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  1. In Which video did pmy look awkward with kjw? Could you share the link pls? I thought they always look super comfortable with each other
  2. @bliss1004 thanks so much for the link. U r right. They uploaded them very recently.
  3. Did sbs really upload his videos? I wanna watch. Could you please share the link. Thanks
  4. I really really hope he would still communicate with us in any means. Be it vlive or interviews. Otherwise I m gonna miss him so much
  5. Would Any kind soul help us by translating what he is saying? Really wanna know more about him
  6. Would anyone know this week list of top dramas and actors from good data.? Last week HPL was top drama but I wonder how it will do this week with voice 3 doing well rating wise
  7. Would anyone be kind enough to link me to the gif of dm and lion in the car where lion ask her to look straight rather than her keep on looking at him. Can't find it anywhere anymore. Thanks so much
  8. Could you give me the link for rakuten interview. I wanna see that finger wrestle too. Thanks
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