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  1. Ah! so episode 4 revealed that Mr. Jang joon-Woo(Wusang law firm assistant) is the mystery person controlling
    Babel corp in the shadow?.
    Now this just open up for a boat load of new questions.
    If Mr. Jang's this powerful character as the show suggested, why is he working for Wusang law firm?.
    Why is he obsess in buying Geumga Plaza to destroy it?.
    Does he know that there's a treasure hidden underneath Geumga Plaza?.
    Who really is Mr. Jang?. Is he one of the treasure burial crews that somehow survived the slaughter
    after they had buried it?
    Hopefully, the show will reveal more of Mr. Jang character in the next up coming episodes.
    I'm looking forward to next week episodes. 

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  2. Hello folks!
    I have not post here for a while, but anyway, a few words of caution.
    Possible spoiler alert!, please read on at your own risk.



    Base on the first 2 episodes, I think the mystery man in the hockey suit is "Geumga Plaza" owner.
    The first 2 episodes did reveal that only 3 people knew the location of the hidden treasure.
    the Chinese tycoon, Vincenzo and Choi young-Joon(Geumga Plaza owner).
    But, the Chinese tycoon is dead, so that left only Vincenzo and Mr. Choi are the last 2 people
    to know the location of the hidden treasure.
    I suspect that Mr. Choi(Geumga Plaza owner) already stole the hidden treasure.
    I find it's kind of odd that he had rent out the space above the treasure to the 'fasting monk',
    that sit right on top of the hidden treasure. He probably did that on purpose to keep Vincenzo
    from accessing the hidden treasure, and prevent Vincenzo from finding out someone already stole
    the hidden treasure.
    Mr. Choi(Geumga Plaza Owner) probably used that stolen money to somehow control Babel corporate
    in the shadow. I find it strange that Babel Chairman Jang is willingly submitted to the mystery
    person in the hockey suit.
    If this is true, Mr. Choi forced signing over Geumga Plaza to Babel corporation is a fake.
    It's just to mask his involvement with Babel corp., and to fool Vincenzo that he's innocent.
    But of course, at this early in the show, everyone is still a suspect.


    Wow! the ending of 3rd episode is shocking. The scene when the truck plow into the restaurant
    got me almost jump out of my seat. This drama seriousness had turned up a few notches.
    Can't wait for the rest of this drama. I enjoyed the show so far, and I hope everyone here enjoy it

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  3. 5 hours ago, nubianlegalmind said:

    Actually, I am familiar with Asian culture, and even in a lot of American cultures, "shacking" or "co-habitating" is looked down upon. I was just pointing out the fact that the father seemed okay with it when it was his son clearly doing it, irresponsibly at that, but was beside himself with his daughter in that arrangement. I was really getting at the sexism and misogyny, which unfortunately seems to be globally acceptable, even though consequences says otherwise. I am African-American, and despite what is trendy in society, my parents would have a total meltdown if they found out I was living with someone of the opposite sex.

    Ah, someone already answered you this, but anyway...
    The reason her brother's girlfriend is living with his family is because he got her pregnant.
    The family's trying to be responsible and took her brother's girlfriend in. They doing this
    is like asking the girlfriend family to be understanding and give them time to save enough
    money, so they can give them a decent proper wedding later on.
    The girlfriend is considered lucky that she accidently got pregnant with someone responsible
    like Ji Ho's brother. Most of the time, the male usually do the 'Hit and Run' act, and
    the girl is being left with the baby all by herself.
    There is no way I can write a few paragraph and make you understand Asian culture. And 
    unfortunately, I don't have the time to sit and write lengthly explaination about Asian
    culture. Hopefully, some of these stuff can help you understand better when you're watching
    Asian drama.

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  4. 59 minutes ago, nubianlegalmind said:

    Quick episode 4 thoughts...


    Her family is so oppressive towards her. I was beside myself with her father and brother acting all shook about them living together. Umm, excuse me, but brother dear has a live-in wife with a shotgun baby on the way. At least JH has a degree and a career and so does SH. Does her sister-in-law even work? The hypocrisy was suffocating.


    Ah!, I'm guessing that you're not Asian. I think it's time for someone to explain this bit
    about Asian culture. Especially to those people who are not familiar with it. Most Asian
    families are very traditional and conservative. For an unrelated man and woman to live
    under the same roof before marriage is considered taboo in Asian culture. In Western
    countries, it's common for couple to living-in together before marriage. But, this is a big
    "no no" in most Asian countries. Asian families are very strict against these type of living 
    arrangement. This is the very reason why he proposed to her the fake marriage, so they can 
    continue living under the same roof together. I hope this helps those of you who are not 
    familiar with Asian culture to understand some of the thing that going on in this drama.

