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  1. Episode 48. It was during the usual gathering of the frozen concubines at Step Empress' Palace (complaining about Qialong's excessive favours on Yingluo) when a maid was sent over to relay Qianlong's decree to promote Yingluo as Consort Ling (Ling Fei).
  2. @joy joy 1 Please be respectful of others and keep the discussion here in peace. There's no one spreading lies here. Each and every one of us is entitled to our own opinion and all depends on one's understanding and interpretation. @kyoko22 From the moment HL was stolen instead of given away, it's already veered away from history. Due to the popularity of Yanxi and ofc the couple of NY-WJY, a happy ending could be expected. But I am sorry that I am signing out of this drama now despite only having 3eps left to go. This show is too dissapointing and for the sake of preserving whatever that are good and the merits from Yanxi as well as QL-WYL couple, I decided to stop watching. @danielassny I pretty much agree with most of your points. Thanks for wording them better than I think I ever could. I will just settle for SKY Castle, The Fiery Priest and Romance Is A Bonus Book for now. Peace out.
  3. When comes to drama, some troupe definitely being recycled. And despite recycling this troupe, the creative writing team in Yanxi made it feels refreshing. It's not really that QL hates her, it's more that he couldn't accept there's a slave who dares to oppose him, thus intrigues him and stemming his interests. I say, this is clever writing. Almost every scenes between YL and QL are funny - be it when she was the misunderstood palace maid to the period when she becomes his woman. They are just adorably funny. QL himself recalled the message that his father implanted in him that as emperor, he could pamper his women but not love them. As in the case with YL, he fell in love, and yes for the second time in his life. And come on, he is an emperor. His upbringing shaping him into who he is. He is so used to be flattered, to get everything he wants, thus to me, he is allowed to be petty. Historically, Consort Ling whom YL is based on was 16 years younger than QL. Nie Yuan is 12 years older than WJY, thus their castings are perfect. Idc what others think but to me, NY is the most good looking Qing Dynasty's emperor ever and he is visually compatible with WJY. It's not abnormal that older man and younger woman got together, let alone during that period of time. And why the heck comparing NY against Xu Kai whom is 17 years younger than him? That's beyond logic. It's like comparing NY acting skill against Xu Kai, definitely won't make sense. My Mister is my ultimate favourite (can tell from my profile pic :-)) but I don't watch Goblin. This drama made me do so much research on Qianlong Emperor and his harem and it's glad to know that the real Consort Ling was so much loved by QL (in contrast with Ruyi which veered away from history) and her ascension in power was reflected nicely as in Yanxi.
  4. Yes. I did. Because of Sun Li. Lol. Somehow, my preference tends to incline towards dramas within Qing Dynasty. I find the more established system during that period more intriguing. And really, I have no issue with the men's hairstyles. LOL. Haolan went OTT with the women's hairstyles, though. My fave characters in this drama are LBW and Xiaochun. In LBW, while I couldn't agree with some of his actions, I could understand where they come from. Under that manipulative demeanor, there's still that sincerity and the values that he still hold firmly to. And I like that he is smart and resourceful with that little sense of humour. Except in this later half, they over-romanticized him and even worse, turning him into a disrespectful pervert (*SIgh*). Xiaochun is feisty and smart and compares to Haolan, she is the more level-headed one which is why I like her.
  5. This is hard to explain. On one hand, the writers put a modern twist to this drama by giving strong female characters in general. Do women during those time conducted themselves the way the female characters are in this drama did? Maybe but definitely not so stretched up. And there goes the noble idiocy plot. So, as a viewer, it's frustrating to switch lenses to justify certain action. I just feel like a lot of justification coming from the fondness towards Yingren as a whole. I can understand that. As a whole, the writings are inconsistent with some characters going OOC and this is really frustrating.
