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  1. Watching the opinion of a body language expert about a controversial fued over a break up of a long time couple in Phil showbiz made me think that a lot of the opinions of the expert can also be seen in the way Wookie and Hyunnie's interactions while doing SP. https://www.cosmo.ph/entertainment/body-language-expert-julia-barretto-gerald-anderson-between-maybes-promo-videos-a483-20190805?utm_source=Facebook-PEP&utm_medium=Siteshare&utm_campaign=20190805-body-language-expert-julia-barretto-gerald-anderson-between-maybes-promo-videos-a483-20190805?
  2. After seeing posts from his vacation in Bangkok, i really think that this post by Wookie is meant for Hyunnie. He was away and he missed her so much.
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