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  1. sharing this kakaotalk gc link again for hyunji! https://open.kakao.com/o/gDeQD6lc just pm for the code
  2. Hello everyone! I already created a Kakaotalk Group Chat! https://open.kakao.com/o/gDeQD6lc You can message me for the code so we can filter out who gets in. Thank you!
  3. Anyone wants to have a groupchat in kakaotalk for this OTP? I could create one if you want
  4. exactly lol i agree yes that’s rly an advantage when ure in the same agency bc they could just reason out that they hang out together bc again, same agency bcjdjsjddjjsje it still amazes me how SYJ joined KSH’s former “one man” agency (def not a one man now lol) then after that a drama together like the timeline is so fjsjsjsjaj
  5. it’s really sad when we talk about dating can affect their career in korean entertainment though.....like cmon they are humans so they do what humans can do? as if it will affect how they act. kmedia and kfans are sometimes really so weird when this thing should have been normal ever since
  6. KSH might be shy on cam or even bts but we’ll really never know how is he when he’s with someone ALONE hdjsjsjr now im having thoughts if they are together alone.....ya know you’ll never know a person just through photos/videos you see, they are all just a tip of an iceberg
  7. I JUST SAW THE BTS today holy they are so adorable ACCCCCKKK jdjejwjrh ive been pretty choosy when it comes to shipping bc i dont want to invest much feelings lmao and they dont owe me anything if they didnt end up tgt soooo and it’s mostly for fun lmao but sometimes i cant help it. ive only had like 4 solid ships ive invested too much before, as a fan of kdrama for a decade lol and one of them became canon but ended up breaking up (prefer not to say) hdjsjsjs BUT THEN SYJ AND KSH came i was able to move on already from my other ships fjdjdjsj they just look good tgt. both are talented and great actors UGH let’s hope for the best lmao *brb im gonna zimzalabim ritual for them to happen irl lol
  9. we all have our inner hoes fhskskjd and so it’s not impossible for MKT lmao ya boi been suppressing his feelings for so long
  10. omg hello they are not acronyms haha it’s like a way of typing called keyboard smash where you type like this ‘!gdjsshjsiaj’ usually when u have no words or you cant explain what you feel. it’s used on stan twitter!
  11. LMAOOO THIS IS ME IN EVERY SHIP I HAVE HAD DJDJKSKS i have 2 other main ships in this forum the other one is as dry as sahara desert now dhjsjsit’s been 4 yrs while the other is doing good and chill af it’s been 2 yrs haha shipper problems let’s just enjoy them for now lmao
  12. is this the first time SYJ is being flirty with her leading man? jdjdjdks well who wouldn’t when it’s KSH
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