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  1. Soo Hyang's acceptance speech at the 26th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards.
  2. Pics of Eun Woo at the AAA Forever bitter that Soo Hyang unni was not invited. Because to be honest she carried the first half of the drama on her shoulders. She deserves to win something or at least be nominated!
  3. Hey guys, long time silent lurker on this thread here. I just say I adore this drama it's one of my favorites in recent memory. And I also wanted to post this link. It's from Eunwoo's recent variety show I believe it's called carefree travelers or something that anyways they briefly mention my ID is gangnam beauty in the clip. Apologies if someone already posted it..Also I know this is quite shameless of me seeing as this is my first post but can someone please link me the playlist with all the behind the scenes clips? I know they are on YouTube but I'm having a hard time finding them. Thank you so much I appreciate it. Now back to lurking lol.
  4. Hi do you mind sending me a link to the interview/article ? jo woori's i mean. thanks,
  5. Hi, I just wanted to ask does anyone know what the song that Lei played for Shan Cai at F4's graduation is called?
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