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  1. In the latest episode, Nunbyeol is just one Neanthal child that survived. Chae Eun and Nunbyeol probably are near each other's age. There might be other Neanthal survivors, not Just Ragaz and the children he saved with Asa Hon. This is probably why the hunt went on for years. On the other hand, Saya got played by Tagon. I really think Saya thinks that Tagon put some value on his life aside from their common ground as an Igutu. Saya might not show it, but he wants to be acknowledged by Tagon. Saya putting his life on the line seemed to convince him that Tagon will be convinced. Tagon betraying Saya will hurt him badly and in the preview it seemed like Tagon punishes Saya by imprisoning him. What seems odd is that Tagon doesn't kill Saya if he thinks little of him. We still don't know why Tagon saved baby Saya.
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