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  1. 2 hours ago, Kissy13 said:

    Thanks chinguya @joyoflife77 for sharing this..GAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ANOTHER COINCIDENCE AGAIN...

    Yoojung Answer: After taking a shower......:wub:

    Bo Gum Answer: After taking a shower.....:wub:

    Okay I will stop giggling coz my mind is up to so something..kekeke

    I miss this thread!!Two days without lurking on social media to take a glance on this lovely persons makes my life so gloomy as well..my human vitamins..

    Yoo Jung looks healthy on her recent pictures and Bo Gum so humble to give autographs to his classmates..So humble and kind kids...

    So happy that Love in the moonlight is well loved on our country today!!:heart:Hope your days is full of Raon also!!:blush::heart:

    nope, her answers are 'my messy figure getting out of bed' and 'after making up and trimming my hair'


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  2. everyone, I think we should refrain from posting too many insta links here(unless it's a new update) since it will make the thread lag. Also, updates from insta are mostly taken from twitter so we should link the original source not the reposted source, because it's a way we give credit to the original poster:)

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  3. @boju you know there are many silent lurkers in this thread and what you said only brings more hate towards yoojung. I just went on twitter and there are already some people mocking the topic you brought up, so I hope next time please be more careful with your words. I don't mean to criticize you but if you have watched this thread long enough, you will know that there were many ridiculous shits happened to yoojung all because of immature and over-delulu shippers, which put an overall bad image on us yoojung fans since non-shippers all assume that those are her fans.

    regarding song joong ki, i don't see any problems with it. They are actors from the same agency and have a close relationship way before MDBC happens, not to mention he is like bogum's mentor. I'm sure it's bogum's wish to have song joong ki as special guest in his fanmeet and not a pr move from blossom.

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  4. sorry for not presenting in the thread today, I was on twitter catching up with all the updates haha

    same as @mamun seeing yoojung's smile makes me tear up, because i was scared that we would never see that precious and bright smile again :bawling: i'm still overwhelmed with so much emotions now

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  5. @yaishaj it's a lomography camera :) 

    yoojung has now arrived in taiwan. There were fans and local medias waiting for her at the vip exit. She looks very cute waving to everyone there. There are fancams taken by a k-fan on her daum fancafe, but due to their strict rule i can't share them here :( 

    I hope the medias will release yoojung's airport pics later

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  6. @peachlover777 @seoulistic you can't edit your tweet on twitter tho, and the one in his tweet is the boy emoticon. The reason why you see two different emoticons is bc the screencaps are from two different users. If you use android phone you will see the girl emoticon and if you use iphone you will see the boy emoticon 

    well but I'm still happy that boyoo updated their sns on the same day. They even ended their messages with the same sentence "새해 복 많이 받으세요" :D 

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  7. 13 minutes ago, shootingstar007 said:

    Thanks a lot, @presentk :) I totally understand that you have loads of things to do. Please come to visit this thread anytime you can. 

    After reading your translation, I conclude that I don't understand Korean jokes. Haha. Is there any word pun related with rib meat? I don't understand why the hosts reacted like that :wacko:

    Anyway, have a good night, all.. 

    hong suk chun is a restaurateur irl, i think that's why he showed his interest in bogum lol

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