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  1. I hear ya! I for one was hoping that they would end with the happang but nope. I would have been happy even if they allowed us to just assume it happened (like those scenes where they both go into a room and close the door). Plus, they kept bringing this up in the first 10 episodes or so
  2. A little disappointed that we got our happy ending just 5 min before the real ending. Quite happy with all the resolutions except for WD and HS’s. I was hoping to see them married for real and living in the palace. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed the acting
  3. Totally agree with you on this! I still think that we will get a happy ending. The tone of the show only started changing when Won Deuk went back to the palace. You can definitely see a stark contrast from Ep 11 onwards (with episode 10 being the starting point). So, with that in mind, I don't think it'll end on a bad note. Also, I hope the writers give them their much awaited first night cause it was brought up so many times in the show I actually thought that WD would ask HS's brother for permission to marry her (cause he did say that when he takes her to be his wife he would first ask permission from HS's brother) but... The pacing of this show was definitely not the best. But NJH and DKS's stellar performance wins it for me. I've been a HUGE fan of NJH since I saw her in Angel Eyes
  4. This seems most plausible to me. So from TvN's YT page, the special episode is tagged as Ep 0. So from what I've gathered (And if what NJH said that its gonna be 16 episodes) then we should have 2 episodes next week. IDK I just can't wrap my head around the idea of 15 episodes and the preview didn't show any indication that it was going to be the last episode. So, I'm placing my bets on 2 episodes next week Although I could be wrong I really hope that's not the case cause there's just not enough time to resolve all the loose ends before HS and WD live happily ever after.
  5. There's a special episode? But there was one before Ep 1 aired tho I'm actually kinda confused with the number of Episodes. Is it 15 Episodes + 1 special? I actually find it kind of weird that there are 15 episodes. This is really really rare in kdrama land.
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