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  1. Just sharing this gem of astrology video about Wookie and InNa. I was squealing like crazy when I watched it the first time. Feel free to squeal with me. CTTO and the person who shared it in Twitter. Khamsahamnida.
  2. I LOL’ed on “it’s game time”. I agree, just because there are no Wookie-InNa dating news and no dating admission that doesn’t mean they are not dating. A surprise engagement announcement would be awesome. I’m of the same mind that they are in the dating stage already. I sometimes wonder if KEnt agencies protect their talents by working with Dispatch and other reporting agencies as to which ones they will allow to have dating scandals or not. The big names seem to not land on the papers, it’s all speculations, that’s it. It seems that they are untouchables when it comes to dating news. The Dispatch style of reporting is for the popular idols and not so famous actors. Just my observation but I’m only a few years in being a shipper.
  3. InNa and Wookie with kids. They look adorable! Yes, an imminent wedding announcement would be best.
  4. Post Goblin. Coincidence or couple bracelets? It looks like his hand is on Inna’s back. Wookie making sure InNa is warm:
  5. Yeeesss! More fuel for my delulu mind. Somebody put the fist bumps and water bottle/pouring of my 2 fave couples. Khamsahamnida and credit to @25ems in Twitter. Let’s all hope Wookie and InNa will follow the same path taken by SSCP.
  6. I hope this negative rumor will not be blown out of proportion though. If Wookie and InNa are in a relationship already and this negative rumor persists, uri couple might be forced to reveal their status to stop the negative rumor from spreading. That’s the only positive thing I could think of but I still hope this nasty rumor will die down. That seems to be what happened with SSCP revealing their engagement to stop the bashing.
  7. Yes, I agree with what @intrariver posted above. Let’s respect the actor/actress that we ship and also respect our own observations/analysis and that of our fellow shippers. One negative article, specially an unsubstantiated/baseless one, does not and should not sink a ship. We’re here to gather and analyze clues about the pair. If we abandon the group’s collective analyzed clues when 1 negative article/rumor comes up without holding it up to the same scrutiny/analysis we used for the positive clues, then that’s just casting doubts not just on our Pichi/Ointment Couple but also on ourselves. Remember, we’re shippers not doubters. You join a ship because you’ve made a decision based on what you saw going on between the pair. The special, intangible connection that other pairings don’t have. And you’re here to talk with like-minded people who have similar perceptions about them. We still have to take everything with a grain of salt since it’s all rumors and perceptions at this point anyway. But let’s not stress ourselves and doubt all that we saw between Wookie and InNa just because a negative article/rumor comes up.
  8. @Yeojachingudeul I didn’t know Produce 101 will start right away. April 7th. Wow! I hope Wookie is taking advantage of the short rest he’s getting between end of TYH and start of his next show. That’s quite a hectic schedule for him. Maybe “someone” can give him the red ginseng vitamin he took in TYH. Y’know, just to return a favor since she did not get sick during TYH because Wookie gave her vitamins too, right? Ah, my inner delulu is showing up more and more these days since the drama is done and I can’t see new BTS and episodes.
  9. TYH will be airing soon in Japan. Can they not make a trip to Japan to promote it together including an interview on Japanese TV show? Other dramas have done it before (Heartstrings and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo are 2 I remember).
  10. I think the teaser was shot at the Always law firm’s rooftop. Judging from the railings. It seems that the rooftop is where everyone felt safe to voice their inner thoughts and feelings - JinShim cursing out JungRok, they argued after JinShim overstepped during the client interview, ChoiDan couple separately trying to sort out how they feel, JinShim cried with happiness and relief about fans’ request for her comeback and where JungRok thought about to breakup or not with her. I agree with all of your observations about the last scene. Aside from feeling sad that the drama is ending, they’re probably both tired since that scene was shot at night time. Sometimes when you see the end in sight (meaning it’s last shooting day for them), that’s when you start feeling the tiredness that was building up since you started working on an intense project (or drama in their case). The mix of emotions - sadness, happiness and tiredness can be overwhelming that they can’t help but give in to it by crying. Specially with all the congratulations and goodbyes going on for that last day of shooting. They now probably feel a bit of the emptiness we feel. We’re just watching the drama and we feel sad/empty. How much more for both Wookie and InNa and all the other lovely actors/characters in TYH. Well, since they’re both feeling down, maybe they can text/call each other and get together for soju and chicken feet/pork belly. Y’know just to make each other feel better like the “close friends” they are IRL. Maybe invite the other cast mates for cover *coughs*. BTW, now that the drama ended , if they keep sending 1 joint food truck to anyone they worked with separately in the past then would that be conditioning the Korean audience and their long time fans to the idea that they are doing things together? So please, please, please let them send a joint food truck again. I am hoping that their closeness as friends or more than that leveled up, way up, after TYH. Maybe they need to go back to Always Law Firm Rooftop to contemplate if they have a “some” relationship now. Or for Wookie to feel confident that he’s broken down enough of InNa’s walls to proceed to the next step. Or for InNa to feel it’s safe to open up and let Wookie in IRL. I hope they will get the clarity they’re seeking if they haven’t found it yet. Maybe they are still getting out of character right now. I hope when the right time comes, they will be able to sort out what it is they have and how to proceed from it. “To be or not to be” a couple IRL. As a shipper, I want them to choose the former.
  11. @khiemera and @michsg the comment I saw in Twitter said that InNa was stomping her feet while laughing during the sofa kiss BTS. It made sense that there’s a smacking sound during that time because she stomped her feet. @bidown the same thought cross my mind about YG
  12. @intrariver and @Hilmaya Zara regarding YG being against dating among their talents, they are more lenient with their actors than with their KPop talents.
  13. Wookie and InNa will keep meeting again and again until they get their HAPPY ENDING in real life too *squeals like crazy then faints* I can’t wait for more news about them. I miss them already. Khamsahamnida @Pichiie for sharing this info with us.
  14. Kwon Jung Rok’s Smile compilation.I. have to thank PDNim for making sure there’s plenty of heart-fluttering smiles for Yoo In Na and the rest of us to enjoy. CTTO.
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