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  1. @lizzyd ahh yes I misspelled kiss as case haha! I was half-asleep while making that post. And yeah, I too think it was an aggressive kiss, as if it's the last kiss he could give her before pushing her away thinking she's on the enemies' side. Or he was frustrated with their situation and his enemies. In any case, there is (are?) kissing scene(s) next week. I think JYJ is going undergoing her arc of turning full-on evil/sly like her father. She already looked like she's throwing away her "innocent girl" personality ever since we saw her ask GaePyeong to basically die for her. @diane90 I prefer shorter dramas myself. Somewhere between 8 to 16 episodes, but not more because long dramas usually have either boring or pointless fillers. That said, if the storyline is too long/complex, maybe Korean dramas should consider making series/seasons like western TV shows. In any case, dramas with many, many episodes just turn me off I just don't have the 'endurance' or patience for them.
  2. Just watched ep.10, and I can say I like where the story is going. Of course, Minister Jo was annoying to the max. But that's credit to the actor, and the writing in the sense that as @diane90 mentioned (as well as what I've seen in other sageuks, not that many though) the King here really is not all powerful like one would be in other nations/cultures. The King relies more on having his 'people' in key positions in court. Unfortunately for Kyung, the two factions in court are both against him due to their greed and personal interest. On the other hand, I also agree with some of you here that the cunning ministers are not at all stealthy in making their moves, so it makes Kyung seem even more helpless despite his position. The only people who are really on the side are Queen Dowager, Eunuch Hwang, and Han-mo. On another note, I'm interested to see why in the scene where Kyung went in for the kiss, he cried (there was a drop of tear falling ). LJH really does not care what EB thinks of him at this point, so I feel like his end is coming soon.
  3. Yup it was clearly her If there's one criticism I'd give so far for this drama, I think they can make some of their plot e.g. the poison planter a little less obvious. Even the premonition dream can be made more obscure, so that they'd be more like vague clues that Kyung would need to really think through and decipher, than outright playback of the scenes.
  4. @raziela thanks again for sharing more clips KMK is really a sensitive guy, just like he was in the other show (I forgot the name...), in a a way that his seniors adore him. Also, agree that they got along so well so that's nice to see. @rocher22 ooh Kyung is going to get so angry at both EB and Wal, I think. They both lied to his face in so many separate instances, though it's hilarious how they scrambled to get their story straight/in-sync
  5. For me, I didn't think LJH is putting a woman above his goals, per se. It felt like it's mostly (~90%) his ego/pride. He's been coveting the throne for so many years, and he sees Kyung as having something that is supposed to be his. I bet he'd get irate at every little thing he thinks should be his, but somehow Kyung get/possesses. Plus, he doesn't really need EB since she wasn't in his original plan anyway. It's BJY who is insisting on using her to get to Kyung, partly because of the plot, and partly because (my interpretation of his character) as is typical for pretentious people like him who thinks they practice the best of values, he can turn out to be the nastiest of them all morally speaking. He wants to break the King by manipulating his feelings/the person he loves. Meanwhile, LJH seems more keen on his rebel army. And perhaps, EB is the first woman he'd had feeling for in a long while too. It's all mixed up. @raziela thanks for sharing the vids! I've seen Mingue (Kyung) in another show last year, and he is quite awkward when it comes to skinship (with women generally). So it was funny seeing the PD/SeYeon tease him.
  6. LOL! I've said this many times, I feel like, but I really like how Kyung is written as a character. He has his weaknesses especially when it comes to his heart, case in point, willing to overlook any lies EB might have told him just because he's glad to know she's alive, as well as believing/hoping for the best of his mother despite knowing in his heart that she's good at squeezing out crocodile tears and would always prioritise her family (the Kim's clan). He's also strong in many ways e.g. getting involve to get things done, bold (the scene with LJH where he declared EB's heart has always been his), and readily come up with his own plans. That said, I too expect he'd feel somewhat betrayed by EB once the whole truth comes out. I just hope it'd come out from her own willingness, not because she got put in the spot by their enemies incl. BJY. Based on the preview for next week, looks like EB's mother will be in danger while trying to help the real HongYeon escape. Both the Kim's and JHG are out for EB's blood next week, so looks like Kyung will be busy with them while LJH's party will take a backseat, only to come out as the main antagonist after Kyung has dealt with those two
  7. Ooh when I saw that I went, "I told me so!" Though, I was a little surprised how BJY was more ruthless than even LJH. He really is ready to sacrifice anyone to further his/their goal. Now that EB's mom is under his care, I wonder if he is going to hold her against EB if EB ever disobey/threaten his plan. I like that Kyung really take after his grandma the Queen Dowager It's like a little detail that shows they are really family, and have spent a lot of time with each other. Both are intelligent and can easily see through other's BS. Makes it much easier to root for them. Ending of ep.7 was not what I expected at all. EB lying to Kyung about being EK is going to bite her in the richard simmons...Kyung's not going to like it when he finds out. Speculation: While I previously thought LJH and his posse were responsible for the shooting and EK's death in ep.1, did JHG admitted he is the one responsible in this episode (ep.7)? Seems like it when he was talking with GaePyeong.