    Her friend(Ho Rang - I think) that living with her boyfriend, I don't think her family know that

    she is living-in with her boyfriend. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

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  5. The scene at the bus station was priceless. Ji-Ho knew that if she leave Seoul that night,
    she could have missed her only chance of a possible relationship with a great guy. At her
    age, 30's years old, she must realize that her chance of find a perfect partner is slipping 
    away further and further. I think this is why she ran back to confirm Se-Hee previous proposal.
    But, when he asked her "do you like me?". Se-Hee expected her to answer "No", but the
    audience can feels that he's hoping for a "Yes". Being a gentleman and bind by a fake marriage
    contract, he has to keep his end of the bargain so Ji-Ho can share the apartment with him. 
    And so far, he did just that. The question now is, who will break the ice first in this 
    strange living arangement. But, we have to wait till next week for follow up episodes to find
    out. ARRRRRGGGRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Who the hell invented the calendar?. Do
    we need it?. Sometimes I feel like smacking the bastard who invented the calendar upside his

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  6. After episode 3...what the hell did I just watch?. They didn't start their relationship with
    love as most do, but their relationship started because they need each other??????. Hmmm,
    this is a strange beginning of a relationship, but it's not impossible. If you watched this
    far, you probably wonder as I'm, would their relationship work?. Will their relationship last?
    Is this a love proposal? or is it a business proposal?. If it's a business proposal, will
    this possibly blossom into romance one day?. I have to say, very good acting so far. The
    story is simple, but the lead actor and actress definitely made me felt something start brewing
    between the two of them. This drama is not rely on complex story line to pull the viewers
    in. But, it relied on the actors and actresses skills to reach for the audiences feelings.
    If you are looking for some thing different from normal daily love romance, I highly recommend
    this drama. The actors and actresses did an excellent job so far.

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  7. Ok, this started to get troublesome. Woo Tak sacrificed himself to save Hong Joo. I think
    all 3 of them saw the same dream, except that each of them saw a slightly different version
    of it. Woo Tak probably knew from his own dream that Hong Joo will get in trouble when she
    come to visit the Chef guy, so he pretended to come along to protect her. The big question is...
    Did Woo Tak save Hong Joo cause he fell in love with her?, Or did he feel it's his duty as
    a police officer to protect the innocent?. This may create a complicate love triangle.
    Both Jae Chan and Woo Tak are good men, it will be hard to see either of them die trying to
    protect Hong Joo. Before this drama started, I already suspect this will have a tragic ending.
    Looks like we are heading in that direction.  

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  8. When I first read the sypnosis I though they only mentioned Bae Suzy character(Hong Joo) is
    the only one has the ability to see future tragic dreams. But it turned out there are others
    like her. I watched the first few episodes, it looks like Hong Joo and others like her didn't
    receive this ability by random chance. The ability to see future tragic dreams was a genetic 
    trait that passed down to them from their parents.
    I believe Hong Joo father knew what's going to happen on his bus that day when Hong Joo told
    him what she saw in her dream, but he kept silent and didn't tell her that he knew. That day
    ,I think, her father saw in his dream Hong Joo will die. But, Hong Joo saw in her dream it
    was her father who will die. Each of them saw the same dream, but slightly different. the
    difference is depend on how each of them will re-act after waking up from their dreams. Her
    father kept silent, because he wanted to save Hong Joo. He knew that he can't change destiny,
    someone has to stand in place of Hong Joo that day. In order to save Hong Joo, her father
    chose to die in her place so she can live on.
    I believe the same thing happened to Jae Chan father. He too saw tragic dreams and chose to
    save his son's Jae Chan. Jae Chan father immediately recognized the soldier the minute he
    walked into the convenient store. He calmly asked Jae Chan to leave the area, so he alone
    confronted the soldier. He too chose to stand in his son's Jae Chan place. He chose to die
    so his son's Jae Chan can live on.
    Very likely, the police officer(Woo Tak) also got his tragic dream ability from gene passed
    down by his parents.

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  9. 19 hours ago, Riman Rakshit said:



    2 hours ago, sakura2016 said:



    Well, I figured Suzy character can see future crimes in her dreams and she tells the

    Prosecutor to prevent them. Eventually, the criminals will figure out who tips off the

    Prosecutor about their criminal acts and prevent them. If the criminals want their crimes

    to succeed, they will have to eliminate(kill) Suzy character, no?. This is why I have a

    feeling that this drama will end in tragic.

