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  1. eva89


    I love light games like Clash of Clans and Candy Crash or different puzzle games
  2. Sounds interesting but I think it's quite riskie. I love all bitcoin casino games where I can get some extra coins. These games are so entertaining. I completely forget about everything while playing.
  3. I want $1000 for my needs and hobbies...
  4. eva89

    True or False.

    True np likes anime
  5. eva89


    I'm playing free game art right now. So addictive. I can win some cah while playing and improve my gaming skills. Hope one day I'll win some cash.
  6. Just started Project Blue Book, looks interesting
  7. I've booked Caribbean Cruise. That's my old dream. I'm planning to spend there a week with friends. I'm sure it's gonna be awesome, we will discover captivating coral reefs and unique species of jellyfish. We've already bought walkie-talkies for cruise to stay in touch on the boat.
  8. I created a website for my business. But I applied to professional here https://www.effectivesoft.com/webdevelopment_services.html to create website that will attract a targeted audience and save both time and money. They helped me to save my time and I got my website done quickly and at the highest level.
  9. Spaghetti carbonara + salad
  10. I prefer to use professional help. Website development is not so easy task. I found EffectiveSoft web dev company with over 20 years of experience and affordable prices. They created website in the short period of time and took into account all my wishes. So convy.
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