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  1. Lol seems everyone is busy here :Danyway gonna update n share my thoughts while I got some free time.

    For ji won drama update a fan opened an account on IG 


    yoon kye sang is an amazing actor specially in portraying melodramatic characters "beyond the cloud" is my fav drama of him.All the best to the whole team fighting!


    It's good that Roka has now allowed soldiers to use mobiles,at least they won't feel aloof n can be in contact with their loved one's.I miss minhyuk literally a lot :tears: n with the recent situation I don't think we will get any update even though in the past there wasn't a lot but still something was better than nothing:sweatingbullets:. congratulations to minhyuk noona for getting married,her smile is so similar to minhyuk :wub: n she looked really beautiful:heart:



    With jong being involved in this whole molka thing I am soo disappointed, he ruined the reputation of the whole band.Men bragging about having sex,watching porn is not something new but despite knowing what kind of TRASH people are there in his friend group he chose to be bff's with them n watched those videos where women were unaware that they are being filmed with hidden cameras ( whether consensual or being drugged) is just sick n diguisting.There is now law which punishes the people who watched but I hope he repents for what he did.I just can't imagine how his family must be feeling his sisters,mother seeing how shamelessly he used derogatory words for women.I hope the other members are doing fine feeling so bad for them n their dreams of being a grandpa band :tears:.I Don't know what is gonna happen in future but right now he is still in band or at least till their contract ends.Hoping the best for the other three members.


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  2. Helloooo guys :D:Dlong time huh!!.I missed you all :D. Things happened in my real life that's why I had to abruptly leave this thread (bad one's first then good lol)well anyway good thing was that I cleared my iv, had been training for few months n finally came back home last week:sweatingbullets: for 15 days(student life was better!).Lots of things to discuss but let me share what I wanted to tell hehehe. Ok this incident happened on 3rd march which I am not sure whether it's 100% true coz that tweet got deleted  (wish I had taken a ss)while I was just seeing my TL on Twitter I saw ji won fansite master(I guess you guys know who)tweeted saying ji won attended SS7 show in Seoul(super junior)on 3rd March (I was kinda happy considering minhyuk closeness to them coz didn't knew she was a fan as far as I know she liked big bang and bts in boys grp. please correct if I am wrong )and then next day I found this tweet posted on 4th march




    where minhyuk hastag is mentioned, earlier I didn't paid attention coz have seen posts regarding donghae n minhyuk friendship so I thought a fan must have posted but when i rechecked it she was stylist not any fan lol.About this stylist she worked with cnblue in earlier days of their debut (9 years back you can see her saying in her post with shini)and she had worked with lotssss of artist (literally a lot lol :D)including actors too like song jae rim, yoo seung ho,Lee Jong suk etc.So I doubt she would randomly put minhyuk hastag without seeing him on that day.Then I went back to check ji won fan tweet but it wasn't there lol I even thought of asking her but eventually didn't coz first language barrier n second I am kinda scared of fansite masters :unsure::sweatingbullets:lol.But I as you know me I would be last person here who likes to be in delulu :Di just wish the best for them, so that's why I said I am not 100% sure but I did saw the tweet lol I checked twice:D.It's just nice to think about it hahahaha them being at concert on the same day(n this reminded me of tae joon n shinye when their dating news was out some fan shared that she saw them during exo concert).


    Few more things to talk about about the recent incident regarding jh and yesssss finally ji won is coming back that too with two projectsB).And she started vlog hahahaha I didn't watched them on YouTube but thanks to nay on insta I knew the contents. Will post later today :D

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  3. Minhyuk song "Moontalk" will be officially releasing next year yeahhhh!Finally fnc is going to release his first mini album(5 songs) n i am guessing beside moontalk,love is you,two of us will be also included.About the remaining 2 songs may be the one he sang during fm(japanese).Thanks nay for always updating about minwon :wub: n@icyphoenix thanku for updating here :wub:


    P.s Fnc is not leaving a single chance to collect money from fans even though boys are in military:D.

