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  1. why do I get the feeling that they will marry this year... sorry for my delusions Just want them to be together
  2. I only wish for the CLOY drama that they will have long, passsionate kiss without zoom in or zoom out.. With good camera angle just that then it will be a happy ending for me as shipper...SYJ had bed scene on Personal taste, HB had bed scene in Secret Garden. MLFTS and LOTBS which is previous work of writer had bed scenes.. So why are we should be deprived of their love scenes. please writer make our hearts melt for the last 4 eps...
  3. Some interviews of BinJin, YJ called HB 'oppa' and I really like it even though YJ is months older than HB. It makes my heart flutter when she called him oppa. Like they are actually flirting.. Regarding the BTS that holding hands... I really thought they are holding hands because of weird finger movement... If proven to be true then my shipper heart will melt !!! I'm looking forward for ep13 tomorrow !!
  4. It's been Feb 2020, i had been a shipper of the two and still hurt for their divorce... We as fans can only support them in what they decide because we are just lurkers of 1% of their lives, we dont have a say to them.. For what I see from the updates of SHK, seems that she is moving on so I can be happy to see her happy now right? time can heal... SHK has strong willpower that's why I always admire her. I hope to see her more on dramas/movies. Sorry for reminiscing...
  5. I know this ship is sailing...Positive thinker here..I know for sure that HB is in love but YJ is super ninja, she was always like that to her costars. Others also comment that SYJ is only soft/innocent on the outside but tough inside, I can see that during her MitH ep and also RM ep... Maybe thats why she said she is bad at dating because she doesn't fall in love easily just guessing... They are both over 30s now so they know what they are doing... Its always the actress getting bash whenever there are dating rumors so I hope they'll get married and have kids faster. They don't need to ride on the popularity after CLOY because they are both talented and even before CLOY they are both popular already... Just hoping they dont end up SSC which I really shipped so hard then brake my heart at the end.. Sorry I can't help but compare them. BinJin!! I truly believe on you two !!! Get married and have twin girls!!!
  6. hi shippers, I hope we can see BinJin together in some events for example baeksang awards just like JHI and SYJ last 2018 and SongSong last 2016.. Just having delusions.. Hardshipper here...
  7. I will go with A.. because reality is what we wish for. to be a couple or get married, have twins. that will be the happy ending for them. 2 projects in a row is enough for them to know each other professionally.
  8. Okay I thought the only soju drinking scene that flutter my heart so much was in Goblin..But now CLOY got me, the soju scene where HB is confessing to YJ got me rollercoaster of emotions. I thought it isn't drama that he want to get married and have twins and that he want to see her grow old..
  9. We waited for the confirmation of RJH feelings to YSR and now we have it!!! omg I love every line that he said to her. It's very heartwarming !!! he did not say I love you but he said "I want to marry you" its a whole new level of confessing his love right?.. Ep 12 is amazing. I guess they are done filming for eps 13 and 14 hence the preview.
  10. HB in turtle neck sweater is a MUST !!! He is so good looking, very manly and that chest and abs should be seen by us( just kidding but hoping for a birthday suit for the next 5 eps) .. YJ having her hair tied up omg she is so pretty!! This scene will be my favorite for ep11...
  11. Maybe when HB is dating, he is being obvious so paparazzi caught him everytime. But this time, SYJ is very different since she is a private person and being a home buddy makes sense that they hang out indoors more.While Nego Promo, HB is smitten im sure of that. SYJ is still getting to know him that time. She is very girly that time also.. Its D-Day !!!!! ep 11 will release in hours now!!! I'm so excited
  12. This is my BINJIN TIMELINE ( basically the schedule of SYJ & HB based on their appearances) June- Aug 2017 Negotiation Shooting (HB still in rel w/ KS) Aug - Nov 2017 Be with You shooting SYJ and SJS movie Sept 2017 Rampant shooting HB movie Dec 2017 HB and KS break up January 2018 SiTR shooting Feb-March 2018 Be with You Promo (SYJ movie) March- May 2018 SitR Drama Release May-June 2018 HB filming MotA in Granada, Barcelona Aug 2018 HB filming MotA in Hungary first week, Photoshoot of BinJin for Vogue September 2018 Negotation Movie Promo,Release October 2018 Rampant Movie Promo, Release November 2018 Golf sighting SYJ and HB (just rumor) Dec 2018 MotA shooting finish Dec 2018- Jan 2019 MotA Drama Release January 2019 Grocery photos in LA #InGroceryWeTrust May 2019 Confirm Leads in CLOY 2019 July 2019 First Script Reading CLOY August - Sept 2019 Mongolia, Switzerland shooting for CLOY Dec 2019 CLOY presscon,promo *disclaimer: i did not follow them just did some research. I notice there was some time that they were not sighted. After the rampant promo of HB, only MotA shooting is his schedule maybe the rumor is true about him and SYJ in golf course on Nov 2018. After the LA grocery shopping, they are just having a vacation and SYJ is not updating her IG that time. So where is YJ during Feb - Apr 2019 ? hmmm ? HB doesnt have much appearances that time... Both of them are in vacation mode... hope they are spending time together... ** this is the result of waiting CLOY for 2 weeks mygad its torture!!!
  13. Well it is a movie so the schedule is not hectic as CLOY. maybe he will have more time to date YJ.. just hoping..
  14. I just notice that SYJ and HB is sitting side by side when off cam then on cam they're not. omg sorry for my delusions but can't resist my fluttering heart for them... binjin couple fighting!!!
  15. I think HB is taking it slow since they are doing each kiss scene in professional manner... the goodbye scene should be a sad scene thats why SYJ is like that but I notice also she let HB take the lead too much like she is trusting him... If they are dating, the director would be very cautious to show their bts scene to lessen the rumors. As the drama reach its popularity, there is too much focus on the leads being in relationship than the drama itself.
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