  6. It's ok. Different people, different taste. But as always, coming with an expectation from something that you love so much prior to that, the letdowns are unavoidable. I could have enjoyed Haolan so much more if only I have not watched Yanxi and loving it so much. BTW Yanxi was filmed earlier. Yanxi was between July/August 2017 - October 2017. Hoalan was filmed from December 2017 - April 2018. Initially, Haolan was slated for 48 eps but extended to 63 eps because of Yanxi's popularity.
  7. @pixiewhy Hi. High fives fellow QL x YL shipper. Anyway, being on Team QL, you are at the right place since most who commented at this forum are Team QL. I do like Fuheng. He is all every girls could ever asked for in a first love. Even then, I still find YL's larger than life personality is more suitable for QL. YL and QL are both equals in terms of wits and their dynamic which made their relationship very passionate and tumultuous in the beginning, however once they found common ground and wipe out misunderstanding and suspicion, their bond emerged so strong. Plus, QL x YL are simply funny together. With Fuheng, it was all sweet and cute and that is why I rooted for QL right from the beginning because to me, a couple that could are funny together should stay together. LOL. And I have no doubt that YL has grown to love QL. As WJY herself said, Fuheng is her first love whom she will forever cherished but QL is her husband and she is devoted to him. I couldn't brain why one could blame QL when he was the one "raped" by Er Qing. My only conclusion is they already have a prejudice against him and this tend to come from people who wear their modern lenses when watching historical dramas. Some values and situation are applicable in both modern and historical settings but some don't. If you wear your modern lenses, ofc any woman will root for the one-woman-virgin Fuheng against the petty-sleeping around QL but hey, he is an emperor. He sleeps and reproduces for reasons but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a heart that loves his favourite woman.
  8. @SailBeneteau To each of its own. It's good that you can enjoy this creativity but I was expecting a different kind of creativity. While I do understand the lack of actual historical records, this being a drama and not a documentary, and that nobody wants to watch an immoral heroine, I would expect a better twist than the exhausting drama troupe. I still enjoy this drama but ofc, having come from Yanxi, I definitely have to lower down my expectation. I again agree with @danielassny No matter how I view it, I couldn't find YR's action justifiable regardless that he is a king or what. I have been in this kind of situation placed by my own father. I was robbed into making a decision on our family and life's matters and no matter whatever good intention that he had, I still couldn't accept that I was robbed of my rights. Again, why should I be grateful when I was never asked if this is what I wanted? The one who outlive the other is the one who has to go through the aftermath - either you consented it or not. Tell you, this is not acceptable. Noble idiocy is never acceptable. @kyoko22 @therewillbeddl As much as I like LBW and HL together but this is really veering way off history. Oh, based on the video.... it seems like this LBW will pursue HL. Since WJY keeps rehearsing the lines to call in guards to take away LBW., he must have sneaked into her bedroom. God, why are they making him into a pervert?
  9. As I mentioned earlier, I do know that Sima Qian harboured great resentment towards Qin Shi Huang and being a historian of Han Dynasty who succeeded the Qin Dynasty, some details could be fabricated. After all, history are written by winners. But then, it would be interesting to watch a translation that doesn't veer too far from what is "widely" known despite this being a drama and not a documentary. When you choose to put on spotlight on a controversial figure as in Zhao Ji, some creativity on the scandalous elements would be very much appreciated. Again, I do understand nobody wants to watch a drama where the heroine is of low moral but my point is still the same.... it would be interesting to place Lao Ai in other kind of plot other than an obsessed admirer, or that LBW handed her over instead of being "Fuheng-ed". I can't really applaud the creative team behind Haolan because it is far from creative. As pointed by @danielassny The "all men are in love with her and all women are jealous of her" troupe is too cliche. As I said earlier, if not for the reunion of NY and WJY and my enthusiasm on history, I probably wouldn't stay watching.
