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  1. Ah! so episode 4 revealed that Mr. Jang joon-Woo(Wusang law firm assistant) is the mystery person controlling Babel corp in the shadow?. Now this just open up for a boat load of new questions. If Mr. Jang's this powerful character as the show suggested, why is he working for Wusang law firm?. Why is he obsess in buying Geumga Plaza to destroy it?. Does he know that there's a treasure hidden underneath Geumga Plaza?. Who really is Mr. Jang?. Is he one of the treasure burial crews that somehow survived the slaughter after they had buried it? Hopefully, the show will reveal more o
  2. Hello folks! I have not post here for a while, but anyway, a few words of caution. Possible spoiler alert!, please read on at your own risk. Wow! the ending of 3rd episode is shocking. The scene when the truck plow into the restaurant got me almost jump out of my seat. This drama seriousness had turned up a few notches. Can't wait for the rest of this drama. I enjoyed the show so far, and I hope everyone here enjoy it also.
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