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  10. Ok, I'm at Ep 7(I know I have a lot of Episodes to catch up), and the main female lead could not remove the sword stuck on the Goblin chest. She can see the sword, but she cannot touch it. Is it because she is not a Goblin's wife?. I mean she's only a designate Goblin's wife, but she is not officially a Goblin's wife yet. Don't they have to get marry first before she can be officially a Goblin's wife?. Is this the reason why she cannot touch the sword?.
    Also, if the prophecy is true, when the Goblin's wife removes the sword from his chest that he will cease to exist?. So it's unavoidable that this drama will have a sad ending?.

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  11. Aigoo!, moonlighters, I have new ideas for sequel of this drama. In the new sequel, the drama continue with Ra On and the king(former crown prince) spend their happy time together laying around the open field of flowers where cows are allow to roam freely. But one day, they notice that those cows are mysteriously disappeared one by one. So, Ra On, the king and his loyal friend's Byung Yun will set out to find out the truth about those mysterious missing cows, this time with a new help from MasterChef Gordon Ramsay. In this new adventure, they will find themselves cross path with a ruthless secret organization that illegally makes imitation of Gordon Ramsay signature dish's "Beef Smellington". In their search for the truth, our heroes have to taste many beef noodle soups, from restaurants all over the kingdom, in the hope that their missing cows did not end up on the manue. All the while, our heroes have to dodge assassins send by the secret organization. This new sequel will be called..."Moonlight Mooh! by Cows".
    Please! PDnim, we must have sequel, I cannot accept that this drama has ended. Help me!, I think I'm going insane.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!. :glasses:

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  12. 7 minutes ago, Akiddo said:


    Just to add on a little more to @yongwonhi4jfc's excellent explanation on the Manchu queue.  

    The scene with Ruoxi holding on to 4th prince's queue is not in the novel. This was an added on scene based on Nicky Wu's interpretation of 4th prince/Yongzhen. Based on historical records, Yongzhen had the habit of holding on to his queue as he was a very controlled individual. Other than not wanting anyone to catch his vulnerability/weakness (抓小辫子), he didn't like the queue to move while he walked. Hence holding on to his queue became a habit. Nicky Wu was very thorough in his research and thus the PD decided to incorporate this into the show, instead of some other parts in the novel - resulting in a very memorable and private moment between 4th prince and Ruoxi that only they knew. 

    Another trivial (not related to the queue), Nicky Wu commented that the hardest scene for him to film was the crying scene when he read Ruoxi's letter. This scene is not in the novel as the book was written only from Ruoxi's POV. The scene was filmed without a partner to bring him into the emotional depth of 4th prince. He had to dig deep into the abyss of his emotions to act out that scene and by the time he was done - he almost collapsed from exhaustion. That scene is still deeply etched in my mind as it was so raw and painful to watch. 

    Perhaps that's why most of us are dreading the last few episodes...given the prowess of LJG's acting - he will definitely nail that scene and make it his own. (I am heaving a big sigh while writing this.) But before we get there, let's enjoy the So-Soo lovey moments first.   


    Thank you for your additional in depth explanation I didn't expect that. I have not read the book, so all these info you added are completely new to me. Thank you so much.

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  13. 22 minutes ago, yongwonhi4jfc said:


    Hey there, hopefully I can give a sufficient explanation. 

    The queue was a hairstyle worn by most men in the Qing Dynasty that was implemented on Han Chinese by the Jurchen/Manchus when they ruled China. Hair to the Manchus are prized possession - "important symbol of power and perhaps virility" (Kutcher, 2006:90).


    When RX grabbed 4th's braid (or a queue) and asked to be the sole person to touch is to isolate her as the only person who is allow to his weakness. To be fair, 4th did say RX is the only one who dares to grab an emperor's queue. The act of grabbing someone's braid in Mandarin is: 抓小辫子 (zhua xiaobianzi) is to capitalise on someone's vulnerable point - or also known as having someone wrapped around your little finger. So ultimately RX wants 4th to only be vulnerable and emotionally intimate with her. Obviously that's a big deal since the mighty ruthless 4th never shows compassion unless it comes to RX.

    Manchus also have another tradition - they cut the long queue to show grief, "show their loss, and give up some virility as a means of self-punishment. Like rendering of garments, these were acts of self-destructiveness designed to counteract feelings of guilt and pain" (ibid). So you can read that leaving scene as 4th remembers how RX tugs on his queue previous, mourning for the loss of RX leaving as she holds the sole power to his vulnerability, or even contemplating to cut his queue short to rid his pain for RX.

    Source: Kutcher, 2006. Mourning in Late Imperial China: Filial Piety and the State. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


    OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!.......Thank you so much. I knew there's a connection between those 2 scenes. Thank you for clearing that up. It is a very sad scene indeed.

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