  10. @luv2munch I can't believe I am defending Yingren since it has been clear that my preference is towards Lu Bu Wei but I still think I need to justify his part. As in my earlier reply post, he married Siluo (the concubine of Lady Huayang's choice) out of political reason. He needs to be in her good grace and needs to convince her that he is filial enough for her to adopt him. And she is Lord Anguo's primary consort and becoming her official son, means the throne is going to be his upon his father's passing. Please bear in mind, Lord Anguo has more than 20 sons and Yingren actually didn't stand a chance if not for not schemes of LBW. Secondly, I know it's a bit messed up when watching historical dramas with modern perspective (Just like how difficult it was to digest marriage between siblings in K-dramas Moon Lovers and Hwarang). "I Never Let You Go" is a fusion-historical, thus they can romanticize the leads. Whereas in here, they based on real life figures. Men those days married and reproduced for various reasons. I don't believe that LBW didn't take in any concubines during that period. He may be did, but his love is for Haolan. The same goes with Yingren. This is my complaint on this drama where the writers not playing fair cards on the love interests. In order to elevate the other's love, another one has to be downgraded (The same happened in Yanxi where Fuheng was portrayed as a virgin until he died whereas Qianlong bedding many women). Also, it is impossible for Yingren to visit Haolan in Zhao. Please remember, in Zhao, he is a hostage prince. LBW made several attempts to get him out of Zhao and return to Qin and that also, he barely escaped Zhao. The plan was to get Yingren out of Zhao first and then only retrieve Haolan and his son. Just that in comparison, the effort to get Haolan and son to Qin came more from LBW even when Yingren is in better power position in Qin.
  11. He married Siluo for political reason. He went with LBW's plan to get himself adopted by Lady Huayang since she is his father's primary consort, thus made him an heir apparent and has better chance for the throne. Lady Huayang wanted him to marry Siluo and he had to oblige. People those days married and reproduced not necessarily out of love especially the royals. Most are for political reasons. So, he shouldn't be considered as cheating. And he is not a monk. I doubt he can go abstinence within that long period of 8 years without his wife. So naturally he can sleep with her even when there's no love. And this marriage and a son with another woman is totally in line with actual historical facts of Yingren. Once Haolan reunited with him in Qin, you can see the difference of his treatments between the two wives. One he married out of love, another for power.
  12. Just to clarify.... Indeed Lu Bu Wei is manipulative right from the get go. Idk if there's anyone out there can say that he is a good man because he definitely is not. He bought Hao Lan with the sole intention to give her to the Zhao's king, thus attaining power and wealth thru his connection with her. But do bear in mind, Hao Lan also agreed to this arrangement initially, that is until she fell for LBW. Also, she was rescued from the sacrifice ritual not only for Yingren's hold breath pill, but because LBW gave her the fire resistance cloak, bribed those people who set the fire stage and presented the white deer to the King of Zhao. To say that he didn't save Haolan is not true. And tbf, I am not onto shipping war despite that I am on Team LBW. Everyone is free to ship whichever couple they like. I just feel like Yingren is too slow in showing his capability, thus not giving LBW much match as an opponent. Don't get me wrong, I am totally fine with bad men in dramas as long as they can give a good match, thus made the rivalry interesting just like the rivalry between 4th and 8th Prince in Bu Bu Jing Xin. Tbh I wouldn't want them to make LBW into another Fuheng either. I just hope each character could bring in their A-games. I hope to see Yingren unleashing his true potential and become a worthy frenemy to LBW now that he is the King of Qin. Finally, let's be open and respect each and everyone's opinion and hope we can continue discussing this drama peacefully.
  13. @insertusernamehere Lol. Nobody could actually know what one has below the belt, right? That's why I said, some of Sima Qian's accounts could be discounted and especially that he is a historian of Han Dynasty which succeeded Qin Dynasty, thus he did quite a lot to smear Qin Shi Huang and his origin. Idk how they are going to dress up Lao Ai but again, I still am not really fond of the one-sided obsession. I was hoping for a more creative motivation. Oh, and can I say how much I like the colour transition in this drama. Back in Zhao, most of them wear white but now that they are in Qin, the colour tone turns darker which reflected the darker sides of each characters now that the stakes are higher.
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