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  1. 10000000 $ nothing special
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lY2yjAdbvdQ
  3. Faced with similar issue. I use the paid version of: similarweb I can use the free version and still get extensive data on a site.
  4. Australia and New Zealand always wanted to go there
  5. Listen to the teacher, maybe. I often do my research for essay writing. I need to finish my essay in two weeks so i decided to ask for help .................... Last time they helped me a lot with grammar and plagiarism check.
  6. The easiest way to get rid of ex is to find a new bf based on my own experience lol
  7. I found info about win-win game where every player can win smth cool. So I bought real mystery box today, just to try my luck and I won wireless headphones! just imagine! i've never won before, that is so exciting!
  8. Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better
  9. Predator 9/10. Definitely one of my favourite Schwarzenegger films...
  10. Layer Cake again... I love this film so much. 9/10
  11. Thanks for the useful tips! So timely. I often go on dates thanks to the dating websites. For me it's the easiest way to meet someone with similar interests. One of my friends met his current gf on dating website here and they're going to marry next year. I also met many great guys online. Hope one day I'll meet someone special too.
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