  8. The King might not be aware of this, but if I'm not mistaken Wal & EunBo (via their work as Buyong Agency) contributed to the attack on Kyung & EunKi, something to do with helping them acquire the guns? If so, then EunBo is going to feel so so guilty when she realised she played a hand, even unknowingly, in her sister's death. And ooohh the writer surprised me a little with how fast things are moving. I did not expect Kyung to know about JaeHwa being a hidden card and another threat already. I thought he'd only reveal himself later on. Definitely makes it more interesting, with both of them having to pretend in front of one another, guessing each others' moves. And Queen Dowager. What exactly is she scheming? I thought she'd be 99% on Kyung's side, but throughout ep.05 and 06 it seemed like she's playing on her own side. She wanted to find the culprit, sure, but I feel like it's more because of the threat the person/group poses to the throne and her legacy, instead of to her grandson specifically. I also love how in both ep.05 and 06 we got to see EunBo standing up for herself, where she could, especially with SongYi. I am generally tired of female lead in Korean dramas being written as "Oh I'm so helpless" and "Oh please help me, Mr. Hero". It's good to see EunBo as a more balanced character, not unrealistically badass and not completely spineless either. I somehow doubt JaeHwa would do that. Instead, he's going to try his best to mar Kyung's image in EunBo's mind, make him look like the bad guy. Like he said, he's going to put the knife in her hand so she can kill the king on his behalf. But we'll see. Maybe he's going to have a change of hearts later on.
  9. Oh so that's who she reminded me of. I thought she looked like someone I've seen in other dramas. If I look at them side by side, they look different. But separately, yeah, there are definitely similarities (is it the lips?) @wilis2451 I just watched ep.05 and while I was 90% sure the spoiler you shared was going to happen, the way ep.05 ended gave me doubts, hence the 10% going towards the JaeHwa. Anyway, excited to watch ep.06!! @diane90 I think the subs are coming quicker now, I think because the drama is gaining popularity and exposure. Previously it took about 2 days to view a subbed episode, I feel like.
  10. Ooohh I've been wondering about this as well. Fans and fellow celebrities often send food/coffee trucks to filming locations, but how does the payment works? Do the sender pay for a set amount of food/beverages? E.g. only 100 cups of coffee and sandwiches, so the truck would only serve that much. Do the actors/crew members enjoy the trucks given that they'd (I assume) be provided with craft services? Would be so unique though if the Prince came back as a zombie a la R in Warm Bodies He still has his feelings and emotions, except he also drools over brains now
  11. I think he'd go "Eun...Eun-Ki?" But before she can respond the Queen Dowager would chastise him for disrupting the ceremony. Meanwhile, the other candidates are seething with incredulity, envy and anger
  12. Greetings greetings~ First off, I'm not a regular poster here on Soompi, but is the forum not as frequently visited as it was years ago? How come there are so few posts here when the drama is so good Anyway, I have my doubts with the story/writing the first two episodes, but episode 3 and 4 changed my mind for the better. Oh, so many factions in the palace. I recently watched Flower Crew: Joseon's Matchmaking Agency and the politics in that one was not as complex since the drama was much lighter, but I like the politics in this one better. And I love that even though each of the characters has their ups and downs, moments where they get the upper hand, and moments where they are in dilemma/jeopardy, they don't make me feel unnecessarily frustrated (which is usually due to incredulous writing and/or plot holes). Out of ALL the players in the game at the moment, I feel like the King is the only one who is playing with morals alongside his wits, and will continue to do so to the end. It's only episode 4 and he has already put himself in danger multiple times for the sake of saving others and/or justice. He made himself vulnerable trying to save BaekJaYong and YiSoo, put his own position at risk, join the hunt to find the culprit etc. Side note, BJY seems shady...He mostly blamed the King, manipulating EunBo towards hating him, all while knowing that the King did try to save them both. Once KYS admitted to writing the book, they all know there was no way the King could've overrule the law. Also side note, it was nice that the King went on the hunt himself to find his proof and eliminate KimManChan as a potential suspect by observing his actions. On the other hand, I believe all the others will at some point, and to varying degrees, portray moments of questionable morals even if they are supposed to be the 'good' ones. And I like this A LOT. It makes them more human, more dynamic than just caricatures. My predictions/speculations as of ep.4: [1] Due to misunderstandings and evil machinations, there will come a point where EunBo is going to 'betray' the King/his trust, and she's going to have to redeem herself once she knows the truth. [2] Out of all the players, I believe the Queen Dowager is the only one on the King's side at this point, and even she (may) oppose the King's decisions if she thinks they are not in his best interest. EunBo is still on the fence. The King will lose her (Queen