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  1. Back here again since My Mister... My 2cents on ep 1-4: 1. Please do not let Chansung as the reincarnation of the General. Such a cliche overdone plot... 2. Haven't feel the sparks between the couple even until episode 4. Sorry. Some cackling moments but other than that... let's just hope for the best. 3. Jang Man Wol is a direct parallel to Yuko Ichihara from XxX Holic so I expect some depth and twisted expression and moments that makes her unreachable at times but now... she still looked so much like Cindy to me until now. Still come off as bratty and annoying lady who happened to live over thousand years. 4. I read a post in Tumblr about the explanation of the rules of the universe that becomes too excessive at times. Sadly this is just what you can find in every other drama of Hong Sisters. Still watching tho so fingers crossed.
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