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  1. Regarding WGM, I don't think the case is the same with drama partners. LOL. Not rly a fan of that show cuz it's obviously just two people forced to "show" they are interested with each other or if not forced, of course they are doing it for the money. Still a business after all.
  2. I'm actually a long time fan of both and I've been following some of their shows that I feel like watching. I've seen YIN in QIHM and ever since that I became a fan. For LDW, it was kinda... uhm a superficial reason, but it just so happened that he's so attractive that I started to like him even though I had not seen any shows of him before. After that, I tried to watch some of his shows and became a fan too. He's just so sooo crazy handsome ugh what can I do lol. And when I heard that they'll be tgt in a drama (most of the time, my faves unexpectedly get paired up in one show and I couldn't be happier, just my luck lol) I WAS SOOO EXCITED. and as what I've expected, they have that chemistry that instantly catches the viewers' heart. Idk I can't explain, I just rly like to see them tgt. Both of them are gorgeous & hot lmao just can't help it. I kinda expected more intense/hot kissing scenes in the drama though because we are all aware that WWWSK had lots of them. Both YIN and LDW are also such good kissers so I hoped they couldve have maximized their lips more Anw I hope we'll receive any news from them soon, I miss them already.
  3. Hi everyone! Been awhile since I last visited a forum here. When it comes to ships, I am really picky like I can watch romantic shows just by enjoying the leads and nothing more than that... it rarely happens for me to ship two people so hard. Also, it's maybe because I don't have enough emotional currency to invest in two people that I am not even sure if they really like each other irl, but to feed our delusion, we ship the people we think who have that certain chemistry and connection, right? like cmon it's for fun. AND nowww I'm back!! I've been watching kdramas since 2010, but guess what, I'm just on my third ship right now after years of watching different shows. Today, I have decided to use the emotional currency that I have to invest in these two beautiful human being huhu ever since I've seen them in Goblin, I knew they looked so great tgt. No offense, but I enjoyed their loveline in that series more than the main couple lol Let's have fun guys! In Pichi couple we trust
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