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  1. Nope.. I think she's dead not in coma. The director probably just want to show us that So Hyun is actually the mummy buried in the 1st ep. I don't think they will resurrect her. As for Hyuk, he will die to save Sunny and to be together with So Hyun instead. Forgive me, this is my 1st makjang and I'm simple like that. Haha.. The quote from the novel made me think that the one Hyuk saw floating on the lake was actually a mannequin. Not an indication of So Hyun in coma..
  2. Just watched the subbed episode.. First thing comes to mind, Hyuk didn't kill his wife did he? There's a gap of time when he left her and then back again.. And he never saw her face. ".. As if she was a wax figure." is that a clue? Am I reading too much on this? I should stop the guessing game now already But anyway, even if he didn't kill her it won't erase the fact that he abused her and cheat on her, his pregnant wife. Overall, what a roller coaster ride of an episode. Love it!
  3. The way I see it, it's WB's way to get Sunny out of the Palace and make sure she won't get tangled up in all the palace's battle for power. Because she's just a civilian who doesn't know how the palace politics work. Remember how surprised he was when Sunny walked right back to the palace? And like some of you said, he planned everything.. The place, the scene, the rescue team.. If it's just another guard, she'll be shot in head instead.
  4. Annyeong chingudeul.. It's been 2 years since my last kdrama.. And joining soompi's forum. MLSHR broke my heart to pieces and I can't find any other dramas that can rival it. In fact, I started to watch this drama because the background looked awfully similar with that drama.. n JNR's beauty in hanboks. I should declare that I'm happily hooked with LTE right now. What a roller coaster! Love it ❤️
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