Dowager) at some point of the drama though, and then he'd have to rely on his own wits (plus his loyal eunuch and bodyguard) until he can get EunBo on his side 100%. [3] LeeJaeHwa is the the "big bad" of this drama. He is currently in the lead because other than BJY, no one in the palace knows anything about his game. In comparison, the two main factions in the palace (KMC and JoHeungGyeon) are like an open book at this point. The King has no idea there is another player out there. [4] @imgreatgal & @raziela While I still have no idea/proof on who hired the gunmen, I would not be surprised if it was LJH/BJY. Sure, KYS was their friend/comrade, but they seem like the type to be ready to sacrifice others for the "greater good". LJH falling for EunBo could be be genuine, with a side order of guilt. In return for KYS's sacrifice, he thought he'd make EunBo his Queen of Joseon. [5] JoYoungJi will be a casualty somewhere down the road. She'd sacrifice herself for her father (she did mention she'd do anything for him this time around) or she'd do it for the King. She might even do it to save EunBo (moreso for the sake of saving the King's true love and making him happy, than for the sake of EunBo). [6] Looking at the title, I suppose the drama will shift its focus from just the political camps to the drama, competition and friendships between the ladies taking part in the selection. Will add more when I have more ideas
  13. Based on the preview and scenes from last episode, I do believe whatever he gave his niece is poisonous, to be used in case she loses. I mean, we all root for MH but his father is a goner. I doubt exile is in the picture for him @chickfactor. His crimes are too grave. Soo might 'exile' MH and GD though, to appear as though he's punishing them for falling in love in each other, for MH failing in his duty, and GD for 'deceiving' him. At the same time, he's sending them far away so that she can never be used against him, and for her safety too. Also, I too hate "noble idiocy" in K-dramas, but I didn't take GD's action as one. She literally had no other viable options. Running away with MH was not a "happy ending" kind of option, not at the moment. @nrllee I really don't think redemption is in the books for JH. I don't think she particularly nasty, either. She's a little mean-spirited, and she was brought up lacking in love. As a result, she doesn't have much love to give. We saw her hesitate here and there, but that's about it. When she chose to not wear the shoes Joon gave her, I took it as symbolic that her feet are never taking her towards Joon. She made her choice (wrong!), and she's going to have to walk down that path herself (we know where it would end).
  14. I too am skeptical with how everything is going to tie in and get resolved with only 2 episodes left. I'd really like to know how the original novel goes about YS and the overall story though, before I can assume as you have (Anyone on here has read the novel?). Personally and in retrospect, while the shift in personality between bubbly to traumatic was abrupt, and that he kept going back and forth these last few episodes, it kind of makes sense for me. MH might have given YS a new identity and maybe quick lessons on how to be a civilized person (kind of like what the crew did with GD), but it was clear that he has major PTSD and he wasn't that well educated (Joon keep having to correct him). Plus, the OTT bubbly persona was indeed, an act, albeit perhaps something he's subconsciously doing. LOL at me psychoanalyzing a drama character. But also, idea for a new drama to all writers out there: "Psychologist of Joseon", where the hero(ine) goes around giving people therapy. I think many have mentioned this already but, the thing with this couple is, I really don't understand how it even started. Either the scenes ended up on the cutting room floor, or they really didn't develop Joon and JiHwa's relationship and initial attractions well. And seems like after being pushed away by JH so many times, Joon is finally taking the hint.That she's not a very nice person . And that he can't give her what she wants, that too of course hehe.
  15. See based solely on the preview, I think she'd inadvertently poison GD. Haha here I go with my assumptions and predictions again. By the way I read somewhere else that this drama was indeed adapted from a novel by the same writer. Loosely I presume. So again, predictions based on the latest episodes: With 2 episodes left, the writer could either wrap everything quickly with the Flower Crew returning to business as usual and ends on a happy note, or continue on and ends the drama with this "less happy" route they're on right now. If it's the latter (and I hope so for the sake of a better flow), I suspect MH and GD are really the only ones with a chance at a happy ending. Joon and JH will end up alone (Joon back to the courtesan house, drinking his sorrows). YoungSoo is going to *gasp* die. He owes MH his "2nd chance at life" and he's going to return the favor with GD's brother. MH and GD is going to have to leave the city for GD's sake, and so that she can never be used against Soo in the future. No idea how Lord Ma and Lord Kang would end up though...They have support of each others' camp back in the palace court, but they're too much of a threat to Soo, Lord Yun will again, end up returning full time to the palace taking over Lord Ma's post. What do you guys think? Probable?
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