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  4. It's been more than 1 month since i posted here lol,hope you all are doing good :D (had to take some time off from sns for exams).Its good to see Ji won active if not on ig she is spotted now in public events looking gorgeous everytime.As for minhyuk he is still in his ninja mode aiyoo :sweatingbullets::rolleyes::Dn the latest pic which we got also seems old coz he won't be wearing shorts in this cold winter lol :Dbut anything is better than nothing,we don't even know when he takes holidays n when he goes back.(can't he be like shini n Jong :D oh wellll).Hope next year we get some news about Ji won drama.Always wishing best for them:wub:them.Miss them a lot.

    Take care guys!

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  5. She looks pretty,i love her bond with Yulis eonnie its more like a family:wub:.i feel like we may get some news about her project in 2019 well she did a variety show this year but i still have some hopes as she said she will be back soon :D.Hmmm seeing updates about 3 members make me miss minhyuk more(wish he was in band team like shini then we would have seen in him more events recently)D-485

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  6. @icyphoenix we are gonna be blessed with lots of pics when they will be having celebrations in homeland :D.


    Ji won love for wine:D (it look like some wine related event as i see a name card behind the bottle)as the caption read "enoteca"(store?i guess)and who is the lucky fanboy or Fangirl :Di would love to meet her someday:heart:.

    Today is chichi bday:wub: his vacation may have ended already but he can log online n wish our chichiya~~:rolleyes:

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  7. 13 hours ago, icyphoenix said:

    Hahaha I finished that one!! I m watching our glamorous time!! DeepVeer r really one of the strongest couple in Bollywood!! I just now saw the pics.. N it's soo beautiful :heart:..

    Waiting for Jiwon n MH!! These two ninjas will be the end of us!! Let's hope our this OTP too reaches their destiny!! 

    I am loving the drama :Ddeng lun!:D They are indeed the power couple (lol funny thing is they endorse rivals brands n brands are tweeting about welcoming bride n groom into their family:D)*Sorry guys for out of topic*:ph34r::D.


    Tell me about it Minwon truly would be end of us lol really wishing for it to happen my two couples may they live happily ever after,one has reached their destination hope the other one will join too:heart:.

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  8. It's been a while since i posted here(had been prep for interview it went well phew!:D)Ohh isn't it too early for Christmas :Di mean there is still 1 n half month left lol :Danyway good that she shared it with us :wub:(n she seems to be in happy mood god bless her always),minhyuk hopefully you too had great time during ur vacation :Pdonno for how long he was/is out but surely after 100 days completion, I wish he had shared something .Today I saw jong pics as he is on vacation(he enlisted 1 week later ) I feel sad :(.D-489.


    P.s My deepveer got married yesterday n will again get married today in Italy (different culture).I am soo happy n emotional:tears: I really hope my minwon too will walk down the aisle :wub:soon however always wishing best for them together n individual:D.


    Ps Thanku to nay for sharing the bts, as she said all bts can't be shared it's okay may be it's forbidden to upload it on sns:D

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  9. Thanks @snowwhitehl for sharing the clip,our attentive n gentleman minhyuk :wub:,Miss you a lot!


    @feelbora not that drama writer eventhough it's engaging but seeing mask,secret and now time there is a monotony in the storyline.Seeing now actors are preferring cable tv more as it produces good dramas.It would be nice to see her in crime thriller(like signal, stranger,mother etc)or something like my ajusshi(flawless drama, best of 2018)

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  10. 15 hours ago, cslove said:

    This chat is so quiet now, hope to see more actions soon. KMH and HJW, hope to hear news of them soon. 

    It was bound to happen with mh in military and later Ji won backing off from a drama but it's okay:D. Hoping that soon we get some news about her project (only after everything is on board or when they are on pre production stage ).3 months already passed D-502, minwon 화이팅:D

    Some kind of quiz ? Ahh its good to see his face :wub:


    Cr uploader

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