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  1. based on their talk later no longer honorifics maybe he meant they used honorifics at first means they weren’t acquainted at first so 3 years dating is impossible ? haha to hide a relationship, try using honorifics is not a big deal. i still feel they are close before drama based on their body language, maybe not 3 years dating but 3 years knowing each other and some and dating. if not why the rumor started long ago among the insiders
  2. Yes that rumor must have hurt her pride a lot. I guess all celebs have experienced denying dating rumor haha and after so many examples it’s hard to believe denials nowadays. They deny bc they want to be at peace and don’t want their work to be affected.
  3. also SHK said sth like this when being asked about SJK: I only see him (just like YAI) as a dongsaeng whom I should buy good food for (my rough translation based on what I remember) on W Korea March 2017 issue and that’s after their alleged proposal in Japan in Jan 2017. The drama Pretty noona who buys me food name was rumored to based on her answer haha
  4. They are media and that’s the way they make a living no surprise. In Korea only Dispatch is capable of providing pics sometimes Sports Seoul but very little. Dispatch lately doesn’t expose couples themselves sometimes they let couples deny once or twice and release pics later (SongSong, Lee Jun Ki, Park Shinhye for example). I’ve experienced many denials from celebs and all turned out that they denied bc they wanted to date in privacy. The accuracy of dating rumors is incredible haha.
  5. Sports DongA is bad they made it to print version first so the news was in early morning after wrap up party night means when they just got home from partying. Probably they couldn’t sleep. If the rumor was way before casting idk the reason why except one (they were dating) But as I know even if a main actor can’t control the casting of other roles his opinion is often considered by PD. And PD wanted her too, just netizens always prioritize their own opinions.
  6. In short I think the press don’t buy their denial but so far they can’t do anything yet. PMY seemed to be interviewed in 2-3 days and ofc the more she is asked about the rumor, the more frustrated she gets so maybe the denial became stronger. Namoo seemed to be extremely cautious because they released the interview way too late. I guess things are less tense now. But maybe paparazzi are all camping in the neighborhood aigoo
  7. I think media seriously believe they are dating hahahahaha they wanna be like big bro dispatch hahahahaha
  8. oh gosh they are seriously !!! i think media already smelled the rumor by sports donga so they followed them before the news broke out next morning maybe they hoped to have pic evidence . they both celebrated till dawn (idk separately or together) and psj came home at 5;35am sth.
  9. the top comments are mostly negative but whatever, not like their career can be ruined by those people’s threatening only, it’s about their talents and i believe in them.
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