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  1. chocolate blownie with ice-cream... so delicious
  2. Green tea with lemon and honey
  3. It's one of my fav songs, I love electronic music. One day I want to start making my own music. Luckily I found blog https://bluebuzzmusic.com/about how to become a pro music producer and build a budget music studio. There are so many useful info for beginners.
  4. Currently in the last 50 pages of Elantris and it is beyond wonderful. The Sanderson Avalanche never fails.
  5. Venom - mixed feelings about this - I did enjoy it, it was funny and entertaining but the story and execution really were poor 6.5/10
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    I like playing games, recently I found ... about a win-win game with the element of gamble and decided to give it a try. that's very entertaining. I buy mystery boxes with cool items in them and get one random item from the box I bought. Want to win Nintendo Swith one day.
  7. I'm watching House M.D. love this show
  8. Oceans - enjoyable film, nicely made but not stretching the genre or the cast anything like enough. The director/scriptwriter played it very safe and even the story didn't have an element of risk for the characters or conflict. Ok Friday night filler glad I didn't go to the cinema for it.
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