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  1. That's true, you never know your luck. One of my friends met his current gf on dating website here and they're going to marry next year. I also met many great guys online. I often go on dates thanks to the dating websites. For me it's the easiest way to meet someone with similar interests. Hope one day I'll meet someone special too.

  2. These are mine:

    Split topics up into smaller parts.

    Make a lot of acronyms if you have to memorise something.

    Not procrastinate, this is seriously hard but you have to be motivated as hell.

    Make and use flashcards if you find that helps. Alternatively, use a friend and have them test you / test them.

    Teach it to someone, or something (See rubber ducks in programming) as this will force you to understand it to teach it effectively.

    Take breaks, but not too many breaks.


    What is your best studying tips for college students?

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