper manner and suit JH character. He is warm person. So a suddenly passionate kiss in this first step of relationship kinda miss JH character imho. He just start to show a truly-(himself ) to JI and they can walk slowly from that. I prefer kiss like this than passionate one. Only by holding hands.. i can feel their chemistry ( this an actor & actress acting skill)...if it become passionate kiss i probably will disappointed. OH i really love this PD nim works! It's bring back to first and most favorite movie "The classic" feels. But thats just my Imho.
  16. Yes. He is not a bad character yet. But we know he love his son and want his son happy. I'm more afraid to GS, he seem to childish and immature, i don't think he will use violence to JI, but i'm more afraid he using 'her kind heart' and 'weakness' to win her back. They dated for 4 years, in some point of that length there must be love in the beginning right?
  17. I like to read all your opinion about GS father. But i don't know why but i don't think his father is a pusher type. He said she like JI because being opinionated person. Actually after last episode, i kinda like his GS father, i donno why. He probably act like marriage is a business to him, but other than that he care his son not like JI father who i dislike so much. I don't think GS father force him to do something encourage probably. And i don't think GS insist to marry JI because he want to againts his father at first too or as a rebelion act againt his father. What i see is, what his father do is just give suggestion, i did not see any pressure to any of his suggestion. Even he suggest GS to not getting closer to SH is good advise. But that just  my opinion
  18. So it his own voice! I love hear his voice. He have charismatic voice
  19. I think the scene of JI looking at monitor and cried..because Unu?? Is missing and she is watching cctv from laptop with her friend? *Just wild guess
  20. A little bit of my thought about ZM. I think what i like about ZM is her personality. I like every version ZM, not because the actress who played her character, but it because what the actress do to act ZM character. Her personality wins me. and YK act as ZM... Like best. Because in 2019 version..i still find that ZM is still a girl, despite her cleverness, mature aspects and understanding of people character, in this version...i still feel a teenage girl who fall in love and i love that. She is strong but she also vulnerable. Cute ZM.
  21. My thought for last night episode. Thumb up for moms! I love how mom reaction to their child problems. I'm very happy her mom finally know she was getting divorce to his unpolite husband. And i love hiw her mom find out just from the gesture how he ringing the bell unpatientlly and how he talk to her daugther, and i like it ended by her mom texting her, i feel touch. Getting her mom support is what she need. I'm glad she have mom like that. And i'm also happy with JH friends reaction after finding out the truth who JH like is. In that short of scene, i get a feeling -- ah, they've been his friends for years...so they know each personality -- i'm happy that his friend, probably not agree with the situation...but i'm glad they don't blame him after they know, JH and JI know each other before JH know JI is GS girlfriend. And what i love how JH tell honestly to his friend, you can not lie to your best friends, right? That confession to his friend are sign, how close the 3 of them are. OMG...this drama is so good. I'm itching in every episode. Thankfullness that sub come of really fast..wow...just wow. And lastly. I'm still not get the meaning between JH and JI conversation...i don't find it right...but i don't now why. But i love what JI said on phone while she walk behind him. I think that what JH need, and that hug is in right moment and for right reason
  22. @Mr Horse if you like actress played ZZR, i think you should watched Ten miles of Peach Blossom. She acted so good in there too, to be annoying no. 2 antagonist lady in that series. . Why she always played annoying character in Wuxia series but i love her acting..so good that i almost want throw something to my TV or laptop everytime she appear
  23. @kimmortal i'm a fan too!! But only for the Trilogy. Never watch Demi-Gods and Semi-devils. But for the last trilogy i probably have watched 4 version as i remember. Yes imho JY novel have a hidden meaning he want to express for those who understand his POV and many meaningful words . @2handsintertwined yes! You should watched it again. Usually people watch drama only to see their OTP and following the story. When watched it for 2nd time, we can understand plot better imho. @kur4p1k4 since i also read the book version too, I don't know either for a person who know HSDS for 1st time will understand the plot and story o not. (Cause i'm not that person)
  24. If you watched for 1st time, maybe it is difficult to understand. But most of us are JY trilogy fans ( i guess) so even though this version have many cut scenes or jump scenes, we overall still understand. I suggest you to watched 2nd time, so you can understand better Yes. Even though the title is HSDS, its not about saber n sword, but Imho everything start with those weapons and it become sentral plot and/or connecting to that weapons. If you read books version, you probably will hate how it ended too. I read 1st and 3rd version and to be honest, i even hate ZWJ in all book version
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